And some of the hats are too shallow to fit AG or even MA for that matter. $45.00. LILLY. We have had 8 of the Our Generation (Target) dolls. Hi BlackKitty--great minds think alike (you and AJ, that is). Trello Power-ups, G-force: Guardians Of Space Characters, In response to Dawn and Aubrey's excellent questions, here are some pictures of the foal with some smaller dolls: None of the dolls strike me as a perfect fit (I just can't get past seeing this fellow as a baby...) but I like how Midge looks the best. There is no other choice. So, it sounds like the newest dolls still have the wire armature in the legs but NOT in the arms? :} I'll be sure to direct my readers over here for this review. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends. :). Do you have more names but that sound pretty like jessica, Thx for the names I had already named my reborn Ava before I found this helpful website!!! :/Thank you for your nice comments and great observations!! Toucan Diet In Captivity, Glad the My Life dolls are a good alternative. I really love these horses for the 18" dolls.Have a great day, and thanks again for the review! Be right back! There were a few other new items in the My Life section at the Walmart Superstore I visited. I had an American Girl Felicity with laser green eyes, and she had to be re-homed. dolls at Walmart and scored a ballerina in purple and a yoga instructor in purple pants. I had to cut the threads with scissors...very carefully. Thanks! Anyway, when I was done, new was in new and old was in clearance. Again, the My Life skirt is loose on My Twinn Katie (left, below) and the American Girl skirt is tight on Elise. ), and that hair color is fabulous. on March 31, 2017: Thank you very much for helping us for the names of our dolls :), my dolls name is bella and have a happy aussie austalian day. Something went wrong. They are. I prefer the new face, but not sure about those green eyes. . :). FABRICS & CHARM: The gown is made of a 100% cotton with silver glitter infused in the fabric. But with the tender care she was receiving from me an still broke anyway I don't see her as a sound investment for those with little kids who may be slightly rougher than a middle aged woman.It's a shame too. And, for the lesser cost of the old style, it will not break me to do two each that way. ( ) She has blue eyes. Reviews and opinions about dolls and doll-related toys. Which is a shame, because I totally agree with Nonna about this particular doll's lovely eye and hair coloring: That white plastic peg attachment doesn't look very substantial to me.

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