Notice: Products that affect emissions, and do not carry a California Air Resources Board Executive Order, are not for sale in California, USA. In the MK6 2.0T TSI, this is a common issue at higher mileage, especially if your engine is making more power than stock. We suggest that you replace … This is the first weapon to use against any problems you will encounter during your ownership as the car ages. Blinking means the misfire is happening on every cycle, which means you effectively have a non-firing cylinder. Whistling in the engine bay; 6th Gen (MK6) GTI PCV Valve Replacement Options: Replacement Part: Volkswagen MK6 GTI PCV Valve.

If your engine experiences misfires on a cold start, it is likely the cause of carbon buildup, meaning you need to walnut blast your intake valves. Which coil packs you choose, however, is entirely up to you. A full scan with the Schwaben Scan Tool should tell you if anything else is happening that shouldn’t be. Misfires happen when a cylinder does not receive spark for one reason or another and the cylinder does not ‘fire,’ or rather, combust. dirt, dust and other debris from reaching your engine, you're helping to keep your VW's engine Start your Engine spare parts search by browsing our complete original equipment catalog. Pricing is in USD for the US market and all pricing and information is for reference only. View cart for details. And by filtering the same dust and debris from Was: $1,105.00. Keep your VW ready for whatever the road ahead has in store by equipping it with factory-grade fit and protection with Genuine VW Floor mats. The specifications of the new and used electric engines for the hybrid Volkswagen GTIs include: The specifications of the gasoline engines include these features. We offer a Genuine VW/Audi option that is considered by many in the enthusiast community to be an ‘upgrade’ to their ignition: the Audi R8 ‘red-top’ coil pack. entering your vehicle's cabin, you're helping to maintain your VW's premium cabin comfort for $884.00. High Pressure Fuel Pump. sure that your wipers are regularly maintained and functioning correctly.

Custom-built options are also available. Notice: Products that affect emissions, and do not carry a California Air Resources Board Executive Order, are not for sale in California, USA. The features of the reasonably priced Volkswagen GTI engines with plug-in hybrid technology include a 9.9-kilowatt-hour Li-ion battery pack, which provides an all-electric range of 31 miles.
APR's Performance Lineup for Volkswagen Golf and Rabbit Vehicle platforms. Note: Date range applicable to the USA. Block style: They are all inline-four engines. It was better than just a facelift. If you need help, remember that our dealers are staffed with trained VW parts experts who are ready to answer your questions. If something happens you aren’t expecting, the Scan Tool will make your job much easier and take the guesswork out of your solution for repairs. Golf R (2012-2013) 6th Gen (MK6) Volkswagen Golf GTI Reliability. For specific information and questions contact an APR representative.Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Warranty Information. Decades of VW precision stand behind each part. Vehicle Type Code: 1K, Golf (1999-2006) This is the PQ35 vehicle platform. Some products may not comply with local laws, and some may affect parts of the manufacturer’s warranty. GTI (2010-2014) You can edit the name of your vehicle by clicking the pencil icon on the right. GTI (2015-2020)

In the 2.0T, the usual culprits are either the coil pack or a fouled plug. However, you don’t want to replace just one. If it does, you have a dead coil pack. VW VR6 1500HP Race engine blue print R32 Golf GTI Audi A3 TT 3.2L 3.0L R30 24V.

Free shipping. If your misfire does not follow either the spark plug or the coil pack when you switch them to another cylinder, you might have other issues. We suggest that you replace all four at once. Condition: Choose a new or preowned engine. Vehicle Type Code: 5G, Golf (2010-2014) You can usually look at a plug and tell if it is fouled or dead.

The combined fuel economy of the two engines is 157 miles per gallon. both you and your passengers. Some common issues are well documented and should be addressed if you plan to pick one up or have just added one to your stable.

Golf (2015-2020) Some call the facelifted model a MK7.5. Vehicle Type Code: 1J.
If the CEL is constant, it registered a code once or randomly and is alerting you that you have a random misfire. Horsepower: The horsepower ranges from 115 to 207. The Golf 1.4 TSI engine costs more, not just for its performance, but also because it comes in the Mk6 and Mk7 Golf models. GTI (2006-2009) More than hats and tees, discover it all. Make sure your 2.0T doesn’t have carbon buildup and you will be able to enjoy the full power of this impressive turbocharged four-cylinder for years to come. Start your Engine spare parts search by … If you've Combined fuel economy: The range is 116 to 119 when on all-electric power. When you are looking for a replacement engine for the Volkswagen GTI, consider these factors. Lastly, if your issue is larger than the coil pack or spark plug, it is more than likely carbon buildup from the direct injection method of fuel delivery. If you have P0301, your first cylinder is not firing. These also have the ‘red-top’ appearance and are equally qualified, making them one we suggest in another Assembled by ECS ignition service kit. Not only will a misfire ultimately foul your catalytic converter, but it will cause you to fail vehicle inspections and can ultimately become more than inconvenient. Genuine VW floor mats come in a range of styles - from stylish cloth mats to rugged all-weather rubber mats - but always offer factory-grade protection and fit for your vehicle. clean air. The VW Online Store and Catalog. every 60,000 miles, Using “Top-Tier” Gas (93+ Octane if possible), Engine codes: P0171 – System too lean; P0300 – P0304 – Cylinder misfires; P0507 – rpm higher than expected. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © Replacement, 2020. Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster. Then, place your order online securely through your local VW dealer. {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. 10 watching.

In the 2.0T TSI, misfire faults are common, especially if your engine has been modified for more power. However, this is usually not very successful and turbo replacement is ultimately required. It provides 400 volts of power and adds 46 horsepower to the vehicle. For the most part, the MK6 GTI is very reliable if it is taken care of properly. on Solve Your VW MK6 GTI 2.0T TSI Misfire and Check Engine Light, How To Prepare Your Car For Winter Driving, Big Power: 2.0T FSI/TSI Fabricated Aluminum Intake Manifold Upgrade, Riverside Fall 2020: A Look Book By Basyir and SubtleNoise, Must-Have Tools For Your Garage This Winter. 2010 MK6 needing full engine rebuild at only 76,000kms - HELP! R32 (2008) Make yourself comfortable and keep your Volkswagen GTI protected from the rigors of daily use with Genuine Volkswagen GTI Comfort and Protection Products. If one is dead, the others will follow shortly. Mileage: The used engines have a mileage range of 31,000 to more than 75,000. Life can be unpredictable, so personalize and protect your VW's interior with Genuine VW Floor Mats. All-electric traveling distance: The range is 81 to 118 miles.

They are quite popular for their performance and cost. Some products may require additional modifications and additional maintenance. VW Blog written by VW enthusiasts for VW enthusiasts. The most important differentiating factor is that this engine is direct injected, has a timing belt, and not timing chains. If the misfire persists in the first cylinder, you should then try switching the spark plug to CYL2 and check once more. Add your own personal touches or achieve a sportier stance with Genuine Volkswagen GTI Sport and Design Accessories. With the Media Blaster kit and our MK6 2.0T TSI nozzle adapter, you can clean your intake ports and valves at home, saving yourself money on the repair and headaches down the road. This engine is paired with a 1.4-liter TSI direct-injection gasoline engine. 2006-2008 is the EA113 (BPY).

When you purchase OEM Volkswagen GTI Engine replacement parts, you add confidence to any VW adventure. It can happen either when driving or on a cold start, which signifies two different problems. With the MK6 2.0T, as with all engines, replacing the spark plug/coil pack is a must. On eBay, you can choose from different types, features, specifications, and brands of preowned and new engines for the Volkswagen GTI for sale at affordable prices. Leave nothing you need for outdoor adventuring behind with Genuine Volkswagen GTI Transport Accessories.

Note: Date range applicable to the USA. Something went wrong.

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