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"[Suga] said, 'I think it's a little too happy for me to jump on. Ultimately, MAX didn't have to keep the secret long because ARMYs uncovered details about the collab before he even got the chance to announce it officially.

© Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. Suga fits so naturally on MAX's new single, which dropped Sept. 15, it's hard to believe he was originally eyeing the rapper for a different track. What they didn't guess was the pair had two songs up their sleeves the whole time. But then, in retrospect, [I realized] it's smooth and romantic, but it also has little lo-fi, dark undertones, and he really responds to that darker world that fits with the melody," MAX explains.

Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. MAX: “I remember I sent him the sonogram picture…he was so excited…He’s going to be a great Uncle Suga… I’m working on a full Korean version rn…I’m excited to learn the whole song in Korean”, OH @MAXMusic is doing Blueberry Eyes in Korean?! MAX spoke to Teen Vogue about how his collab “Blueberry Eyes" with BTS member Suga came together, his admiration for the BTS ARMY, and why his new album Colour Vision (out Sept. 18) is … Then we’d piece it together with the next line the next night. “Every night we would just do one line and we’d slow it down real slow, a little bit faster and then the real speed. During an interview with MYXclusive, the host voiced a popular question from fans.

MAX says he's a "perfectionist" in this way, and working with Suga, he realized BTS is the same. | @MAXMusic/Twitter This year, MAX and Suga collaborated on the song “Burn It” for Suga’s Agust D mixtape, D-2, as well as MAX’s song “Blueberry Eyes”.“Blueberry Eyes” is a love letter to MAX’s pregnant wife, Emily, who co-stars in the music video, along with their unborn daughter. MAX and BTS' Suga's "Blueberry Eyes" collaboration, vocal surgery left him with no voice for four months.

"One of my favorite things about all the BTS members [is] the culture that they've created," MAX … In May, the "Love Me Less" singer lent his vocals to Suga's song "Burn It" off his D-2 mixtape. Making Colour Vision has been a journey with tons of twists and turns for MAX. Managed by Big Hit Entertainment , he debuted as a member of the South Korean pop idol group BTS in 2013.

Now, the rapper has officially returned the favor by featuring on MAX's upcoming album, Colour Vision. “I got married to my wife in nine months. The visual is a burst of color, with blue being chief among them, showcasing the accelerated timeline of MAX and his wife Emily Cannon’s relationship. "It's sort of the love song saying, 'You're what I waited my whole life for,' and I think I've never said that specifically in a song [to her] before," he says.

Seeing things for what they are and appreciating them in the moment," he explains. I appreciated every moment I could sing again.”.

Colour Vision will be available on all streaming platforms on Friday, Sept. 18. Now, we’ll just look at each other and start singing the Korean rap and it’s just another little connective tissue that’s fun to have as we grow.”. During Suga's verse, the couple lip-syncs Suga's lyrics to one another as though they're reciting wedding vows.

It really did feel like each other's vows to the people we love, and I love that that's what he brought to the story.". “A lot of people try to use that for clout, or they just try and use them, and that’s so wrong and they can see through it, which is amazing.


She said, “People are asking if you want Suga to be a godfather to your daughter.”. (Check out Variety‘s cover story on the K-pop stars here). “He’s definitely going to be Uncle Suga,” MAX replied, laughing. MAX is hoping to make his friend and collaborator, BTS‘s Suga, a member of his family.
Over 10,000 BTS and MAX fans blew up the chat with positivity, cheering MAX on as he delivered his first onstage performance in six months.

Since "New Life" wasn't the right fit for Suga, MAX sent him the whole album and essentially said, "Pick your favorite." The 12-track project is an ode to authenticity and self-acceptance, peppered with impressive vocals, power-pop choruses and jazzy instrumentals. "I showed him [a song called] 'New Life' on the album, and he was like, 'Oh, I love this song.'"

On the one hand, vocal surgery left him with no voice for four months right in the middle of recording, and the album was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This feeling that I had been ignoring for so long, this part of me that makes me feel alive, was vacant for so long. "I was kind of surprised it was that song at first. Though SUGA’s fellow BTS member Jung Kook was also supposed to be at the meeting, MAX believes it was fate that brought him and SUGA together, because it … “He’s just so giving, I feel like I can’t wait for my baby girl and Emily to finally meet [him],” MAX said. We love basketball and food and Korean barbecue and music — it felt like I had just met an old friend that I’d known for a long time.”.
“I had this vocal surgery and I couldn’t speak for four months,” MAX tells Variety. Min Yoon-gi (Korean: 민윤기; born March 9, 1993), better known by his stage names Suga (stylized as SUGA) and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. This year, MAX and Suga collaborated on the song “Burn It” for Suga’s Agust D mixtape, D-2, as well as MAX’s song “Blueberry Eyes”. Along with MAX and SUGA’s collaborations came a whole new set of fans for MAX within BTS’ ARMY, for whom MAX says he has the upmost admiration and respect. MAX’s wife was unable to come with MAX to Korea last time, so now he’s looking forward to Suga meeting the whole family in the future.

Though MAX says they had to work hard to memorize it, especially at its fast speed, the rap has now become a sort of love language for the couple.

Many ARMY members are now also MAX devotees, which was evident during MAX’s livestream concert from L.A.’s Greek Theater on Sept. 24. Still, Suga turned down the collab, but the reason why makes sense. In real life, MAX and Cannon have been married since 2016 and are expecting their first child together in December, and MAX claims the video isn’t too far off from reality. “It felt like it could have a little bit of humor while reflecting our own story.”. @BTS_twt, — ᴮᴱbora⁷ (@modooborahae) October 29, 2020, ARMYs Have Discovered A Shirtless Photo Of Jungkook At The Desk Of An “Ellen Show” Employee, And Yes Sis, Same, BTS Makes History Again With The Highest Placement On Yet Another Billboard Chart, Here Are The List Of Nominees For Best Female And Male Groups For The 2020 MAMA Awards, 5 Creepiest Moments In K-Pop History That Had Netizens Feeling Deeply Disturbed, Here’s Why Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Told Fans NOT To Vote For Their “2020 MAMA” Nominations, Here Are 5 Of The Most Ridiculous Claims Netizens Have Made About BTS, Late Aspiring Singer Was Reportedly Drugged, Sexually Assaulted, And Filmed By Famous Singer-Songwriter, These 4 Pale Female Idols Have The Fairest Skin In K-Pop, Crayon Pop’s Way Reveals How Idols Feel About Their Groups’ Visual Members, 6 Crazy Rich Korean Stars Who Own Real Estate Worth Over $10 Million USD, K-Netizen Picks The Best Era For Each BLACKPINK Member, Here Are 15 Moments In MAMAMOO’s “AYA” MV That Will Leave You Absolutely Shook, 10+ Times TWICE’s Chaeyoung Was A Whole Stunner In Her Stage Outfits.

He performed the entirety of “Colour Vision” with an impressive live band and dazzling light show, finally bringing the album he has worked so hard on to life. Considering Suga is an ocean away in Korea, MAX had to choose another co-star for the "Blueberry Eyes" music video — Schneider. “I got out of that and had a whole new perspective basically. MAMBA FOREVER, A post shared by MAX (@maxmusic) on Feb 1, 2020 at 2:14pm PST. In the end, MAX is grateful for the highs and the lows, because finding the bright side in unexpected situations is what inspired the record in the first place. “They’ve been so receptive and warm and welcoming, and I know that they’re very cautious,” says MAX. The discovery resulted in canceled tour dates, an operation and months of silence — as well as an unexpected shift in how the artist views music, relationships and life. Though SUGA’s fellow BTS member Jung Kook was also supposed to be at the meeting, MAX believes it was fate that brought him and SUGA together, because it laid the foundation for their close friendship.

Naturally, MAX had his wife, Emily Schneider, in mind when writing the track's romantic lyrics. MAX also found a way to honor SUGA’s contribution to the song.

"I am so bad with secrets, but I tried to tease it so I [was only] giving a little bit away.

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