Change ), Paper. Michael D. Makidon He fires at its heart, but the elephant hardly seems to notice the bullets.

If a person writes a book only using sources that agree with him, the argument will be readily destroyed.

People form their worldview and then use it to analyze the worldviews around them. The author of the best-selling book The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog, James W. Sire, has been writing books on worldview analysis for over three decades. Respuesta Muchas gracias por tu pregunta. In this book he offers readers his most mature thought on the concept of a worldview, addressing such questions as What is the history of the concept itself? The purpose of Naming the Elephant is to propel the reader’s thinking towards the concept or idea of worldviews. [2]“The Universe Next Door,” InterVarsity Press, accessed May 05, 2018,

People will talk about the elephant, but often in gossip groups at the water cooler, again causing it to grow bigger and more taboo rather than naming it and eliminating it. Paper. Sire begins his first chapter by telling a story of a little boy who asked “Dad, what holds up the world?” to which his father responded “a camel.” This immediately set off a string of questions: Who holds him up? With that being said, the chapter about ethics or morality would have strengthened the book because ethics is central to a worldview. The authors even promote the use of an internal website that people can use to post their issues and concerns. My belief in God immediately became more personal, and I began to read the Bible, pray, and pay close attention in Sunday school, church and Youth for Christ meetings” (p. 139). ( Log Out /  Throughout the story, the American behaves according to Hemingway’s rigid conception of masculinity. [7]  These steps are actually questions that, when answered, can define any worldview. The story brought forth at the beginning of the book set the stage for the definitions of worldviews throughout history and a way for anybody to use their worldview to analyze the worldviews of others. Bob and Shawn discuss the great importance of obedience in the Christian walk. Irving, TX. By James W. Sire. Most people spend little time pondering their worldview. The authors continue to cite real elephant situations. Workforce Learning. The child is confused as to who or what holds the earth up. Enron is sued to demonstrate numerous negative elephant situations. Naming the elephant : worldview as a concept Item Preview ... Sire offered a succinct definition of a worldview and cataloged in summary fashion seven basic worldview alternatives. Sire crafted an overview of worldviews when he wrote The Universe Next Door, but now Sire has developed a more in-depth look into the heart of a worldview. Sire, James W. Naming the Elephant: Worldview as a Concept. This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion on The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo.

This book is biased–in the sense that Sire always returns to the Christian worldview as the ultimate source of knowledge and morality.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. With his book, The Universe Next Door, Sire presents the major worldviews in today’s culture. However, this book might be for all people but not for all ages. Of course, a child’s curiosity grows and the question arose to who holds up the camel. Sire could have delved deeper into the applications of chapter eight. Most people spend little time pondering their worldview. Yet, it is a concept that governs much of the way we live. Sire delves into the concept of worldview to the point that a young person could not comprehend. Now, these questions are the foundational beliefs of worldviews. With the Universe Next Door, James W. Sire puts together a catalog for all popular worldviews; in Naming the Elephant, Sire seeks to unearth the idea, history, and applicability of the word “worldview.” Sire’s thesis (or main idea he wishes to prove) is that anybody who reads Naming the Elephant can understand what a worldview is and how to develop a solid one. Naming the Elephant: Worldview as a Concept.

[8]James W. Sire, Naming the Elephant, 71. They likewise describe leadership behaviors that foster elephants, such as the “saying/doing” gap seen at NASA and Enron. 4 Sire makes a simple yet brilliant observation. If Sire would have based a chapter on ethics, it would have helped in the process of understanding a worldview being a concept. Sire writes, “At the base of all our thought—all our ruminations about God, ourselves and the world around us—is a worldview” (p. 18). Sire included not only Christian authors, apologists, and theologians throughout the book but also secular authors.

[6]James W. Sire, Naming the Elephant, 159. [4]James W. Sire, Naming the Elephant, 23. [2]  Many years later, Sire wrote Naming the Elephant: Worldview as a Concept. Sire served as an officer in the military. 703 834-7580, Partner and Director, FAA Account at Evans Incorporated, CRITICAL THINKING: DECISION MAKING’S POWER APP, Winning Decisions: Getting it Right the First Time, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. P.O. Breaking it down, Sire attempts to help readers understand what a worldview truly is and how to cultivate a consistent one. James W. Sire has cultivated a deep study of the idea of worldviews. Students, critics, new literature and continued reflection have led him to reexamine and refine his definition of a worldview.

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