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Among all the ethical and cutting edge science questions, there was the “class” issue. With medical advances, gestational carriers, who have no genetic relationship with the children they bear, have since replaced paid surrogates in most cases. This blew my college-student mind... it all seemed so simple, loving, and, yes, natural. And of course much cheaper which means that the money not spent for adoption or creating a child artificially can be saved for the child's college education. Thanks for listening!

Melissa Brisman, a reproductive-rights lawyer, says her Park Ridge office arranges about 300 gestational surrogate contracts each year, and the number is on the rise. Mr. Lourie, who retired as chairman of the Quaker Oats Company, was Under Secretary of State for administration in the Eisenhower Administration. Find NJ.com/Entertainment on Facebook, and check out TV Hangover, the podcast from Vicki Hyman and co-host Erin Medley on iTunes, Stitcher or listen here. They know that looks are hereditary.

As far as babies being born without this illness, how would they anyway as this is an IVF treatment?I said I am concerned with these children's IDENTITES... which is something we agree on.Stop putting words in my mouth and fighting me about something I'm not even talking about please and thank you. What she has is two dads, an egg donor, and a surrogate who carried her. It is genetic therapy to replace the broken genes that cause children to be born with terrible diseases.

Welcome to Melisa Clement Designs! not to nitpick Julia because I get what you mean, but that baby will not grow up and become a person... s/he already is one and I agree with you... deserves to know who s/he TRULY is. Cook gave birth Feb. 22, and the three babies are now with the father, described as a deaf, single 50-year-old postal worker who lives with his elderly parents. Better for the child who will know her roots, better for those involved in the conception. Jane,There is no sex in the conception and there is still money spent on the artificial insemenation and court proceeding to work out custody arrangement.

Are we a culture who says, in a civilized society, there are things that money can’t buy?”. People just aren't thinking.They prize the very attractive young woman because she's attractive. By creating their own child, gays(and (anyone else) are not putting pressure on the adoption market to take short cuts to deliver the goods. I was petrified and overwhelmed, decidedly out of my league and eager to prove myself.

Other names that Melissa uses includes Melissa Stern. Whitehead signed a surrogacy contract, agreeing to be inseminated with William Stern’s sperm, carry the baby, and then give it up. My SIL had mixed feelings about it, but I was on the side of the Sterns at the time. Melissa Stern and Jake Clements from TENAFLY, NJ have registered at for their wedding on October 23, 2011. Maryanne's spot on as usual. Not that gays have children--that the story and the two fathers seem not to indicate that the "egg" mother is a non-issue and the writer seems not to notice that maybe the child is not supposed to know whose genes she carries. Sad. If you'd like to get the full scoop about this song... Day one of Book Expo 2011 was great - saw many friends old and new... The child knows their full genetic heritage. Too bad - although unfortunately I don't see it happening any time soon. Right now, Melissa Clements lives in Tenafly, NJ. The newest trend for same sex couples is a co-parenting concept.

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