Meanwhile, for this special writing, I am going to share some things that were revealed to me by St. Gabriel the Archangel in January. I am talking now about “the events” which I have so often mentioned. Do you know the story of Medjugorje?

But, during the Great Warning, all six Medjugorje visionaries and Conchita of Garabandal will all fully experience all the supernatural terrors and elements of the Three Days of Darkness in their spiritual bodies which is not possible in a vision on earth. How then will I come? Here’s what the late Fr Slavko Barbaric OFM had to say about speculating and focusing on the Medjugorje ‘secrets’.

The Great Miracle will serve as a reminder of the mystical experience that everyone on earth will have felt during The Great Warning. Prayer can be very powerful. There is a fascination with the future, to know what will come. Others do not prepare, believing that they are ready to face the future. Yes, I can enlighten even the nations that live in darkness.

You must remain in union with My Son, Jesus Christ, at all times and pray that the Sacraments will be made available to you by loyal priests and clergy during the times of trials which lie before you. My Son is a light to all the nations. Cannot the light of reason be used for evil? Finally, it was revealed to me that the Great Chastisement of Garabandal and the Tenth Secret of Medjugorje are the same event and it involves the Three Days of Darkness, which has been prophesied by many saints throughout the ages. As I revealed in my Easter writing, the last three visionaries will receive the Tenth Secret during the Great Warning. The benefits of that gift are not guaranteed. To highlight my teachings, I will contrast the two parts of Medjugorje. What lies ahead is hidden from man’s view, but revealed by God to those whom he loves, so that these events will be a sign to all the world of the power of God, and of the care of God. See Your rational approaches cannot defeat the evil that is being unleashed. I am not infallible and I never will be.

This is a very important Mission. In Fall 2015, when I wrote a commentary about the failed prophecy of worldwide economic collapse, I said that it was such a blessing that prayers had been answered.

They must never be neglected on My behalf. Invite Her to have a place in your heart today!

The sign will be permanent, indestructible, and beautiful, something that has never before been on the earth, and those who do not believe in God will not be able to say it is of human origin.

The Warning will help the world to fight the greatest apostasy of all time. People will say, “Our mother knew about these events. I wait for you. Although, I will be honest and say that I had personally hoped that the schism would take place after the Great Warning happens and not begin before it. “I want to tell you that I have heard about lots of different apparitions, some here in America, where reportedly Our Lady is talking about some horrible times to come where there is going to be floods and all kinds of disasters. I dedicate this special writing to Our Lady, Most Holy Queen of Heaven and of earth and the guardian angels of the world. I know the secrets are not meant to scare. I don’t know what inside of me pushed me to it, but I accepted that gift with my whole heart, and from there, He helped me climb inch by inch out of hell. Recently, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, revealed to Prophet John Leary (, that the apostasy of the Catholic Church starts before the Great Warning happens. As I have revealed to followers of this blog, MaryRefugeOfHolyLove, in January of this year, I was given several graces of infused knowledge by God. “The Secrets of Medjugorje”. I plead the divine mercy of God to end all this bloodshed. Jesus will come in a special way but he will not force his divine presence upon anyone. There is a connection between The Great Warning – Illumination of Conscience and the Great Miracle of Garabandal. O nations of the world, you walk in the darkness of your own thoughts. Will God tilt the axis of the earth before or after the Great Warning?

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