For over $5k I was expecting just a little…more. We tested the TAC-50 with Anthena AP2 armor piercing match (1.25-inch group), Extreme Shock (Mullins) Match (1.4-inch group) and Summit Match (1.5-inch group). Barrel length

Unlike the famous LA shootout where officers borrowed semi-automatic rifles from sporting goods stores, .50BMG rifles aren’t exactly common, not even in gun stores. http://www.mcmillanfirearms.com/wp-content/uploads/psc-pdf-manager/2_MCMILLAN-ALIAS-CS5.PDF, http://www.mcmillanfirearms.com/firearms/alias-cs5/#SACfirearmsTab1, http://www.mcmillanfirearms.com/mcmillan-introduces-the-cs5-sniper-rifle-%E2%80%A8a-concealable-subsonicsupersonic-suppressed-sniper-system/, http://www.mcmillanfirearms.com/mcmillan-rifles/alias-rifle-system/, https://www.tactical-life.com/firearms/mcmillan-cs5-stubby-762mm/, https://guns.fandom.com/wiki/McMillan_CS5?oldid=71083. You’ve shot elk at 500 yards with your iron sights! And that’s really all that matters: how well the gun shoots. Been there, done that, really nice triggers (albeit single stage triggers) result. Cal. It features a McMillan A-2 tactical stock with saddle cheek piece, plus Badger Ordnance rings, bases, trigger guard, and floorplate.

You’d be wrong.

250? The XM1022 uses a match-grade bullet similar to that of the Anthena AP2, but without the armor penetrator. The shoulder strap is a synthetic leather. The TAC-50’s single-stage trigger broke at 3 pounds and had absolutely no creep or backlash.

And the trigger . The "Military Factory" name and MilitaryFactory.com logo are registered ® U.S. trademarks protected by all applicable domestic and international intellectual property laws. Another factor in the use of a .50BMG rifle is ammunition. There is nothing special about this rifle. This rifle is in use by the US Navy, where it carries the designation Mark 15 and by many military forces worldwide. Yes, I am that annoyed. Trust me: when you’re hauling a rifle around, every last pound counts. Me likey the rifle. The TAC-50 is a combat-proven rifle that delivers pinpoint accuracy with the right ammo. In banks and other facilities where bullet-resistant glass is employed, only a .50BMG caliber rifle can eliminate threats. For those who live or shoot in places where they hate freedom, a threaded barrel could enable a muzzle brake.

It was the first time I had rung the 1,000 yard gong since the Armalite AR-50 left my collection, and I had dearly missed the ability to fire a round, follow through, and muscle the scope back on target in time to see the round hit. While the weapon is meant to be marketed to military personnel, the CS5 may also be purchased by civilians who possess the appropriate documentation. The buttstock, which is adjustable for length of pull (LOP), can be removed to simplify transportation. Like it was built for me. Model. The TAC-50 is a conventional bolt-action rifle in the sense that it has a reciprocating manually operated bolt with two forward locking lugs and a safety lug that is integrated into the operating handle. Ergonomics Firing: * * * *

McMillan ALIAS CS5 Of course I am envious of Nick doing a little test drive with that puppy. I don’t own a long range rifle, and often look at guns like this as something I “want” more than I need. The rifle may be converted to the STAR and Target configurations due to interchangeable parts.

How the heck can you even see them at 500 yards?

I believe that is a paraphrase of Jeff Cooper but it isn’t true. As for the marketing blurb about “benchrest accuracy” — people who know something about benchrest rifles probably hoot with derision when they see that term used. It’s painstaking trying to read it. We tested a McMillan MCRT .308 rifle nearly two years ago and the TAC-50 continues the McMillan tradition of high quality and rock solid reliability. Their TAC-50 is designated as the Mk.


The TAC-50 has some unique features that set it apart from many other .50BMG rifles. United States The bolt handle is extended for ease of extracting and is designed to clear large diameter optics commonly used on .50BMG rifles. There’s something extremely satisfying about hitting a target almost a mile away, and doing it repeatedly was an absolute joy. Length For something like that, you need to step up your game. Gun Details

$4999 . Weapon type A simple fix (at least potentially): a detachable magazine to replace the internal mag. Mcmillan G & Co Inc . Rob Furlong (2,430 m / 2,657 yd) and MCpl. For most situations, we recommend match-grade ammunition that will defeat hard targets. And again.

CS5-Q McMillan TAC-50 - .50 BMG McMillan TAC-50 without optics - .50 BMG It should be noted this is the same weapon used by Canadian Armed Forces snipers Cpl. The barrel threads and chamber are cut to the tightest specifications possible while still maintaining reliability. [4], The ALIAS action is built upon the action that McMillan designed for the Tubb 2000 competition rifle.

In fact, there are very few rifles in this class that can be fired in any position other than some sort of supported position, usually prone, although the military has vehicular pedestal mounts for its .50 caliber rifles. The McMillan TAC-300 can be seen in the following: The McMilan TAC-308 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: The McMilan TAC-338 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: It should be noted this is the same weapon used by Canadian Armed Forces snipers Cpl. Gale McMillan, founder of McMillan companies began producing stocks in 1973 for himself for the highly demanding benchrest matches where he competed. The McMillan TAC-50 offers the competitive or law enforcement shooter an accurate and reliable .50BMG rifle at a cost that may be considered somewhat pricey for a bolt-action rifle, but considering the TAC-50’s features, the cost seems reasonable. One of the most popular .50BMG rifles in military and law enforcement is the McMillan TAC-50. I’ve always been a big fan of the two-stage triggers, but I take what I can get. You’d expect a McMillan gun designed to be used with a scope to have a stock designed for a scope, too. matte black. It’s just another Rem700 knock-off action in a synthetic stock. At 500, it took one shot to walk me onto the gong and then three more rounds to move on. Our TAC-50 placed every spent casing in a small pile about 5 inches from the right of the rifle. A threaded barrel would be nice. Accuracy: * * * * * Back; Image Gallery; Support. Have a 1980’s Remington 700 BDL in 300 Win which has taken more than a few elk at 500 yards, with iron sights, and all with one shot. GET IN TOUCH.

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