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Helix or Meowgik are both good choices and will get the job done (eventually you want both for their bonuses). A version of fire that lasts a bit longer increases damage output meaningfully and is useful in all situations. 10 chest = good chance of fusing Scythe, Tornado or Vest, Helix = everybody is super hyped about Helix rage (1.2% dmg than normal rage 1% dmg) and i roll rage quite often in runs and it's 0.2%DMG for 1%HP difference, Meowgik = probably another S-TIER hero but is he really?

Hard hitters that go through walls.And he gets 5% dodge. However, her Freeze ability is highly situational. It's nice to have multiple characters to use and test. Im currently stuck on Chapter11 29/50 for few days.Urasli-52lv Phoren-20lv Atreus-20lvI used Urasil from the beginning becasue of his good stats from unlocking (+40AD, 15% melee, and 15%CritDMG in future) and here is my question.Should i invest gems in 10 Obsidian Chests, Helix, or Meowgik. Meowgik vs Helix. Helix is good.Meowgik is better.I've played both extensively and I main with meowgik for a reason. ARCHERO: Sylvan First Look | New Spring Challenge Gameplay, Meowgik Rage Fix & More! Daggers = machine gun kitties. All of his perks are average. Buy Helix? However, Meowgik's ability, "Meowspirit" really takes the cake. Its perks are good as well, though not as good as Rolla below.

I see great potential to Ayana. However, Meowgik's ability, "Meowspirit" really takes the cake. His ability is a slightly stronger version of the already very weak poison ability.

ARCHERO: AVOID THESE ABILITY MISTAKES! ARCHERO: AYANA vs HELIX & MEOWGIK! Does it matter what weapon you use with different heroes?

With chests your chances to get useless stuff is very high. I really thought it would only take like 5 minutes and it looked short on paper but turned out to be longer than I expected.

New Hero is Updated! ARCHERO: Chapter 11 Guide BOSS Guide | Double Archer Boss, End Boss, Best Abilities & More! The 0.2% difference from Helix is awesome! That or rely on your bat...because apparently no one is allowed to use a ghost (like I do until I get my second bat), or you're a scrublord.But I digress. And lastly, a funky side bonus is that using Sylvan removes those 4 base elementals from the drop pool of abilities, slightly improving your odds of getting stronger abilities like Multishot. Phoren is the best Hero that does not require a microtransaction or gems. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Although he has weak base stats and weak stat growth, his ability is strong. Ayana’s portals are unreliable as u said, but damagewise in regards to risk compared to helix would overall be worth it if its strictly about damage Meowgik kills through walls, which makes him very effective for afk farming. Thank you. But damn it, those portals are too instantaneous and unpredictable that it's more of a burden than a "skill". I heard that he is bugged but don't know.. I've found with Meowgik's 5%, VOD's 7%, and two serpent rings at 7% each, I dodge a LOT. For me Helix did wonders.. cleared 2 chapters on the same day I got him. Archer Heroes! If you want the personal non-bias experience of someone who's beat everything and has invested a lot in both (have them both at level 77), Helix is better (more consistent) and I think most end-gamers would agree. Onir features strong base stats and stat growth, good perks (Healing perk hidden OP), and his ability can be powerful. That’s odd, I opened it on mobile and it worked just fine for me. Helix is the save choice you probably won't regret. And if you use agile locket it goes up another 12%?And you can always get rage with meowgik.You can't get kitties with helix. If you want the personal non-bias experience of someone who's beat everything and has invested a lot in both (have them both at level 77), Helix is better (more consistent) and I think most end-gamers would agree. ARCHERO: Ultimate Beginner Guide | Everything YOU Need to Know | Weapons, Heroes Tips, Strats & More, ARCHERO: Chapter 8 Guide - How to Beat ALL 1 - 50 Levels | Tips & Tricks | Gameplay, ARCHERO: Meowgik vs Helix | Is Meowgik STRONGER Than Helix?!

Helix: He is consistent, and has one of the best abilities in the game to start with. We know Helixs special adds damage to every enemy he hits ever 1 attack with 100% ability proc rate. I recently changed from Helix to Meowgik and don’t regret it. (Atm he can't get rage due to a bug wich puts him at a small disadvantage to Helix). Since last June 2019, we have ranked all Weapon, Abilities, Hero, Pet, and Equipment (Gear) in Archero. Видео добавлено: 10 января 2020. бесплатно онлайн на video-stb.ru I’m having more fun and can still beat chapter 13 having a less lvl ups than Helix. Meowgik has high potential to be the best f2p hero in the game as soon as he is able to get rage. Длительность видео: 11 мин и 2 сек.

Having this in mind even if I don't get hit often the % of health I need to do damage as Meowgik obviously happens frequently.. However, the effects are dramatically enhanced compared to their base versions: His perks are also great, featuring a +20% increase in damage to ranged enemies, which is quite useful in clearing (albeit not useful for bosses).

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