Why did he sent Arthur away before the rampage? I wanted to name this episode "Leigh Whannell" but alas, I went a different path. Today we got to have a truly humbling experience. Step into Lori Vallow's world on mayhem, but don't say we didn't warn you. Hold on to your butts....and maybe your heads.As a ***WARNING*** this episode contains a short history of lynching in the United States. For the MEGA-Morbid this week Alaina dives into the real life, “Scream” murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart. Tonight we have a terrifying reminder to always walk with a buddy, a horrific hometown murder, a seriously close call with a killer, a plague doctor with a cursed foot, a brush with the Manson family and one seriously ghoulish old lady. We are back with another installment of your crazy ass tales, guys!

Stick around for Part 2 when dirty hippie livin' takes a dark turn into manipulation and brutal murder. But I find myself fast-forwarding about 25 mins of every podcast, because they get so off topic.

Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist.
They are so amazing, and I adore all the banter, as well as the amazing amount of research put into it. Almost two decades later, the case remains unsolved and Alissa has never been found. Myrtles has been around since 1796 and some of the hauntings going on include: shaking beds, floating children, and who knows maybe the ghost of a small child will crawl into bed with you at night!? Police immediately label it a bizarre suicide but almost all of the evidence points to something much more sinister. Charles Manson didn't exactly have a great start to life and we can prove it. Come on in and join us for a tale of miscarriage of justice that will keep you up at night. The druids were out here wildin’ with their traditions, and we both want in on some of them. Why is it that people around this couple tend to die or disappear? They are a great balance to one another and the genuine love for each other adds to the vibe that this podcast is a safe & welcoming place for like minded weirdos. If you grew up in the 90s, Matthew Shepard's face is something that has probably stayed with you since his murder on October 6, 1998. This German family had it all: incest, a possibly haunted farm and their very own murder mystery.

Just come on in and listen.

I find the listener tales a bit useless so I usually skip over those. By his own admission, he murdered the parents of one of his cult followers for the rush of it. Ash's Mini Morbid will take us down her dark path and out the other side where we will all probably meet for a drink because, damn Diane. Israel Keyes is one of those cases that will have you wondering why he isn't talked about more when it comes to prolific and BRUTAL serial killers. That's right!

This is not a journalist style show... this is Morbid. Come on in, the water is murky and poisonous. Also, every other word is the F word. So naturally I go to find some that I enjoy.

True Crime All The Time. If you’ve ever watched the movie Jennifer’s Body, you’ve probably heard that it was inspired by a true crime case, and promptly rolled your eyes at whoever told you so.

So, carve an X on your head, groove to The Beatles White Album and stay the hell away from the Belladonna because Part 2 of Charlie and the fam will have you yearning for the grunge era. These two people are not even likable.

The questions and the brutality are overflowing in this case, so join us while we speculate wildly.

The Blackburn Cult was not your momma's cult.....it was actually Ruth's momma's cult. It's a scary truly Listener Tales edition this week, kids. Hope you enjoy.

Each murder is insanely brutal and schoked the community, especially the women who were afraid to leave their homes after dark. This is the case that keeps on twisting.
We discuss the absurdity of the "gay panic" defense and also explain the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Was this a tragic accident, a suicide or something more sinister?

Jonathan snapped and shot Scott Amedure in his home just three days after the show. Contains spoilers.

50.2k Followers, 1,230 Following, 40 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ash Kell (@ashkell83) After multiple visits to witches and healers, he was told his fears were valid and that his neighbor was the one responsible for his bad luck. Podcast. They are both tales of entitled jerks who killed hard working, kind people who unfortunately both welcomed their murderers into their homes.

Honestly, just talking about these games will chill your bones but please, don't try this at home.

It was all very bizarre and that's the way we like it.

In tonight's installment, we cover Clinton Road in New Jersey, Mona Lisa Drive in New Orleans, Route 2A in Maine, The San Antonio Ghost Tracks, Archer Avenue in Chicago and the Sensabaugh Tunnel in Tennessee. In this two parter, we will be talking about the brutal murder of Jayna Murray in a Bethesda, Maryland LuLuLemon store. The 2018 death of Tamla Horsford is tragic but it is also wildly suspicious.

In this Ash-tastic Mini Morbid, we discuss the truly senseless and tragic murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer. These women don’t hesitate to express all the feels that come with facing the worst of humanity. The hosts make you feel like one of their friends. Thank you and goodnight.

Keep it up ladies!!

They are not fun to listen to, they are not funny, and they drop the “F” bomb, apparently to make themselves look relevant. This is a quick one but it delivers a punch of scrambled eggs.

Hold onto your butts, weirdos. I think it’s important to have humor to lighten the situation. The first 40 episodes are so hard to listen to for that reason, but I listen because I’m interested in the cases. We have the second half of And That's Why We Drink on as our extra special guest! Best True Crime/Comedy podcast out there! I love it, and I love how non-judge mental they are and how they just lay out the facts. There are boys with no eyes, Lucy who won't take your shit and a possibly handsome vintage gentleman who maybe stands at the foot of your bed. It's another installment of your crazy-ass tales, weirdos! The water is probably tainted with dead body juice. The final chapter of our Dennis Rader saga has arrived and this one is the longest yet. Anyone who leaves mess than a 5 star review just doesn’t get the humor.

Is there a serial killer at work picking off young, attractive women without leaving even a stray hair behind? Come on in for a rapture that never comes, some DIY mummies and some seriously sketchy characters from the 1920s.

Not only was this episode was recorded hours before baby Morbid entered our lives but it also has dead bodies in sheds, ghosts who fold your bedding, someone getting slapped in the face with a knife and some truly touching tales of loved ones from beyond the grave.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where this dive goes deep.Check out Murder Apparel and use our code MORBID for 25% offGo get yourself a KillerTrace subscription box using our code MORBID2018, This is an Alaina "Mini", so it is not mini in the slightest but trust us, it is well worth the time.

Tonight, we dive deep into the emergence of spiritualism and the creation and demonizing of the Ouija Board. One February evening, things went very wrong, and would eventually lead to a debate of Folie a deux vs pure evil.

In the conclusion to our deep dive into the death of Kurt Cobain, we talk about the crime scene in more depth, the events leading up to Kurt's eventual discovery, Courtney Love's possible role and the investigation that still has us scratching our heads. Enjoy! I wish I’d known that I wasn’t the only spooky kid in the world when I was 9 years old and hooked on Stephen King.

Come on down to Alabama where Jesse “Madison” Holton is raising hell, keeping his parents on their toes and about to take a trip to juvie. Oh man guys. This week you might be wondering if the two of us stumbled into a surplus of laughing gas, but we’re just genuinely giddy for the tales! This was an unexpected two-parter but the details of this absolutely bonkers and tragic tale were too fascinating to neglect. Ash's minisode features a tale that will take you on a true roller coaster of emotions. Well, we have another mishandled case for you weirdos. Today we take a look at the Irish Vanishing Triangle, where at least 6 (but definitely more) young women have vanished seemingly into thin air within an 80 mile radius near Dublin. Jon wrote to us about his experience as an 8 year old who spent the night in a haunted farm house and was, honestly, graced by the presence of a ghost named Rachel! They committed an act of transphobia. I got into true crime by watching buzzfeed unsolved and found I like to listen to true crime when it doesn’t have to be SO SERIOUS all the time. This one is a doozy. Come on in for some twisty, true crime madness. This is a very recent and ongoing case that has baffled almost everyone who has heard of it.


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