The big ones like to break.

Tooth stretching is when a tooth restorer repairs a broken portion of a shark tooth and adds extra repair material to increase the overall size of the tooth. Sometimes the restorer will make an educated guess and try to return the tooth to it's original condition, and sometimes the restorer will stretch the tooth to achieve a desired size.

A note on size measurements.

Large Megalodon teeth can be very valuable, so there is a huge incentive to “enhance” a tooth, often artificially lengthening it. For instance a tooth with significant enamel issues can be repaired so it looks almost perfect. A tooth could have a broken root or tip and be repaired back to what the restorer assumes the tooth would have looked like.

Some locations are difficult or impossible to get to, teeth that have previously been collected from these locations can command a higher price as the location may become closed or inaccessible for shark tooth hunters for some time, or forever. 

Condition #3 Fewer To Be Found Every Year Its name was given in 1843 by Jean Louis Agassiz, a Swiss geologist, glaciologist and paleontologist, but also a very important innovator in the study of Earth's natural history. Weight - In addition to length overall size makes a difference. The massive Megalodon shark is one of the largest and most fearsome predators that ever existed on our planet.

It’s common for larger teeth to have significant amounts of peeled enamel. Complete Megalodon teeth are common from some locations, but very rare from others. Because this process is in effect doing signficant damage to the tooth, the tooth would be far less valuable than an unpolished tooth. The picture above was taken of me exiting the water after a dive for megalodon shark teeth, all of the items in the picture I purchased specifically for finding megalodon teeth.  I went through and put prices on each item to give you an idea of the equipment expenses associated with finding megalodon teeth.  There are obviously many other pieces of equipment but this is a way to get an idea of some of the equipment expenses in a single picture. The phosphate mines in Morocco, specifically the Khouribga region are rich with fossil shark teeth.  The heavy mining equipment exposes them and because much of the surrounding area is experiencing economic hardship the fossil teeth are gathered in vast quantities to be sold in the US, Europe, and other countries who have citizens with disposable income.  Shouldn’t it be more expensive? Some of the teeth I sell have been restored or repaired but I always clearly note this in the descriptions, and the prices reflect the alterations.

#4 Found In Difficult Locations To Access.

A 6 inch tooth will often sell for more than twice as much as a comparable 5 ¾ inch tooth.

While this may not matter if you are just buying a Megalodon tooth as a present for a kid or to display on your shelf, it is very important to collectors. One problem that arises when buying teeth is the question of their authenticity, in my opinion the value of a tooth goes down each time it changes hands. Each time a tooth transfers between someone other than the person that found it and the initial buyer the authenticity of the tooth becomes more difficult. If you purchase a tooth from someone that had previously been bought and sold several times it is very difficult to know if the tooth has had restoration. If you purchase it from the person who initially found the tooth you can determine if it was restored or was in it's natural state. The more times a tooth changes hands the more opportunities for repair and restoration. View Megalodon teeth for sale on FossilEra.

Species A question I get all the time is "how much is this megalodon tooth worth?"

There are many factors that go into the value of a megalodon tooth. Root Condition – Is it complete? Announcing – Free Fossils For Teachers Program, Trip Report: U-Dig Trilobite Quarry – March, 2014, Torvosaurus – King of the Real Jurassic World Unearthed. Finally the teeth that are currently being found are often in violent environments when they are exposed out of sediment layer they have laid in fossilized formillions of years.  A few examples are the few teeth that are uncovered by mining operations, these teeth are being exposed by extremely large machinery trying to efficiently access the minerals and ore in the ground and most of the teeth don't stand a chance.  Many teeth are also found in rivers, many of these rivers have swift current that moves and gravel, constantly chipping and eroding these teeth. All other factors being equal the larger the tooth the more it is worth. The final reason that megalodon teeth can be expensive is they often go through a multi level supply chain.  In an upcoming article I will describe how the average megalodon tooth gets to an end customer but each time it changes hands that party needs to make a profit, the more levels the higher price the end consumer pays.  Most teeth are purchased from the person who recovered it and resold at least once, in some cases four to five times, this can add a significant expense and make the megalodon tooth much more expensive for the final owner.

Pathologies or deformations that happened while the shark was alive can make a tooth for valuable. Size

In Conclusion How much is a megalodon tooth worth?

Some collectors prefer different shaped teeth. Some shark teeth from rare species like the Parotodus benedini are considerably more rare than say the lemon shark tooth. The overall condition of the tooth has a big impact on pricing.

Besides rarity color can make some teeth more attractive than others, some of this is personal preference but some colors have more general appeal than others.

There are also some replica teeth available on Amazon. I have gotten several times lately from customers wondering about the pricing on Megalodon teeth.


Both of these type and degree of these alterations affect the price of the tooth. Shape & Location In Mouth -  The location the tooth was in the mouth of the sharp determines the shape.

To find megalodon teeth on a regular basis you often need to access places that require a lot of equipment, training, and experience.  All of those things cost money but the easiest to understand is the equipment required.

Color plays a significant role in value for a couple of reasons.  Some colors are more rare than others, from Morocco the light tan color teeth are extremely common and from the US a large portion of the teeth are grey and black.  The more rare colors: red, blue, green, brown, etc. Bigger is better, not always the case but most people purchase megalodon teeth as a collector's item that will be displayed and looked at.  While a 1" fossil mako tooth is a historical item millions of years old that deserves admiration, it often does not get the "WOW" factor that a 3-5" megalodon of the same time period would get. The remaining megalodon teeth that are able to be recovered are for the most part in areas that are difficult to access.  Deep under the earth or water, the days of finding many megalodons along the beach or banks of a river are gone, so people like myself venture further and deeper in hopes of recovering some megalodon teeth.  The reason that there are still megalodon teeth in some of the dark water rivers I dive in is simply because no one wants to go in the water there.  Depth, current, lack of visibility, inhospitable wildlife, etc all do their part in keeping people out of those waters.  In my articles "Really How Dark Is It Down There?" Because of their sheer size large shark teeth often have a tendency to break.  Add in the fact that they have 3-20 million years to wash into a rock, have something dropped on them, etc it is easy to see why the vast majority of megalodon teeth found are broken.  The larger size in some situations can also make them more susceptible to breaking.  If you drop a marble onto your driveway it will likely bounce and be alright, if you were to drop a 40lb glass sphere it would like break.  Or if you were to drive your car over a thin 4'x4' rock it would likely shatter, where if you drove your car onto a gravel driveway the small individual rocks would not likely break. Color Every now and then someone casually walking on the beach will find a megalodon tooth, this happens very rarely and is often a smaller and very worn megalodon tooth that has washed up.  These kinds of finds are essentially free, however they are extremely rare and if those were the only megalodon teeth found they would be incredibly expensive due to how few there would be.  A 4 inch Megalodon teeth from the Carolinas are relatively common while a 4 inch tooth from the Bone Valley region of Florida is quite rare. Next you have to consider the amount of time that has passed since the tooth fell out of the sharks mouth, a lot of tectonic activity, super storms, etc have happened in the past 10 million years, for these teeth to be preserved at all is somewhat of a miracle, ones that are intact are even more rare. Why is that 6 inch tooth less than the 5 1/2 inch tooth that you are selling? Shark teeth all came out of the shark's mouth the same color, like modern sharks they would have been white in color.

Are fossil shark teeth expensive? Why are some megalodon teeth worth more than others? This was a cast made from an actual fossil and looks most realistic. Some sharks teeth species are more common than others, factors that contribute to the rarity of a species of shark tooth found include historical time period, number of sharks, rate of tooth loss, etc.

It’s very common for portions of the root to be worn away. can command a higher price simply because they are more rare than the average grey or black teeth from the US or the common tan color teeth from Morocco. One of the last high quality, non-restored Megalodon teeth over 7 inches sold for around $50k. Serrations – Are they visible and complete? #1 Expensive to Find

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