It should be noted that series creator Keiji Inafune originally intended for this to be the last title in the Mega Man X series, with Zero dying and resurrecting later in the Mega Man Zero series, but Capcom later decided to green-light Mega Man X6 against his wishes, changing his plans.[2][3].

The final scene shows X holding Zero's, If Zero became a Maverick, the glowing hologram tells X to hold on for just a little longer and to forget all of his painful memories. The last part of the final boss music is somewhat similar to the song ". The other Hunter remarks that X is now a Special-A rank Hunter, the same as Zero, and explains to X that he and Zero worked together to defeat Sigma. The repair of the space colonies damaged during the war was almost complete, the only space colony remaining to be the giant colony Eurasia located in a Lagrangian point. Zero jumps in front of X's prone body and protects him from Sigma, claiming to know everything Sigma is trying to do. If the player leaves the game idle at the Final Results Screen for 5–10 minutes, an image of Black Zero will appear and will leave the cheat codes for X's Ultimate Armor, and Black Zero. The player can choose X or Zero in the title screen, but they can still choose between the two characters later inside the game (a staple of the series starting with this game). Once the battle begins, his pieces will start flying in from the left. Mega Man X5 E3 2000 Trailer (60FPS) Capcom E3 Sales Presentation VHS 2000, TAS Mega Man X 5 PSX in 16 51 by Mothrayas, TAS Megaman X5 100% All Stages (X) in 58 30 by zeroblaze777, "I had very little to do with 'X5.' There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero.

The Weapon that will cause the most damage against a boss in units (may also cause a weakness reaction, such as becoming stunned). Once in the final chamber, Sigma reveals that his entire plan hinged on awakening Zero from his "false self" and giving him his true power by infecting him with a massive amount of the Sigma Virus, scattering it around the Earth. Like the Enigma, the space shuttle can either succeed or fail. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sigma concedes defeat and vanishes for the moment, saying he will be waiting.
ESRB: E (Everyone) Both characters have changed somewhat considerably as well. One week later, X and two other Maverick Hunters are moving some things.

If Zero is chosen, however, X will start the game without the Fourth Armor; instead, he'll use his normal armor. I plan to reexamine the situation and be more careful with how I handle the Mega Man name from now on." Sony PlayStation: November 30, 2000 January 31, 2001 August 3, 2001 July 18, 2002 PC: May 25, 2002 August 20, 2002 Taiwan: July 2001[1]PlayStation Network: September 9, 2014 December 17, 2014 Zero then tells X goodbye and passes away. Sony PlayStation/PC In Zero's ending, he reflects on his life as a vision of him in his original body fighting the original Sigma (a fight referenced in a flashback in Mega Man X4) comes up. His ending has two varieties: Mega Man X5 goes on to expand on the gameplay engine of the previous game. They lie exhausted on the ground. Each list has the bosses organized in an order which allows you to be able to use the correct special weapon or technique to defeat them with. Upon entering the third Zero Space stage, X and Zero confront each other, the dialogue changing depending of the character currently used: Either way, both X and Zero fight in a room where Dr. Wily's mark is displayed prominently in the background, and just as the fight is ending, the opponent uses Soul Body on the player to weaken him. A red and faded image of Iris then flashes through his mind, while Zero apologizes to her. The only difference is that if the player chose X, he will be able to use the Fourth Armor, and with Zero, he will be able to use the Z-Buster. Publisher(s): Zero becomes a Maverick. Zero regains the use of the Z-Buster in this title, although it does not function the same way as it did in, When fighting X in the third Sigma fortress stage, he uses some of his Special Weapons from. Mega Man X5, known as Rockman X5 (ロックマンX5, RokkumanX5) in Japan, and often shortened to MMX5, is the fifth game in the Mega Man X series and the second X game on the PlayStation console. If the player is Zero, he will confront X and two. Lists the amount of HP an enemy has based on the amount of hits it takes from uncharged X--Buster shots. For the release of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2, Capcom decided to undo that decision and give X5's bosses names that are closer to the familiar format. Developer(s): If Zero is chosen at the beginning of the game with the special code that allows him to wear his Black Zero armor at the beginning, or if the player obtains the Black Zero armor in Zero Space Stage 3, it will permanently replace his normal armor for the remainder of the game.

Then, during the translation process, a truly bizarre decision was made. Yosiki Okamoto (executive)Tatuya Minami If Zero is normal, he attacks Sigma with his Z-Buster and collapses from exhaustion. The lower the time remaining, the higher the boss levels will be.

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