Thankfully something else to distract his mind. Adrien smiled weakly. "Yes, yes. "No, it's fine, don't go." You had no control after all. I sh-should g-g-g-et out now." He wasn’t going to tell anybody that he had threatened her. ", Marinette face palmed her forehead. How embarrassing!" "Marinette! Okay, good news and bad news. "Mari? The furious boy kicked around a paper ball occasionally hitting the side of his head. I just want to help...". Please" Chat looked desperate. “She said she’d turn all my friends against me, and that she’d be with the guy I like.”, The comment about the crush went in one ear and out the same ear. This is so boring, and here I thought I'd actually get a bit of entertainment but all you kids are doing is dancing around each other! I was so confused.". "Adrien" Natalie knocked on the door and entered. Oh why did she have to wear something so embarrassing tonight. Suddenly a loud crash echoed through the thin window followed by a loud scream. Adrien pulled away from Mari's neck to hover over to her ear. Marinette blinked and then removed her hand, allowing her shirt to be lifted up over her head and placed beside her. OR . Avoiding you? Its not for a while. I tried to pull away until he embraced me. she often got herself into trouble because of this, but, in her words, this was the "life of a journalist". The cat jerked his head back to the girl. I'm doing a competition with my friend to see who can write the better Lemon/Smutty fanfic. She wore black skinny jeans that were ripped, revealing just a small portion of her knee; a slightly baggy white long sleeved shirt, with a red scarf wrapped around her neck; and finally she wore simple brown boots. "Oh my gosh Adrikins!? Goodness gracious, just what on earth was this girl doing to this ally cat? Trust me. I want to see action!" She was acting shy and nervous again. Adrien said a bit humiliated "I'm so sorry Marinette!". Whoa... never has his name sounded so good before. The world around me faded away as he began moving his hips as I continued to gasp and moan. She cupped his cheek and smiled making Adrien shiver a little. Oh god! "Everyone has off days". I do not own said characters, but the story line is mine.). When he arrived at the Dupain-cheng bakery he frantically knocked on the door which was answered by Marinette's dad. Marinette's heart began pounding inside her chest. "I mean! Work Search: Simultaneously the two faces went from pink straight to a dark red, and then the two turned away from each other with nervous giggles. One moment they were having a meaningless conversation about Ladybug, and the next thing they knew, they we're grabbing each other's faces and fighting the air around them that longed to enter their lungs. Marinette then swallowed his shaft and started a bopping motion, sucking and licking at the same time. Not every sinner is a saint. Chat asked. But the moment their lips touched, an electrifying connection had been made. "D-Damn it Chat..." Marinette hissed. No... it can't be... it's more than that... much more than that. Because Chat was angry when he left and maybe wanted to vent to the first person he saw, which just so happened to be Adrien. I should actually get going though" the boy stood up and began walking. 282K 4.5K 17. Adrien stood in the middle of Marinette's room. Whoa Deja-vu, Marinette thought to herself as she felt Adrien's hand explore the sides of her waist. Chat shouldn't have anything to do with it. Adrien still lapping away peered up at Marinette, studying what he could make out of her stained pink cheeks. Why was that whenever she was with "Adrien" and no one else? "S-Stop! Even though protecting the city of Paris with Ladybug was his real life ambition, it wasn't like Adrien would ever be able to stray far away from fashion. That big goofy smile was back and all hoped seemed restored. "Would you like something to eat before you go? But he couldn't, because the longer he acknowledged Marinette's sugary presents, the stronger the urges of last night would flood back to him. "Matching panties too?". Again, as his mouth engulfed the second mound, Marinette groaned. Adrien stiffened and listened carefully. Still... she has got to ask or it would bug her. The blueish-black haired girl sat on her bed. Chat lightly pressed his index finger on the girls nose causing the girl stop and peer up at him. Mari" Adrien craned his head to view the tear streaked girl. "Hmm, well it looks like I will just have to deal with you later, I have another rat who needs a lesson on who's number one!". "Awww, well how about you save the croissant for me tomorrow", Adrien grabbed Marinette's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Guess they had a fight; but good ol' Marinette has finally decided to give him a chance". He tried to warn her but it was to late, Adrien lurched up and pulled out of Marinette's mouth grabbing his rod that shot out thick ribbon of cream onto her neck and chest. "I love you too! "PLEASE" Chat pleaded tears threating to fall from his eyes. He couldn't help himself, just one quick peck to get the urge off his chest. Man she was cute. "Marinette!" I’mma kill her. "Oh he's looking at you Marinette!" Filling her up to the peak, some spilt out slathering her thigh with a thick salty cream. Be prepared for long and detailed chapters. Oh God! "S-Stop!". Marinette dropped out of college and runs her own popular online fashion boutique. I designed them last week, and I wanted to try them out t-to see if they fit. Witches die by water right? "Y-Ye-Yeah?" He was shirtless and on top of her! YOU JUST LET HER THINK YOU USED HER FOR YOUR OWN PLEASURES! Be warned! "You... can't..." Adrien started bucking his own hips, in hope to ease the ache that turned into a burn. Now that her mind set was back into the right mindset, she was able to think clearly. "What kind of stuff?" Adrien growled turning his sweet kisses into vicious ones. Marinette could feel her stomach flip as the cat hastily dipped his fingers into her shorts and yanked them down her ankles, where she then kicked them off to be lost somewhere on the floor. Gabriel has been worrying over the future of his company ever since Adrien was old enough to show him he was never going to be a designer. Marinette began bucking her hips to match Adrien's pumps. Sign up with … Marinette has added a new pitch to her sounds, and every move the man made, a different sound would come out of the girl. Marinette eagerly sucked in as much air as she could, while Adrien's lips glide to the nape of her neck; where he began sinking his teeth into her soft skin. God she was wet. Of course he knew but that didn't matter to him. Think you should go..." Marinette turned away from him. When the pink garment was removed Marinette instantly covered herself. With one more gentle nip Adrien let go of the breast and lead a trail of kisses until he was once again met with the core of Marinette. ", "Well I can make you something down in the bakery", "Awesome! "It's fine Natalie...", "Alright then I will be right outside the doors". What was different about tonight vs all the other nights Adrien swooped by as Chat. Five years ago, Marinette was gifted the Ladybug Miraculous, only to be prevented by Tikki from using her powers. In the meantime, Team Miraculous have been riding a blissful wave of relative peace in an akuma free Paris. Adrien shot out his tongue, carefully licking the base of Marinette's top lip, and when the breathless girl pulled away to refill her lungs with much needed oxygen, Adrien lunged forward and greedily stole it away. Marinette's uncle decides that SHE will be that young woman. Then all at once hundreds of tears poured from her eyes. "Marinette..." Adrien whispered pushing her away enough to gaze into those beautiful blue orbs of hers. I'm gonna-" Adrien groaned. But it could explain why Adrien was so off today. She widened her legs and reached down to her sex and spread the two lips apart giving Adrien full view of the sex and it's entrance. Marinette yelled, another blush painting her cheeks. Adrien's muscles tensed, tightening to a new level completely unknown to the green eyed boy. "Ohhh, Ahhh" Marinette began squirming underneath the boy when she felt something hard poking her inner thigh. Way to go Adrien, you're a total screw up! "A-Ahhh!" Marinette tightened her grip on the length once again and rubbed her thumb across the tip that began leaking with pre-cum, wetting the red fabric. Marinette sighed. "It's very nice dear. "Adrien, I'm going to cum." The man wanted to be closer, he wanted to feel her body with his own. A story in which Adrien discovers that being an Alpha is both a terrible curse and the best thing ever. Same look; the black with the green laces around the hems, but one thing that was different- It had Chat Noir sewed in cursive in sort of a horizontal way. "Adrien!" "Was that Adrien again?" Adrien whom was still trusting felt Marinette's walls get tighter, and tighter and tighter. Well, for some reason Chat was spending a lot more time with Marinette. This is posted on fanfiction under my other account: NerdHeart. Marinette took a breath and closed her eyes, waiting to feel the sharp pain of the cotton ball pressing against her injury. He... with his own paw caused such a vile scratch that stained Marinette's white and black polka dotted bra a dark red. Marinette froze and peered up at him through her eye lashed. Marinette jumped a little and looked at the troubled boy. "Salty." Especially when Marinette is around. "I... umm designed them. "God tikki how can I be so stupid?!" Marinette studied it for a while before plunging it into her mouth and licking up the thick cream. Adrien could feel Marinette's heart beat and for some reason it made his speed up too. "Adrien" The teacher looked equally shocked as the rest of the class. She was almost too cute to be true. Adrien repeated. Adrien grunted as I felt him throb inside me. Marinette knitted her eye brows together and bent over to wrap her small hand around Adrien's wrist. "Ladybug" Chat craned his head to the women. I do trust you Mari...". So why was it so nerve-wracking? Adrien's eyes closed for a second. Trust me princess, I know how important this is to you", "Now" Chat cupped Marinette's cheek. "It-It's ok, you can move." With that action completed Adrien didn't waste anytime pulling up Marinette's shirt and throwing it some where to the side. She was going to make love with Adrien. After making a deal with a literal demon, Felix must atone for his actions or risk losing more than his soul. Suddenly he froze inches away. Chat?" The growl caused Marinette to press her legs tightly together. ", Marinette squealed. “Why is it always me? Chat dipped his left hands up Marinette's shirt slowly pulling it up. The villain hissed making Chat chase after her. Anger swirled around but there was something else with it, disappointment? She was getting close.

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