I, like many others, believe that "Iron Resurrection" is the best auto building show out there.

It would be a shame to not bring this show back for many years to come. The show’s primary focus is on Joe and Jason Martin of Martin Bros Customs. Joe talked to me for about 15 minutes, even crawling under my car and then invited me into the shop to show me around. TV-PG What happened to Brian Buckner from Barnwood Builders? Even though he has not come out to give out clear reasons why he left, he stated that the show was a massive commitment. The renowned actor needed more time to spend with his family as he was mostly working on the NCIS New Orleans. Is The Show Iron Resurrection Getting a Fifth Season?

He doesn't go too far, just far enough to make the beast look as good as it runs. Please recognize that we, the viewers, want honest intelligent programing, not a couple of guys acting like "Dukes of Hazard" want-a-bes. Please Bring my favorite back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The reason reportedly is that he wants to spend more time with his family. There have been reports about Phil Cato not being a part of the show due to family concerns. Jason Arrington will continue to entertain the audience with his presence on the show.

4,394 Followers, 165 Following, 22 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Pompa (@justpompa) The latest release of Iron Resurrection has raised a few questions in people's minds. !.Bitchin rides a distant 2nd,a good show as well.Graveyard cars would be good if that guy was as humble as Joe Martin.toooooo much drama on the other car shows!Joe and short dog are hands down the best at their craft because they are old school,and they take the time to explain what they are doing and how to do it properly.if I could afford it,I would proudly let them do my 69 Ford f100.Love the show.......would be some sort of a crime to not bring them back.Texas pride!!! Shorty and Cato will not be seen on the show reportedly due to family concerns. I watch what they do and I love that old school type of building and I actually learn so much from Joe. Image: instagram.com, @shortyscustompaintSource: Instagram. The sho… The fourth season of the show also doesn't have other participants like Manny, Cato, and Pompa. I have been watching Joe Martin since I first saw him on biker build off. According to the official statement, there is no indication that Shorty was fired. Hence the audience will not see Cato on Iron Resurrection this time. And the response is still hard to believe.

Javier "Shorty" Ponce is a specialist with a passion for working on automobiles.

I think not, it is a waste land of [censored] shows and when you have a good show like this one you want to cancel them because not enough people tuned in!

Class act guy. Love the show great talent no drama just down to earth reality.


It is a reality TV show that deals with the cast – which includes Martin, her husband Joe, and Joe’s brother Jason – as they find vehicles that other people consider junk and turn them into something usable. And Shorty was amongst the biggest shocker. I looked up the other two mechanics that have been doing the engine builds Joe Zadwick and I think Rocky Hansen they add a bunch to the shows as well. We have put all the puzzles about her personal life and profession here.

I agree with Joyce great show and a great builds.

Sure, nothing will ever fill the voids left by Monster Garage or Pimp My Ride, but IR provides its very own flavor of motoring repair television, and a lot of that has to do with the show's amazing cast of characters who clearly love the work that they're doing.. I really hope they continue with Iron Resurrection, this is one of the few Auto series that is really enjoyable viewing,All of the crew make it goodas they are all great at what they do.It would be sad to see one of the best shows cancelled. Pompa always had a light-hearted reaction to the pranks he was subjected to on an episode-by-episode basis. Roll on !!!!

What happened to Richard Jewell in real life? The show has been created by James Conant who has been highly praised for his work so far. I watch Iron Resurrection every time it comes on, even if I've seen it before. A show launches with great hype goes for a few seasons and then all of a sudden, a star is absent. READ ALSO: What happened to Trevor Noah's mother? He has also relocated to Atlanta in Georgia and his Cato Custom Upholstery has also moved with him. It traces their journey as they restore vehicles that were destined to be destroyed.

Iron Resurrection is the automobile makeover show on TV right now. War Robots Gameplay on Live & Test Server along with Tutorials and funny montages. It doesn't matter whether it's a busted out bike or a rusted out roadster, Joe Martin and his crew are hard at work giving vehicles another chance in life. Is The Show Iron Resurrection Getting a Fifth Season?   | 

A number of reports have been suggesting that Shorty is on his grandfather duties.

Fans have been intrigued about the new cast line up. The business featured in the reality television series, Martin Bros Customs, is located in Austin, Texas, which is a three-hour drive from Dallas. Let's do this guys! I've been watching Joe since Biker Build-off, I wish I could work there. Considering this distance and the demand for more time to focus on his business, Shorty chose to leave the show.

Shorty Hints That He May Return to 'Iron Resurrection' in the Future. According to a report by a leading daily, a fan received insights into why they will not be a part of the show. | Of course that may be because I've never done any body work on a car I owned. The group of guys on this show make you feel right at home.

Please bring back iron resurrection it,s by far the best car show. According to him, he chose to take a backseat form the reality TV show after his wife got a great job opportunity.   | 

According to the show’s official social media platform, Shorty is busy handling private family matters. Iron Resurrection is the best car re-building show ever. Cato is another notable member of the show to exit, and his reasons are very different from that of Shorty. On the show Iron Resurrection, Shorty is part of the engineering cast that work on salvage cars destined for the junkyard. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Being on a popular TV show doesn't hurt, either. Iron resurrection is the best show out there.Joe and crew are top notch builders,as well as,good down to earth people.Old school!!!! Iron Resurrection released the cast of season 4 and people have been wondering why a few names are missing from the list.

Iron resurrection is the best show out there.Joe and crew are top notch builders,as well as,good down to earth people.Old school!!!! Did they go to another show hopefully velocity will bring them back on and have them do more engine builds. It doesn't matter whether it's a busted out bike or a rusted out roadster, Joe Martin and his crew are hard at work giving vehicles another chance in life. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Iron Resurrection with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide.com And What About Shorty? Please keep iron resurrection on the air. | Love the engine builds by Rocky H and Joe z when they are filmed. There's nothing that indicates that the four men "left" the show due to disagreements with production or the Martin brothers at the shop, Pompa included. We Didn't Need to See Hollyhock's Letter to Know What She Said in 'BoJack Horseman', Alton Brown Believes Celebrities Should Keep Their Political Views to Themselves, '90 Day Fiancé' Star Pedro Jimeno Has a Very Weird Nickname for His Wife Chantel.

Why is he not a part of season 4? Various cast alterations, like the absence of Shorty, has left many fans wondering about his future in the show. Iron Resurrection, Austin, Texas. 24 February 2020

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