Lewis needs to beat bushes to turn over new leaf. Brown has publicized his belief that a "bell cow" quarterback is a necessity in turning a team into a winner. Robinson, Doug, 1999, January 8, Ex-Cougar Johnson talked his way out of Cincinnati. "[59], Brown turned down then-Saints coach Mike Ditka's offer of nine draft picks for one in the 1999 NFL draft[60] against then-coach Coslet's advice. SUPER BOWL; Too Many Hurdles for the Bengals. [54] Since then, the Bengals have added two additional scouts[55] (Marvin Lewis originally claimed when hired that Brown assured him of a retooled scouting staff[56]). Over the years since the clause, Bengals players have commented on a negative atmosphere within the organization, notably Takeo Spikes,[78] Jeff Blake,[79] and Jon Kitna.[80]. Elfin, David. Odell Thurman: I'm not a bad guy, The Associated Press State & Local Wire. Rozin, Skip. [3] In an unusual meeting between future sports owners, eventual New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner hired him to a summer job as a deck hand for Kinsman Marine Transit Company. [69] Brown released Carson's younger brother, Jordan from the team on August 27, 2011. In the Owner’s Words: When asked about the outside perception of how he runs the franchise, Mike said (per the Ringer), “I’m not deaf to outside opinion.

Bengals sue county for right to manage new football stadium, The Associated Press State & Local Wire. That ain’t gonna change.”. 2004, September 30. Brown placed a great deal of responsibility on Carson Palmer, calling him the Bengals' "lead dog" and stating "as he goes, we go. Paul and a series of partners paid a $7.7 million expansion fee to bring the Bengals into the AFL, which would merge with the NFL in ’70.

[50] Daughter Katie Blackburn is the executive president of the team and her husband Troy is a VP with additional family members among the front office staff. "[37] Henry died during a domestic dispute on December 17, 2009. Along with personnel decisions, he was a spokesman for the team on issues of league rules and team policy.[5][6].

His first significant move as owner was to fire popular coach Sam Wyche after the 1991 season (although he originally claimed that Wyche resigned).

He spent five years working in Colorado before becoming an assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs under Gregg Popovich. Wilson relapsed the night before Super Bowl XXIII[44] and his absence in short-yardage situations affected the Bengals' efforts in one of the tightest Super Bowl games in NFL history that Cincinnati ultimately lost. Brown is the only living son[1] of Paul Brown. Brown renewed Bruce Coslet's contract despite his 21–36 Bengals record. These other guys are like rooks or bishops or other pieces that are not quite as valuable. League, teams take aim at revenue report. [40] In 2009, the team added Larry Johnson to provide depth for the position after the Kansas City Chiefs released him for "detrimental conduct. Fine. 2008, November 5. "[36] One fan protested by purchasing an electronic billboard along the Cincinnati interstate reading "CHRIS HENRY AGAIN? Coslet wanted as many draft picks as possible to help the Bengals' defense. Over the years, Brown worked to purchase the majority of shares, and in 2011 he paid $200 million to purchase an additional 30%, giving the Brown family 500 of the franchise’s 586 shares. n/t, Nolan, John. In 1998, the Bengals cut punter Lee Johnson. "[58] Comparing quarterbacks to other positions on a football team, Brown has said "He's the hub of the wheel...like a queen on a chessboard. [18] The Bengals have had only seven winning seasons out of 16 since the stadium opened. We think the public will be taken by them, will like them. Bengals hope to gain a quarterback, Cox News Service. Next in Line: His daughter Katie (Brown) Blackburn and her husband Troy would be prime candidates. Brown first started working in the NBA as a video intern with the Denver Nuggets before landing the job of video coordinator and scout. "[82] Over the years, Brown has proven reluctant to finish free agent signings or trades. [14] County commissioners agreed to let a Bengals' subsidiary run the stadium,[15] and it opened later that year.[16]. The most vocal critic of the Bengals since the clause was instituted was Corey Dillon. Pickens responded, "I don't understand it. [49] When Brown and Lewis mutually parted ways in 2018, Lewis' 16-year tenure became the most of an NFL head coach to not win a playoff game. Since 2009, however, Brown has largely ceded day-to-day control over football matters to a committee comprising executive vice president Katie Blackburn (Brown's daughter), then head coach Marvin Lewis, and several other members of the Brown family. In 2013, he returned to the Cavaliers, but was promptly fired after one season.

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