I think the youtube spoof/homage was totally realistic and completely in character.

I am bummed. There are no words. However, I wasn’t totally thrilled up until the 45-minute mark. Either use it or change the format. I thought it was going to be too emotional and gushy and just…not office. 2.So many great lines Meemaw: Georgie, until you're married, you are not tied down to anybody. And the ending… oh man!! It had everything, a cold opening on par/if not better than Stress Relief, great moments for all the characters, and an amazing wedding scene that twisted into something I didn’t see coming (much like Casino Night- they can’t do any more big love twists, so what they did was amazing). Wonderful! I really thought I’d cry on this episode, but it didn’t end up going that far for me.

When Pam was complaining about the wedding day to Jim, I felt like she was being a little “bridezilla” instead of Pammy, but then again, she is preggers and probably hormonal. You have to remember that meetings still need to be productive (which is something we didn't always see from Michael Scott), but adding a little variety to your meetings is a great way to keep employees engaged--you can't deny that the staff at Dunder Mifflin listened in awe when they were called into the conference room. The more I watch it the more I like the wedding…I LOVE that Jim and Pam had their own private exchanging of vows beneath the falls the way they did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8DCt3Lmi28

What’s the story is behind that? We weren’t there for their first date, we didn’t get to hear Jim’s proposal or the doctor tell them they were pregnant. She asked her that in season 2 when they weren’t even together. So glad they snuck off. Episode. 4.I lost alot of respect for Phyllis Not such a fan of Jim’s brothers and Michael was particularly distasteful at the rehearsal dinner, but what else could I have expected? I just wanted to add that I thought the same thing Matty #112 did. It was excruciating and hilarious and heartwarming and just gold. i agree w/ the complaint of too many sex jokes. I certainly hope that the highly paid writers at least got permission from the real bride and groom, who actually thought of something unusual for free. If the kids could sleep at your place?

In the past, John has struggled with his grip on reality. Like this. Kudos!

As soon as the cold open ended I knew I would be disappointed in this episode. One more thing I wanted to add after some thought. Wonderful episode for all of the reasons everyone has already said – given the pressure of writing the most anticipated episode of the show, the writers handled it beautifully. You have your own Meemaw. I loved that they snuck off and got married on the boat. A fantastic episode, easily in my top 3 favorites of all-time. Sigh. [from tanster: lol. The hotel throws out Kevin’s shoes and he wears kleenex boxes? I am still in awe about this episode. When she cared more about her chips than everyone else's safety: And when she totally definitely didn't ruin someone's car while trying to park: When she stood up for women's rights in the office: When Michael and Deangelo surprised her with a Dundie nomination: When she crossed the line on Casual Friday: When she opened up during a holiday party: When she took advantage of Michael hitting her with his car: When she stood up for the only holiday she cares about: And then accidentally set her hair on fire: When she inserted herself into the conversation: When she tried to boost Kelly's self-esteem: When she shared her mom's advice with Dunder Mifflin: When she argued that she should be Kate Middleton for Halloween because she actually attended the wedding: When she took drastic measures and shaved off all her hair: And then modeled her new look around the office: When she explained why she'd never get a boob job: And when she warned Ryan against falling in love with her. Love it! Dwight: I reserve the right to peel my hardboiled eggs at my desk. what video were they referring to? And this was before I had even heard of one, or seen one. Although I think that Andy is steadily replacing Dwight as my favorite character (Dwight’s become too unrealistic) Dwight’s conversation with the kid was great. The writers somehow found a way to take Pam and Jim’s wedding way beyond ordinary and still keep it real. I hope the writers take their relationship somewhere because Michael always talks about how he feels Pam and Jim are his “children”. I bet there have been a ton of copycat weddings since that video came out…I could see quite a few people I know doing it. For those critics who didn’t like the jokes, please let me remind you that this is a comedy. I like the idea of Michael and Pam’s mom. This is the video they were referring to – easy to see how Jim would just know that Michael wouldn’t be able to help himself :-), When they busted out the imitation of the YouTube wedding dance to Chris Brown, I lost it! This couple is so special to all of us; I think the entire Office crew delivered. And I am still amused that I own and was wearing the same sweater Pam had on in the beginning of the episode. “I am Beyoncé, always.” – Michael Scott, 4. wow. I loved how nice he was to Pam’s mom. on a side note, if i were the couple that did the original video i’d be freaking thrilled to have my wedding moment immortalized on the office.

(And I have to echo the comments about how smells affect pregnant women: I had the exact same experience Pam had. Now that I’ve seen this episode again, and again, and again…etc, I realize why I feel this way and it’s because of its unoriginality. I think they did such a beautiful job with the ending. Quote from Jim Halpert: You know what I think we should do? I don’t know. There was a lot in the episode to love. Lame.

Kudos to the cast and crew. Michael: There’s going to be a free room? I can’t believe the editors didn’t see her backside?! This confidence helped him create his own paper supply company, only to make a large profit when it was bought out by Dunder Mifflin. thanks! My thanks to the writers…you did not disappoint! They had to copy the viral youtube one? 12 comments. Amazing episode, but did the whole ‘side’ wedding thing remind anyone of “How I Met Your Mother?”. Season 6. Obsessed with travel? 445- I actually thought many elements of the episode were original and the youtube idea fit into the puzzle nicely.

168) Pam’s sister was played by Anna Camp, aka Sarah from True Blood. I also wanted to add that I think Pam has always found her co-workers annoying. The bride/groom are always super stressed and on edge, single guys flirt, single women get flirted with, and couples cling together like the Hudsons and Vances did.

She is from True Blood. Love is a mystery.”, “I guess I’ve been working so hard, I forgot what it’s like to be hardly working.”, “You cheated on me?

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