Avery agrees. Will they be able to pull it together and prove themselves in time to face their rivals Kecoughtan or fall on their face trying? Back home in Boston, Stephen and Jonathan meet for their final practice. He calls in Top Model winner Jacqueline Gonzalez to help them with their struts. She thinks it's time for people to see her as more than "a dude." Jonathan gets along fantastically with Stephen's sports-obsessed family, but the guy's own protege is still unwelcoming to his coaching. Later that day, Jay asks Avery for some help in return for his basketball lessons. His competitive nature has gotten him many awards in the spelling bee scene as well as a 4.0 average. Now they're ready to put their friendship to the test and prove to everyone that pageants aren't the only things they can win by being MADE into rough, tough motocross racers. The Challenge returns with familiar faces and brand-new twists, including an underground bunker for competitors to live in and an even more difficult road to the final. LONG - Food loving high school senior Lexi, is tired of being weighed down by her bad eating habits, and wants to be MADE into a pom dancer! They're so bad, in fact, that the entire student body makes fun of them. Wyatt wants to prove his masculinity and be respected by his dad, brother, and classmates, so he dives head first into the boxing ring. Now Branden is ready to forge his own path by being MADE into a triathlete. Meanwhile, with a bit of practice, Jay tries out for the school play. He feels good about the successful practice, but he is still uneasy about what happened with Anthony. Yolanda warns Angelica that she must get over her shyness and again surprises her when she shows up in her front yard with an RV. Unmotivated high school Senior Alex "Furby" Spencer spends almost 8 hours a day playing video games. Anna calls her Mom to complain more about Glamo. Long: Kenneth is a dancing diva who's determined to gain the acceptance of his military father by being MADE into a basketball player. Homecoming King & Queen: Earl Warren High School. He reads a 24.6% body fat. The deadline is approaching, but the only person that seems to care whether or not Stephen makes varsity, isn't Stephen at all, but Jonathan. He agrees and the other two girls aren't too happy about it. But when her past prevents her from moving forward, she'll have to dig deep to turn her trauma into triumph. The next morning Sidhant agrees with Coach Roland to give it a second shot. Well, almost everyone. Gracie will work with Random Hero guitarist, Josh Bertrand, to form a band, write her own punk anthem and perform in front of her entire school at the Estes Park High Talent Show. Now she’s ready to step out on her own and get her life into gear by being MADE into a professional stunt woman. But there are still the tryouts to get through. By helping Daryn study for the ACT's, he has agreed to help him out on the field. And when Deanna's not on the field, she's rockin' out with her band that includes her best friend Alison and her sister Ali, who are also far from girlie. From fights to hookups to breakdowns, everything is bigger in St. Petersburg, FL, on Floribama Shore Season 3. Sweet-natured stringbean Jerick Johnson wants to toughen up his image by being MADE into a hardcore powerlifter. After another disappointing practice, Avery decides to put off training for a bit to help Jay practice for his audition. Welcome to Litchfield, Conn., where everyone is sporty and skinny. Good ol' Dad. Back at school, Angelica gets nervous because Brandon didn't show up for the pageant meeting. Feeling like she can't be her true self around others, the Minnesota teen finds refuge by dressing up as her favorite anime characters. Alex will travel to the Bahamas in search of true love and the confidence to get a date to his Fall Ball Dance. As they are chatting they hear the sound of heels clicking down the hallway. Brandon later finds a local gay swim club and meets Jared. A group of teenage basketballers want to be MADE into a respected team worthy of their school’s support. Both Aimee and Shelby notice Aimee's performance in the water is slacking, and Aimee decides to call it quits for the day, even though Jill feels she tried her best. Now they want earn some respect around school by being MADE into a crowd controlling competitive cheerleading squad. MEDIUM The Phoebus field hockey team wants to prove to their Championship peers that they can play against the best and be MADE into a respected group of athletes. The panel of judges beckon the girls and announce that the winner is Anna. It seems like Anna is the only one who really practiced. After doing muscle strengthening exercises, Jill has trouble keeping up in the water when Aimee tests her swimming skills. But the fierce waves take their toll on inexperienced Jill, and she takes a huge spill off of her board. When she can barely come out of the dressing room without crying, it becomes evident that Anna has a problem with the skintight outfit. Short: A Bully wants to be MADE into a pageant queen. It's a good thing Jonathan has an idea on how to go about doing this; he sets up Stephen with a trip down to sunny Florida to train at the Play Ball Baseball Academy and his coach for the weekend? Julia also took them to the streets to approach random women to give them compliments. Glamo wishes the three girls the best of luck and the show begins. Bubbly girly girl Becca Stoner is known for her sense of style. While Anna is getting her hair done for the show, Drew comes by to tell her that she is looking hot. They just don't see how Sidhant will have the time to keep his 4.0. Jonathan definitely does not put the "break" in Spring Break. The Challenge returns with familiar faces and brand-new twists, including an underground bunker for competitors to live in and an even more difficult road to the final. With no career path in sight, DeAnna Washington is just another 20 something still living at home with mom and dad. This tomboy prefers jeans and hats to skirts and hair ribbons and has always been seen as just one of the guys. Afterwards, the coach brings everyone into the back room to read the names of those who made the team. Round two: Jonathan versus Stephen's immune system. Shane Romano is a college coed who's determined to overcome a personal tragedy by being MADE into a Tough Mudder. In hopes of healing the wounds from her past, Mia wants to be MADE into a confident and sultry salsa dancer! Stephen lives for the stage. Anime aficionado Manny Moreno lives in a city full of women but has never managed to get a date. Even though Jill can't manage to find a wave on round two, and doesn't place, she, her family, and Aimee are all proud of the bold, determined surfer girl she's become. ONE LINE - An overweight high school senior wants to lose weight and be MADE into a dancer! But Jill's parents aren't comfortable with the idea of their daughter going to far away, and for so long without them, so Aimee agrees to make the event into a family vacation. Brandon's lazy lifestyle is threatening his health so he decides he wants to take a bit out of his problems by becoming made into a fit and fierce tri-athlete. Chris is a college student who's ready to launch his career by being MADE into a Celebrity Assistant. He wants to face his fears and become one of them by being MADE into a fast and furious soccer player. But when she has to write a song to confront her emotions, she has trouble finding the words. Ex On The Beach: Peak of Love Heats Up New Zealand. Short: A dancing diva wants to be MADE into a basketball player. But Kelly has decided she's ready to be one of the girls now. But will she be able to conquer her social anxiety before she steps into the spotlight? The creative director for the magazine said that all the girls did great which makes the competition even steeper. The New England Sox base-baller has led his team to 4 National Championships and a ton of history coaching other players onto the US National team. For the next five weeks, Jonathan Pollard is Stephen's director. She said if he has it all down then she still needs help so he better be at the next practice and he replies, "yes maam." Afterwards, Matt took in the torture machine or the scale and weighed Brandon at 271 pounds. But Courtney has more than a desire for respect to motivate her, she also hopes that proving herself as an athlete will help her get closer to her sports-crazy brother, Shaun. Stephen wants to be made into a Varsity Baseball Player. 18 year old girly girl wants to push her body to the limit and toughen up by being MADE into a hardcore mountain biker. Jonathan sneaks in on an open-gym practice at Stephen's school; there's a whole lot improvement and natural talent that Jonathan spots, but there are still some things keeping Stephen from succeeding with the team. She admits to failing gym class and being scared of her own shadow. He hates to sweat and has never run a mile in his life. He scores a non speaking part. In order to gain self-confidence and more positive attention, Anna wants to be made into a model. Too bad for Jonathan, the four-time National league champion, he's no match for Stephen's fierce dramatic skills. Angelica is shocked when Ms. Belleza Latina shows up dressed to the nines at her drama club meeting. This episode features the cast of Cirque Dreamy Jungle Fantasy. A note from the school nurse may work wonders at school, but Stephen's on Jonathan's turf and Jonathan's not giving up that easily.

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