“Up until that event, I was like, ‘Am I making the right decision?’ ” said Moore. He hasn’t held a national political office. And I think that was what Pete was trying to communicate.”, In South Carolina, anti-poverty program is recast as reparations. Then the primary season rolled around, and that little girl who loved politics was awakened. There is no doubt in my mind of that.”. If reports of Pete’s polling in our community are an accurate indicator, it’s fair to say my opinion may be an unpopular one … for now. She also ran track and field and likes to call the four-inch stilettos she always wears her “running sneakers.”, “I will say I have never once gotten lost in a crowd,” she says. But, I don’t see Pete Buttigieg as a risk at all as the candidate. I’d always been acutely aware of the personal toll of individual and institutional racism and sexism in America. And he’d had to tell them no. (AP Photo/Meg Kinnard). He also told a group of children that the Constitution signees didn’t know slavery was a “bad thing.” What would you say to Black voters who are trying to consider who their candidate is, while these comments have been made? It only distracts from what matters — building a future in which none of us are victimized by such indignities. Dive into Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia, Texas and Ohio, and sign up for The Trailer and get more states, plus more news and insight from the trail, in your inbox three days a week. In fact, the only communities that he’s polling poorly is with Black voters and I believe wholeheartedly that he’s polling poorly with Black voters because of the effect of confirmation bias. The sash she won in August 2018, making her the reigning Miss Black America, is back at the hotel because that outfit alone is like a giant name tag. READ MORE: Pete Buttigieg meets Rev. Now, it is not news to anyone that Mayor Pete is struggling in this state where more than 60 percent of likely Democratic voters are black. Nonetheless, these last few years have been terrifying. Barack Backup!”. I don’t see that with Pete. “I don’t fault anyone for reporting that story. As Black Americans, for generations, our votes have been taken for granted by candidates who saw our support as a foregone conclusion. Follow theGrio’s ongoing political coverage on social media at #WokeVote2020. If Pete thought he knew the Black experience he would not have built a team full of Black folks and Black women to advise him.”, “Pete Buttigieg says being gay helps him relate to the black struggle”-I’ll leave this here…again. After the service, Murray revealed that Biden’s camp had called last-minute to have him speak there on this final Sunday before the primary. We met at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 2019 Annual Legislative Conference, where I commended him on being one of the few candidates I feel addresses race and equity honestly and in good faith. The first off the bat is, this is a 38-year-old mayor from a small town in Indiana that up until a few months ago, no one had heard of the town or the mayor, and he’s competing against two other folks who are considered frontrunners, at least when it comes to the Black vote, who’ve both served in Congress longer than Pete’s been alive. I don’t know what that is like, but I do know as a Black woman in America I empathize with any other woman who through American government action is victimized. The Jackson 5 used it to make their television debut. Most media refused to even acknowledge it. He talked about humility and how he was not seeking the presidency for exaltation but to be the chief servant of the people. I think folks decided to create a story that this was co-opting of the black experience,” Richardson says. “To me it was disrespectful and blatant pandering,” Moore said later. They include investing $50 billion in HBCUs, tripling the number of underrepresented entrepreneurs within a decade, ending incarceration for drug possession, and dismantling the financial incentives central to our criminal justice system by eliminating for-profit federal prisons and the cash bail model. Why do you think Buttigieg’s polling numbers are so low with Black voters? “And then he brought out a gospel choir and started quoting a black Negro spiritual.”, Richardson rolled her eyes. In an exclusive statement to theGrio, the current Miss Black America Ryann Richardson announces her endorsement of former Mayor Pete Buttigieg for President of the United States. It may seem incongruous, this 30-year-old urbanite glamazon, with her hair in waist-length twists, supporting the white mayor of a small city in Indiana, but the folks here take the reigning Miss Black America seriously. One of those women was Ryann Richardson, the reigning Miss Black America and a surrogate on Buttigieg’s campaign who took issue with NewsOne’s coverage and pushed back on the narrative that Black people haven’t been supporting Mayor Pete all along. “That’s par for the course in my job,” she says, gliding through the crowd at this gala for historically black colleges and universities looking like a modern-day Statue of Liberty in a towering rhinestone-and-pearl tiara and spark­ly silver gown. And it’s that kind of shock-and-awe effect that Buttigieg is going to need if he’s going to have any chance of making a dent in this state. “I found the candidate I was looking for in former South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg,” said Miss Black America Ryann Richarson who is now a surrogate for the presidential candidate. If we keep saying, Black people don’t support him, then that kind of becomes a non-starter for Black voters to even consider him. “Oftentimes, when folks meet me and I’m wearing the crown, they’re expecting a kind of froufrou conversation about world peace or whatever the pageant queen is supposed to talk about,” she says. My parents prepared me well for the realities I would undoubtedly face as a Black woman in our country. So, there’s a definite name recognition advantage to those candidates. Pete’s agenda can win because it can unite a majority of Americans in moving our nation in a positive direction. He is polite to Richardson; after all, his grandson, Walter A. Clyburn Reed, is a paid organizer for the Buttigieg campaign. Or that one. “There are many reasons. We have options. What pushed her over the edge, though, was the debate in November, when Buttigieg got a barrage of Twitter rage for saying that his experience as a gay man had helped him empathize with black people. — Steve Kornacki (@SteveKornacki) February 7, 2020. “I noticed he turned on a Southern drawl.”. My parents worked in the federal government and the news media, so conversations in our DC-area home often touched on whatever was happening in the White House or on the Hill. The narrative surrounding Pete Buttigieg’s inability to catch on with Black voters has dogged his campaign no matter how much pushback there’s been against that notion. It was a special service in honor of Black History Month, and the Rev. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. Its provisions would fundamentally change lives for so many Black Americans. She grilled Buttigieg about the shooting of Eric Logan, a black man in South Bend, by a white police officer. Today, they shouldn’t. How are you? “Twitter rage ensued. She grew concerned that Buttigieg and black people seemed to be mentioned together in the same sentence only in regard to how badly he was doing in his polling numbers. Some states have already started sending out mail ballots; see how to make sure yours counts. Battlegrounds: These are the 50 political states of America. In the wake of some of Buttigieg’s Black and brown staffers voicing concerns about an unwelcoming work environment, Buttigieg has also placed himself on the public opinion chopping block with his verbal gaffes regarding race. He’s polling at around 4 percent among African Americans here (up from zero percent in November) and 9 percent overall, according to the latest Washington Post polling average. Julian Castro’s exit is latest blow to diversity of 2020 presidential candidate field, institutional racism and sexism in America. People have long-standing relationships, and I don’t know why people think you’re going to walk away from these relationships.”. If we had had in our time at Uber, senior leadership that took the proactive steps to build communications channels, to have roundtables to build these off-site retreats and commit days to inclusion work within the organization we would not have needed the work that we banded together to do above and beyond our existing roles. It seems like the narrative works to the detriment of our community, who are completely unaware that there is a political candidate, who didn’t make some stuff up, who literally engaged dozens of leaders – Black leaders, policy experts, attorneys, mayors and activists to write a plan for Black America and it’s getting no visibility.”. Al Sharpton for Sylvia’s lunch tradition — but what did they discuss? Aside from supporting Pete, I worked at Uber for years. “Welcome to Wakanda!” the preacher said with a smile. In the wake of the shooting death of Eric Logan by a South Bend police officer, Pete didn’t make excuses, or offer spin, or point to a host of Black leaders who ought to share the blame. At that time, women of color were still barred from the predominantly white pageant’s stage. Former South Bend, Ind., mayor Pete Buttigieg … Some are staffer, I am a surrogate for Pete’s campaign. A majority of Black folks in America don’t live in South Bend and probably don’t know much about South Bend at all. What happens when voters who are trying to decide on candidacy and those issues, which have been amplified by social media or news media, causes their perceptions to shift or be skewed? Coming up: Trump and Biden are scheduled to debate one more time this fall; here’s what to know about the 2020 presidential debates. But there are definite challenges with connecting the cultural divide within an organization. Sanders is 2nd at 28% in the poll, but does he have a ceiling? Richardson is working the room with the help of two young black women on Buttigieg’s staff. I'm literally Miss Black America. “I’m here with you. A good deal of that negative perception has come from Buttigieg’s low polling among Black voters as well as a checkered past with the Black community and officials back home in South Bend, Indiana, where he was mayor for eight years.

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