Depression. Household arguing.Eczema: Breath-taking antagonism. Repressing your sexuality. Guilt.Headaches: Invalidating the self. LUPUS (Very primitive type of collagen (connective tissue) disase. Person doesn’t feel worthy about being alive. BLOATING/FLUID RETENTION: Accumulation of your emotions in the small intestine. Wanting to pass on knowledge but believing it will not be accepted. Only then is it possible to help him.”– Hippocrates. The mirror of the soul. BULIMIA: Conflict between wanting to be perfect and love for life, and self hate and guilt. It can be the result of trying to escape from something or someone. Inability to assimilate the new.Stroke: Giving up. Feeling fractured & split into pieces. Stuttering: Insecurity. There are some measures you can take to begin releasing these emotions and establishing a path to reestablish balance. Clutch and grip. Love, laughter and joy are really the basis of instilling health and well-being, not only for yourself but for those around you. Learn how your comment data is processed. Insensitive partners. A strong positive mental attitude and powerful immune system APPENDICITIS (Appendix aids the immune system and is a filter connected to the intestinal tract): Breakdown of the ability to filter incoming reality and to protect ourselves from that reality. Issues relating to femininity, sexuality, motherhood. Belief in a punishing God. This list by Louis Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, is a valuable reference for your own healing journey. – Cysts, Lumps: A refusal to nourish the self. Burning up. Anxious to please.Phlebitis: Anger and frustration. COLD FEET: Emotional uncertainty, withdrawal or resistance to what lies ahead. Resenting the fact that you don’t know what to do with your life. Many spiritual groups and individual teachers have used their experience to help catogrise the Fear. Anger and punishment.Lymph Problems: A warning that the mind needs to be recentered on the essentials of life. Criticism, resentment. Anger & frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness. Total self depreciation. There is a feeling of bitterness at the world. CAUSES OF ILLNESS: PHYSICAL . Pink Eye (conjunctivitis): Not wanting to see something or someone. Struggling to prove yourself as a woman, would rather be a man. Storing emotions of loneliness. Desire to retreat.Cholesterol: Clogging the channels of joy. Violent separation from life.Insomnia: Fear. If you feel the need or desire to take natural herb or vitamin supplements, do some research and connect with a Naturopath or Nutritionist to discuss the best route to follow. The fear of helplessness, sickness, loneliness. Not living for yourself & blocking yourself from living your purpose. Right Breast - over-bearing and extremely protective nature.

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