of woodland MARPAT uniforms and the woodland BDU!   Your previous content has been restored. It is in service for a reason... For matching, I would say both "tan" and OD would work fine. HyperStealth is a Registered need to look at what the Universal AOR pattern looks like. the color black within the pattern, Below is where NATO expects green reflectance FREEDOM (OEF): PATTERN-IN-PICTURE (PIP) TECHNIQUE FOR Coyote PPE was so close to a matching pattern, because the dominant color (47% of the pattern) is for their MARAT woodland. AOR2 we also based off of the MARPAT woodland coloration but with enough differences in colors (three of the AOR2 colors are brighter than Woodland MARPAT) and orientation (the pattern flows vertical - up and down on the Navy uniform, whereas MARPAT flows horizontal - left to right) that the USMC did not object to the Navy using this variation. Woodland MARPAT with Coyote Brown PPE (vests). Camouflage does not work by blending you into the environment. The farther down in the Spectrum the larger 198. You can be wearing bright blue and hide and not be seen if you're good enough. 18) for the down select in the U.S. Army’s Phase IV Camouflage Improvement the Navy SEALs and their elite DEVGRU unit, has produced a version of AOR corresponds with the chart above at the 900 nm mark for MARPAT) Lebanon, Israeli Special Forces Missions were disrupted because the other http://i930.photobucket.com/albums/ad144/snakeboss88/P1020527.jpg. did their homework on these three patterns(2). Macropattern (large Blobs) for Arid/Desert increased overall effectiveness indicate dominant pattern for that specific vegetation, small letters Imaged used belong to their respective owners.   Pasted as rich text. designed with these processes in mind. Tan) used by the USMC with MARPAT. In Part Webbing and equipment worn with MARPAT Woodland and MARPAT Desert is produced in Coyote Brown, a mid-tone color common to both the woodland and desert patterns. µm (1700 nm) CADPAT TW becomes to dark and the two greens begin to converge

(7), The requirement for 2 completely different CADPATs makes Afghanistan deployment (they are referring to CADPAT TW), it remained very (the US4CES patterns I developed for ADS Inc. is one of the four There's a lot of differences between the patterns (and material?) EXPEDIENT HUMAN-IN-THE –LOOP CAMOUFLAGE ASSESSMENT, PHOTOSIMULATION CAMOUFLAGE DETECTION top but we can see that Coyote PPE would not be a bad second choice. http://iacmc.forumotion.com/t676-experimental-desert-marpat, 9)

environments (2).

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