It has a different taste from the original Milo formula and is marketed as a health food for children. Answer Save.

They are both made by nestle. Milo (/ˈmaɪloʊ/; stylised as MILO) is a chocolate and malt powder typically mixed with hot water or milk (or both) to produce a beverage popular in Oceania, South America, West Indies, South Asia, Southeast Asia and parts of Africa. [12], Traditionally in Australia and New Zealand, Milo is served mixed with either hot or cold milk, or sprinkled on top. Nestlé Brazil discontinued production of Milo in Brazil, to focus on the much-popular domestic brands Nescau and Nesquik. The name was derived from the famous ancient athlete Milo of Croton, after his legendary strength. In Ireland, it can be found in many Asian or African stores. [13], Milo manufactured outside Australia is customised for local methods of preparation. [29], Milo contains some theobromine, a xanthine alkaloid similar to caffeine which is present in the cocoa used in the product. Asian food specialists, such as Mini Siam Oriental Foods and Hoo Hing also stock it. 3 0.

During the years of the Great Depression, Australian industrial chemist and food researcher Thomas Mayne tinkered away for Nestle, which hoped to develop a drink that would combat childhood malnutrition. In the past, it was available in Portugal and Brazil.

Is Milo or chocolate Nesquik better for you?

Specific formulations vary by country and can even change the powder’s overall color and consistency.. Although Milo has been available since the 1970s, a Canadian-specific flavour launched within the last decade[when?] Worldwide appreciation of Milo, of course, has inspired a thousand products, from Milo ice cream bars made in Thailand, to energy cubes (which are literally just hardened squares of Milo) sold in some parts of Africa, and even chocolate bars. As time stretches on and my personal anxiety over the pandemic subsides (even if the coronavirus itself doesn’t), I know I can count on Milo to induce the sugar high I need to feel like I’m a kid again, in a world still boundlessly full of hope. Nesquick is more of a chocolate flavoring. Nevertheless, the drink is beloved all over the world, as comedian Jaboukie Young-White has pointed out on Twitter: But although Milo is sold and beloved in more than 40 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Pacific, the chocolatey energy boost has never quite made it into the American mainstream. Milo 114 vote(s) 72.2% Nesquik 30 vote(s) 19.0% Ice cold milk 8 vote(s) 5.1% Candy 6 vote(s) 3.8% Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > The Sun Wedge Member. Every country has its own specific formulation for preparing Milo. It tastes similar to a chocolate malt, albeit a refreshingly toned-down one with a richness that doesn’t overpower you afterwards. Aside from the International section of specific grocery stores and certain Asian grocery stores, Nestlé does not market Milo in the United States. Milo manufactured in Malaysia is made to dissolve well in hot water to produce a smooth hot chocolate drink, or with ice added for a cold drink. What do you think of the answers?


Its composition and taste differ in some countries. In Australia and most other countries, the packaging is green and depicts people playing various sports on the tin.
[34][35], In Australia, a new version of Milo called Milo B-Smart was released in 2008 (the original and malt Milo varieties remain); which is of a finer texture and has added B vitamins and iodine. "CRICKET AUSTRALIA AND MILO CELEBRATE 25 YEARS OF JUNIOR CRICKET", "Nestlé: Our transformational opportunity", "Shahrir urges restaurants to lower price of Milo", "Glycemic Index for Milo (Nestlé, Australia) dissolved in water", "Caffeine and theobromine levels in selected Nigerian beverages",,,, International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes,, Articles with dead external links from June 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from February 2014, All articles needing additional references, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Vague or ambiguous time from December 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Minum Milo, anda jadi sihat dan kuat (Drinking Milo makes you healthy and strong) (Malaysia), Sungguh Hebat Manfaat Milo Untuk Anda (Really great benefits of Milo for you) (Indonesia & Malaysia), Energi Juara (Energy of Champions) (Indonesia & Malaysia), Energi Untuk Menang tiap hari (Energy for winning everyday) (Indonesia), Tenaga Untuk Melangkah Jauh (Energy to go further) (Malaysia), Energi Untuk Raih Lebih (Energy to achieve more) (Indonesia), Milo te da energia, la meta la pones tu (Milo gives you energy, you set the goal) (Colombia), The Energy Drink!/La Boisson Énergetique! At Bluestone Lane, a Los Angeles Australian mini-chain of coffee shops, Milo is available hot or over ice, served with your choice of regular or alternative milk. [17] In Malaysia, Milo is also sometimes sprinkled on ice cream or breakfast cereals, or mixed with milk into a paste and spread on bread. Mayne’s solution, in the end, was Milo, a vitamin-fortified, kid-friendly chocolate drink that also provided 50% of the recommended daily intake amounts of calcium, iron, and vitamin C. Among other things, it contains malted barley, dairy milk solids, cocoa, and sugar. Milo is sold by Nestlé in Canada at all major food retailers. Consider it the Southeast Asian Nesquik, without the chalky, sour aftertaste. It tastes similar to a chocolate malt, albeit a refreshingly toned-down one with a richness that doesn’t overpower you afterwards. A higher malt content form also existed in Australia and was marketed in a brown coloured tin which was usually only available in the 375g size. [27], Milo dissolved in water has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 55, lower than Coca-Cola's GI of 63. The Milo powder is also usually used in the making of Batik cake. [14][15][16] Milo is also served locally in kopitiams and mamak stalls in versions such as "Milo Dinosaur" (a cup of Milo with an extra spoonful of undissolved Milo powder added on top of it), "Milo Godzilla" (a cup of Milo with ice cream and/or topped with whipped cream) "Neslo" (combined with Nescafé powdered coffee) and "Milo Mangkuk" (Iced Milo that is served with shaved ice inside a plastic bowl).
[9][10] The protomalt is composed of carbohydrates derived from barley and cassava. Relevance.

Milo is advertised as containing "Actigen-E", but this is just Nestlé's trademarked name for the vitamins in the Milo recipe. Is there any difference in taste or ingredients or no? Yes, there is a big taste difference. 0 0. Milo a million times over. Like other food scientists at the time, Mayne was more concerned with finding ways to correct then-widespread vitamin and mineral deficiencies and general lack of nutrition by adding them to other foods (today, nutritionists typically recommend that people get their vitamins and minerals from foods where they occur naturally). As dalgona coffee trended in the early days of quarantine, YouTube cooking channel Yummy Kitchen even offered up a Milo version of dalgona coffee—with extra chocolate malt powder on top, of course.

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