Free postage in the U.K. with First Purchase over $25 CLICK HERE to Add Free Gift You can shop securely using any debit, credit, visa card or Pay pal. Visa, Master card, all debit / credit cards and PayPal. Falconry equipment. It is necessary that you first make an appointment. Or simply telephone to place your order. Keeping your bird in good health and optimal athletic shape is a key responsibility of a successful and competent falconer. 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Friday PST. Shop Falconry Scales at Mike's Falconry Supplies - offering a Variety of Raptor / Bird Weighing Scales & Falconry Training Equipment Online at Low Prices. North American Falconry Supplies is based in Ontario, Canada providing Falconry Gear for North America with fast shipping and great customer service!

Mac Falcon, the eye in the area of Falconry. Aerial Training Equipment For Falconers 1 steel Hook musketon Nickel 46 x 15 mm. For nearly 40 years, Mike’s Falconry Supplies has provided falconers, raptor enthusiasts, rehabilitators, zoos, and dog trainers with top-of-the-line falconry equipment worldwide. However a charge will need to be made for Europe, worldwide & telephone orders. 2.4K likes.

Postage is free within the U.K. Mainland (Online orders only). Merlins have very delicate legs that are easily damaged. Mac Falcon extra strong leather anklets, Size 13. Complete combi set traditional anklets extra strong Mac Falcon leathe with 11 mm eylets, No. Please feel free to explore our web pages. © Privacy Policy | Terms of Use. (Tel: 0115 9203 682). Contrary to what you might think, taking your bird’s measurements doesn’t have to be a hassle—if you’re working with the right equipment. To truly monitor your bird’s condition, we know you need a scale you can rely on every time. Large stocks of falconry equipment ready for immediate despatch! Equipment & Housing . We will make sure it that the ordered goods are ready for you. Our inventory is affordable and carefully selected to meet the needs of our customers.

Phone: 1-800-446-5080 360-878-9508. about becoming a falconer. 7430 Manzanita Dr. NW Olympia, WA 98508. We specialise in customised beginners kits, designed around you and your new bird. What we have to offer here at:, Ian Vance has been in the falconry equipment business for over 33 years and in that time has sold falconry equipment all around the world. CLICK HERE to Learn More Premier Falconry Suppliers. Northwoods Falconry, LLC. Tracking your raptor’s weight regularly can help you do that. You are welcome for a personal consultation. Only One Use Per Customer, © 2020 Mike's Falconry Supplies | Privacy Policy. Fax: 360-244-4143 Jesses/swivels/leashes In our shop we offer a surprising range of items relating to falconry.

You can shop securely using any, Shop online with confidence and checkout via our secure online shopping cart using. We offer you the opportunity to get your order placed to pick up. Signup for Newsletter Find out first about new products and upcoming sales. To get the most from your bird it needs to be one hundred percent healthy and feather perfect. There is no minimum order value or V.A.T. No.5 Rotating Eagle stainless steel perch from the ground plate 75 cm high and rubber thickness 8 cm and 50 cm long, Robust stainless steel spike diameter 1.5 cm total length of 75 cm, Falconers shoulder bag with adjustable shoulder strap, brown with Mac Falcon Logo, Nr 1 Small set MAC Falcon extra strong leather straps are 13 cm long and 1 cm wide, Size 1. Ian Vance has been in the falconry equipment business for over 33 years and in that time has sold falconry equipment all around the world.

You can pickup your order by cash or pay using a debit card. With a raptor scale from Mike’s Falconry Supplies, weighing your bird will always be a quick and easy process. Items can be added or deleted so you have everything you need rather than buy items you don’t. We also offer beam scales with an AstroTurf disk for your raptor to stand on, if you prefer this to a perch. Our scales range from modern digital to state-of-the-art mechanical balances to meet the needs and preferences of all falconers and raptors of all sizes. Anklets, Jesses, Swivels, Gloves, Hoods, Perches and much more. Micro loop leash tethering system for Kestrel, Merlin or other small falcon Leash 20" Jesses 4" Extender 2 1/2 "Includes size #5 sampo swivel $55 ... All of my braided falconry equipment systems have a Sennit Rose knot woven in which acts as a button for the jesses and extenders. Most of our manual and digital scales come equipped with a perch wrapped in green AstroTurf to make the weighing process easier for you and more comfortable for your bird.

to your cart. Our scales come in various sizes to provide accurate weight measurement for a variety of falconry birds, including eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, kestrels, and other raptors and mammals that range from small to medium to large.

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