Except afore-mentioned basic boat. I recommend Double Charge to give you an edge in combat, but Fleet Control is also very useful once you’re ready to start capturing new ships to take for yourself. Prendre ou défendre va devenir un événement rare et important qui devrait mobiliser toute une nation. Tout le monte se souvient que le cout de construction du HMS Victory (et des différentes modifications qu’il a subit) n’excéda pas 150,000£ sur toute sa carrière. The red marker won’t magically guide you to where you want to go, it’s purely a product of your own abilities. • Vous pouvez entrer dans les batailles des alliés You can often find players selling them for reasonable prices, so just check local Ship Auctions until you see a price that isn’t insane. Yeah, it’s pretty basic. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Naval Action > General Discussions > Topic Details. If it’s greyed out, you don’t have enough Prep. ‘Them that dies ‘ll be the lucky ones!’, Your email address will not be published. Il est transféré avec vous, le surplus restant en attente dans des casernes. Les cercles de la mort qui apparaissent pour réduire les zones vont être désactivés, Détruire des tours ne sera pas un but en soit, La différence de BR ne sera pas un facteur de victoire, 3 zones à capturer seront ajoutées aux map, Capturer 2 des trois zones (elles sont recapturables). Well, find your own position – presumably, right outside your home port. At higher levels the free limit will be enough to jump into a basic frigate. Weapons: All major types of naval artillery are implemented: from long guns to carronades, and mortars (of course limited by the ship role and its hull). I wouldn’t recommend selling cannons/reps at the capital because there is likely already a lot there. Double charge – officer knows how to efficiently use double charge powder allowing using this option in battle, Double shot – Officer knows how to efficiently use double shotted guns (cannot be used on carronades), Determined defender – Officer knows how to prepare the organized defence on boarding. Use shallow waters at your advantage to escape from larger ships. Vu le travail cité ci dessus, gageons que ces dernières options n’arriveront pas de sitôt! Crew mechanics have been changed significantly for testing. Currently give +1 knot speed and +5% faster reload. Calculator for building ships in Naval Action. Water depth is important and there are large areas available only to light ships. Basic round shot and grape shot are totally infinite and you never run out, so feel free to just shoot like a madman. Have an outpost at all these points, and in particular, where you’re putting up Sell Contracts – so you can tp there and collect it when its done. Bonne lecture! Your choice of nation doesn’t matter a ton in PvE, so pick something you like. Port battle rework is now set as high priority and they will be changed drastically by August. It’s up to you to find the market for your resource, but unless there’s a good market for it in the same port (which is possible), you’re probably going to want to ship it around. THESE CAN BE VERY HARD. After a start timer, you’ll be thrown into mortal combat with some other pathetic 7th-rate trash-boat. Your capital port will probably have a thriving economy, as do major ship-building ports like La Navasse. Beginners Guide. Basic fishing is added to the game, giving more options during travel and giving an income boost for new players who are just starting. (no, but seriously, at least do the first four). You can sell these Provisions and salt at a port to bring in a little extra money. • Si vous possédez des terre vous pouvez voter – vous êtes un noble propriétaire terrien ou simplement un noble Fish is used to make provisions that are needed for crew recovery. Go back and get a bigger trade ship (or just go in an Indiaman and save yourself the hassle). • S’il y a moins de 25 joueur dans la flotte gagnante, le lord protector obtient les parcelles restantes Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Les alliances permettent les options suivantes : Just be aware that your main ship must be large enough to collect the entire load. Si vous avez des terres vous avez plus de personnes, Avoir plus de personnes veux dire deux choses : Damaged ship fittings and modules will change behavior of the ship. Certainly i hope they slipped an extra 0 that shouldnt be there, doing the price comparison on a santísima and extrapolate that cost per crew to every ship is NOT ok. Can you explain Double charge vs Double shot please ? Naval Action – How to Make Money. Find a resource you like, build a building, and start gathering resources. While trading is the simplest money maker in the game, it isn’t simple to do. You can get sunk again and again and again if that’s your style, because you can always buy a new Basic Cutter for $0 at your home port’s Ship Auction screen. trade until you can build up a oak forest, iron mine, coal mine and a workshop, then start also crafting and selling cannons buy a bigger trade ship and save some money for trade runs when you need some money go build some cannons and run a trade route. • L’équipage est fourni dans une certaine quantité par jour (façon heures de craft) At the very last millisecond, switch to Attack. Fight on the War Server: Fight for the domination of the West Indies, recreated based on 18th Century maps and navigational charts. • Guerre, La proposition est vote par les nobles. We initially added 25 caribbean fishes with realistic fishing zones; reefs, shallows, deep water, coastal water all have unique fish distributions based on the real fishing maps. • Guerre du commerce Captains, I would like to remind, the perks have just been added so it might be not balanced a bit, it will be tweaked upon players feedback. Toggle fishing mode on at the bottom of the screen while you’re sailing, and you’ll automatically start collecting fish and salt as you sail. La vitesse de production d’équipage augmente si le port ne change pas de propriété (conquis pas une nation ennemie) When you do come back to them, completing the regular exams nets you an important promotion and a free corvette, and completing the final exam gives you another big promotion and a respectable frigate. The only item of real monetary value is the Sealed Bottle, which usually sells for around 1million reals on the market (DO NOT SELL IT DIRECTLY INTO THE STORE – use the place contract system or else you will get next to nothing for it). Patch 10.0 de Naval Action. Remise à zéro des biens, navires et ressources; XPs de rang et d’artisanat disponibles sous forme de redeemables; 4 navires fournis: Pickle; Surprise ; Indefatigable; Trader Brig ‘Forged Papers’ permet de changer de nation; Les XPs ne sont plus sauvegardées après la suppression d’un personnage. Home » Guides » Naval Action: Beginners Guide. I do hope both [Ixal] and [Ruthless] are wrong. The main goal of officer perks is to provide unique and exciting bonuses without any useless options (so called filler). Try to sail with the wind to your back and outrun them. Naval Action is a fascinating game – unfortunately, it’s also a very obtuse, opaque, and sometimes downright byzantine game with a grueling learning curve. grab missions until you have a trade ship and at least 100.000 gold to invest. Les bp seront annoncées 1 ou 2 jours à l’avance. All ships can be captured from the NPCs. Si un ennemi est dedans, la capture de zone s’arrete. Frigate Master/Lineship Master/Light ship Master: Basic implementation of class bonuses.

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