Before picking the Leyland cypress alternatives, you need to consider five crucial factors. Hardiness zones 6-10. An alternative to this is the Norway spruce. It has improved disease resistance, stronger branching and some tolerance for partially wet soil.

This tree is easy to propagate and manage, making it a top consideration in furniture making. The neat and tidy shape of this particular tree makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for an alternative to use on the driveway/backyard. The Leyland cypress is a bit larger -- it grows to a maximum height of about 70 feet, with a maximum average width of around 15 feet. Both trees like rich, well-draining soil, but "Green Giant" prefers soil on the moist side, whereas the Leyland cypress will tolerate drier conditions.

Some species of the Eastern Red cedar grow to a maximum of 60 feet tall and range between 10 to 20 feet wide at maturity. The parent trees (Monterey cypress and Nootka cypress) are both natives to the North American Pacific coast. "Green Giant," on the other hand, is a cultivar of two species from one genus: Thuja plicata and Tjuja standishii. Norway spruces are common in North America and southeastern Canada. History dates the Leyland cypress species back to the early 1900s in Leighton Hall arboretum, Wales.

Wherever you want a fast-growing hedge or screen for a larger property, the Leyland Cypress is the number one pick. Are you looking for a low maintenance conifer tree? The fungi Seiridium Cardinale, Seiridium Cupressi, and Seiridium Unicorne cause substantial damage to not only the Leyland cypress tree but also different species of conifers trees.
Although the Leyland cypress tree suffers less internal stress, proper care should be observed as the tree grows. Now, with the new Murray variety, it can also be the number one pick in areas where previously there might have been problems.

The Leyland cypress tree species is an evergreen coniferous tree that is a common feature in many homes. Leyland Cypress Privacy Screen - Gardening Guide, The Ultimate Guide To Topping A Cypress Tree, How To Revive A Cypress Tree? You need to plant these trees 20 feet apart to allow sufficient growing space. The Virescens Western Red Cedar is another great alternative for the Leyland cypress. Besides the climate, you also need to consider the environment. Another great trait is the growth rate. The Leyland cypress tree will still look attractive even if it is left unattended for weeks. In terms of garden beauty, Leyland cypress trees offer unique landscape splendor. Note: When planting the variegated elkhorn cedar, make sure that the space between two plants does not exceed 15 feet because even after maturity, these trees will not have wide branches. McMinnville TN It can reach a height of about 30 to 35 feet (maturity), and its branches can spread 12 to 15 feet. However, you can observe small knots that create a more irregular grain pattern. Wood macrostructure, on the other hand, is categorized by the width of annual rings. Very tough and fast growing tree, and extremely pest and disease resistant as well as drought tolerant. Pruning, fertilizer application, and trimming are the two basic and most popular maintenance techniques homeowners apply. Some wood grains are straight. But, with the above alternatives, you have more than enough choices to consider. Internal stresses in the wood can have negative impacts during cultivation.

It offers cheery green and white foliage. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. With a growth rate of three feet per year -- which is considerably faster than the Leyland -- the Murray Cypress matures at a height of 30 to 40 feet. Blue Colorado spruce is a precise choice for use in landscape redecoration. Another wildly-growing function for the Murray Cypress is its use as a Christmas tree. Murray Cypress are fast growing evergreen trees that are used as a hardier substitute for Leyland Cypress. Gardeners Yards is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Best Leyland Cypress Tree Alternatives & Factors To Consider, Leyland Cypress Needle Blight - Causes & Treatment. Most homeowners prefer this choice because it can undoubtedly blend with other tree species in the same compound. The Eastern Red cedar is another evergreen conifer tree that is the best alternative if you are looking for a tree that can provide privacy.

Leyland cypress tree produces good wood for construction and furniture making. It is also a disease-resistant tree species than the Leyland cypress tree. The wood structure includes the physical details that are evident in the tree’s structure. Recommended spacing is 5 to 10 feet apart for planters who wish to create a sense of secrecy in their backyards.

Quick growing evergreen, the Murray Cypress has branches that are stronger than the Leyland Cypress as well as being more disease resistant and resilient to fungus.

Known as the Improved Leyland Cypress. When talking about the best Leyland cypress alternatives, need not forget about the products this tree offers.

The maximum height is 4 feet tall.

They are a perfect choice for both privacy screens and wind-breaks.

When we focus on the wood properties, the Leyland cypress wood not only offers countless advantages in the carpentry industry. However, other unique and trendy alternatives can be found. It also has excellent gluing properties and paint-holding characteristics that are recommended in furniture making engineering. Over time, however, this changed, according to the Clemson Cooperative Extension, and now the tree is known to suffer from a wide variety of problems, including issues with diseases and insect pests. A mature North Star Dwarf White Spruce can reach 10 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

This compact evergreen tree assumes a pyramidal shape and is covered with tiny green needles. Distichum, Clemson Cooperative Extension: Leyland Cypress Alternatives, Comparison of the Thuja Green Giant to the Leyland Cypress.

One difference between these two trees is that one is a cultivar of two species and the other is a cultivar of two genera. Many other reasons make the Leyland cypress an ultimate pick. The Leyland cypress is a hybrid of two cypress trees from the Cupressus and Chamaecyparis genera. Plants shipping to CA and AZ addresses will be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping. Its thick foliage hugs the stem tightly and provides shade. Are you looking for a tree that provides shade? This can occur naturally if a tree does not mature correctly or if there was mechanical stress. 636 Myers Cove Road The Leyland cypress is a bit larger -- it grows to a maximum height of about 70 feet, with a maximum average width of around 15 feet.

The somewhat soft texture and sturdy microstructure of the Norway spruce make it a good choice for acoustic stringed instruments. Bald cypress is resistant to decay, making it a preferred choice for outdoor construction. Murray x Cypress. When looking for an alternative option that is resistant to fungus, consider the Serbian spruce.

"Green Giant" has true, very dense green foliage, whereas the Leyland's foliage is less dense and more of a grayish-green hue. "Green Giant" tolerates cold better than the Leyland cypress, but the latter tolerates heat better than the former.

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