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In fact, the wild population was established decades earlier from multiple escapes (and perhaps deliberate releases) all over the country. Now owning a Mink Ragdoll I cannot see any difference in their personalities and their laid back nature in comparison to the traditional Ragdoll, if anything Niamey is much more floppy, absolutely as crazy and entertaining and puppy dog like as all my traditional Raggies.

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As the days get longer in the first half of March, it’s breeding season for the mink. 1 stunning snow lynx, and a beautiful Charcoal snow mink and a snow mink girl. We have at the moment 6 brown rosetted girls (all very different). Niamey was the first Mink Ragdoll in the UK, many Ragdoll breeders do not accept them here in the UK, they are accepted in the USA and Europe. I personally like the mink Ragdoll I find it a stunning looking cat, albeit a non traditional, they are fully traceable back to Ann Baker. It was not clear that there was a self-sustaining wild population, though since Norway had already been comprehensively settled by mink, it seemed inevitable. We are also members of the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain, Bengal Cat Club, Lincolnshire Cat Club and Heart of England, Goldnglitz is our registered prefix with GCCF All our Bengals are treasured pets and live out in their housing which is insulated and heated, with large runs and toys for them to play with. They grow up under foot as part of the household. The few fur-farms still operating at that time had been the focus of attacks by animal rights activists. Most of its exports go to China and Hong Kong. We are very proud of this achievement. *You may change your mind any time. Fundamental questions include ‘How much control of mink numbers is needed to preserve biodiversity?’ and ‘How much control is possible, and what does it cost?’. Regarding dietary needs, minks are similar to ferrets. Our website uses cookies to provide you with a better online experience.

Please read our cookie policy for more information. Government reaction to the proven establishment of mink in the wild was indecisive, costing valuable time. In keeping with the type of ragdoll we all love. wild looks and good head type. At its peak in the 1950s, there were 400 known fur farms in the UK, and there were suspected to be additional ‘backyard’ units. Niamey has been with us just over a week now and has settled in fantastically well. Les (Nova Scotia mink farmer): Like most farmers, our production cycle begins in the Spring. Close × Neutering Advice. We are small experienced breeders in North Lincolnshire, who fell in love with the adorable Bengal breed in 2001. Some Breeders believe that they descend from the Ragamuffin, which also has Ragdoll in their lines whom also trace back to Ann Baker. One of the fascinating things about mink feralised from fur-farm stock is how quickly they have reverted to the chocolate-brown ‘wild-type’ colouration – within a few decades.

In continental Europe, there is also a European mink (Mustela lutreola), a somewhat different species and now endangered. Niamey won 'Best In Show' at the Dortmund Cat Show. Looking at this from 1979..I believe that looks like a mink Ragdoll on the right.

Mink farms had been established in the UK from the 1920s, and expansion of the industry resumed after WWII. Niamey was the first Mink Ragdoll in the UK, many Ragdoll breeders do not accept them here in the UK, they are accepted in the USA and Europe. Our kittens are all born and raised in our home.All kittens are socialised from a very young age with children, dogs continental rabbit and other cats.

We are very grateful to Pia and Petra for allowing us the pleasure of having this little treasure. Some very large regional projects have developed in Britain and in other European countries, following a variety of different models for resourcing the work. The fantastic laid back nature and profile, that is something very important to achieve and keep to that standard. By December 1967, wild mink were present in over half the counties of England and Wales, and in much of lowland Scotland. They love to play in water Bengal's are inquisitive, mischievous but also bring hours of pleasure into the home.

Bengal's have many features of the Asian Leopard cat They are lively, entertaining and very intelligent, but with a lovable personality. The Treasury was reluctant to commit money to a process of undetermined feasibility and duration, where the moral responsibility appeared to lie with the fur industry. Our aim is to breed lovable temperaments, nice rosetting and glittered pelts, with long lean bodies, I personally like the mink Ragdoll I find it a stunning looking cat, albeit a non traditional, they are fully traceable back to Ann Baker. Many responsible cat breeders will keep their kittens longer, and make sure they have been fully vaccinated before they let them go to new homes. Minks fit all the characteristics that animal rights activists like to spin about ‘non-domesticated’ animals, yet they are federally protected as suitable for captivity. If the seller has said the cat/kitten is vaccinated, please make sure you receive the cats vaccination record paperwork. The fur farming industry in the UK was subject to increasing statutory restrictions from 1975 until it was finally banned completely by the Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act 2000.

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