Artillerymen, orders are exact.

We love our homeland faithfully in our hearts. За слезы наших матерей, Artillerymen, the motherland calls us. This song inspired the official song of the U.S. Army which is …

The day of victory, the end of the war must come.

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Артиллеристы, зовёт Отчизна нас! We battle to death for our beloved motherland.

for our motherland — fire! Горит в сердцах у нас любовь к земле родимой, В честь нашего Вождя, в честь нашего народа. В честь партии родной, в честь нашего народа But before we return to our beloved homes,

But before we return to our beloved homes, The "March of the Artillerymen" (Russian: Марш артиллеристов), also known as the "Artillerymen's March", is a 1943 Russian song, written by Viktor Gusev and composed by Tikhon Khrennikov. Но прежде чем уйти к домам своим родным,

[4], It appears that Gruber did not object to Sousa's use of the song, at least not initially,[1][2] and that Sousa passed on his royalties to Gruber. Due to De-Stalinization after the death of Stalin in 1953, some of the lyrics have been changed to discourage the worship of Stalin.

He was asked by Army Lieutenant George Friedlander, of the 306th Field Artillery, to compose a march for his regiment. Artillerymen, the motherland calls us.

The "U.S. Field Artillery March" being played in 1944 by the Boston Pops. Мы радостный салют в победный час дадим!

Sousa served in the United States Marine Corps, and was a member of the U.S. Navy during World War I.

We battle to death for our beloved motherland. Both versions, have been performed, among others, by the Red Army Choir.

Fire! За слезы наших матерей, With the thousands of batteries,

Артиллеристы, Сталин дан приказ!

Из многих тысяч батарей,, Articles to be expanded from December 2015, Articles needing translation from Russian Wikipedia, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz work identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Artillerymen, the motherland calls us.

we will salute in the hour of victory.

Мы радостный салют в победный час дадим! Von deiner Güt‘, o Herr und Gott.

За слезы наших матерей,

Пылают города, охваченные дымом, Артиллеристы, точный дан приказ! Узнай, родная мать, узнай жена-подруга, for the tears of our mothers, Artillerymen, the motherland calls us. Hocam, her yerin bir delisi var işte; iplemeden ... Марш Артиллерии Сталина (Marsh Artillerii Stalina), Волховская застольная (Volkhovskaya zastol'naya), Все косы твои да бантики (Vsyo kosy tvoi da bantiki), Солнце (Solntse) | Rammstein - Sonne (Russian Version), The Red Army is the Strongest in the World. for our motherland — Fire!

В честь армии родной, в честь нашего народа Sousa agreed, changed the harmonic structure, set it in a different key, refined the melody, made the rhythm more snappy, and added further new material. [3] Reportedly, Gruber may have been influenced by music composed by Alfred C. Montin at Fort Sheridan in Illinois, shortly before his unit was transferred to Fort Sill in Oklahoma. [1][2], Sousa and Lieutenant Friedlander were surprised to later learn that the composer of The Caisson Song was still living and that the song had been written in 1908 by artillery First Lieutenant (later Brigadier General) Edmund L. Gruber, with some help on the lyrics from Lieutenant William Bryden, and Lieutenant (later Major General) Robert M. Danford, while stationed at Fort Stotsenburg in the Philippines.

what beats the enemy is our great armoury in honour of army, in honour of the people

The refrain is the " Caissons Go Rolling Along".

Узнай, далекий дом и вся моя семья, Узнай, родная мать, узнай жена-подруга, Artillerymen, the motherland calls us. With the thousands of batteries, За слезы наших матерей, Пылают города, охваченные дымом, Артиллеристы, точный дан приказ!

Артиллеристы, Сталин дан приказ!

With the thousands of batteries,

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