In comparison, the mean adult weights of its two nearest rivals in size, the Eurasian wolf (C. l. lupus) and the Interior Alaskan wolf (C. l. pambasileus), was reported as 39 kg (86 lb) and 40 kg (88 lb), respectively. Along with C. l. nubilus, C. l. occidentalis is the most widespread member of the five gray wolf subspecies in North America, with at least six different synonyms. It likely crossed into North America through the Bering land bridge after the last ice age, displacing C. l. nubilus populations as it advanced, a process which has continued until present times. Not much has been published on Canis lupus mackenzii but one of the most comprehensive studies was done in 1954 by W.A., "An account of the taxonomy of North American wolves from morphological and genetic analyses",, Table listing the 1996 Northwestern wolves introduced into Idaho, Mammals of the Soviet Union Vol.II Part 1a, SIRENIA AND CARNIVORA (Sea cows; wolves and Bears), "Wolf -Bison Interactions in Yellowstone National Park",,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 07:10. The Mackenzie Valley wolf can reach up to 175 pounds. They measure 32 to 36 inches shoulder height and 5 to 7 feet in length, from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. By Vic Lang'at Junior on November 23 2018 in World Facts.

Conception period normally lasts 62-75 days, and a female gray wolf may reproduce five to six pups; this usually takes place during summer. Winter-weakened or sick elk also play an important part of Yellowstone wolf diets and it is estimated that over 50 percent of winter-weakened or sick elk in Yellowstone are killed by wolves. [16], They are present in Canadian or British safari parks including Longleat,[17] Woburn,[18] and Parc Omega.[19]. He chose to give it the name occidentalis in reference to its geographic location rather than label it by its color, as it was too variable to warrant such.

At birth, pups weigh about 300-500 grams. Of these, about 12 percent of carcasses were scavenged by other predators, including ravens, bald eagles, black bears, grizzly bears, and coyotes. A wolf is a type of animal that is classified as a carnivore and falls under the Canidae family.

[5], International Union for Conservation of Nature, The Mackenzie Wolf: Canis lupus mackenzii,,,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 December 2019, at 01:56. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, European Countries That Are Not Members Of The European Union, The US States Most Prone To Natural Disasters, The Largest Football (Soccer) Stadiums In The World. It is sometimes known as Alaskan, Canadian, or Northern Timber Wolf; this is because it is widespread across Alaska, Mackenzie River Valley, Canada, and parts of the northwestern United States. The Mackenzie Valley Wolf has a specialized body that has made it one of the world's most efficient hunters. It ranges from Alaska, the upper Mackenzie River Valley; southward throughout the western Canadian provinces, aside from prairie landscapes in its southern portions, as well as the Northwestern United States. Here the weight of males was reported at between 45 and 72 kg (99 and 159 lb), while the females were reported at 36 to 60 kg (79 to 132 lb). In Yellowstone National Park, adult females were reported to average 46 kg (101 lb) and adult males averaged reportedly 62 kg (137 lb), with a mean adult body mass in winter of 46.4 kg (102 lb). It is bigger than its canid family members like the fox, jackal, and coyote. HABITAT Mackenzie Valley wolves inhabit much of western Canada and Alaska including … Wolves can vary significantly in size, from the tiny Arabian Wolf — weighing no more than 40 pounds (18 kg) and standing 26 inches (66 cm) at the shoulder on average — to the massive Mackenzie Valley Wolf, which can weigh almost 150 pounds (68 …
Though the Guinness book of Animal World Records mentions an unconfirmed specimen weighing 230 pounds. In terms of appearance, gray wolves have thick bushy furs that are mostly grey, however, wolves with white, brown, black, and red furs also exist.

They also will charge young calves separated from their parents. Metz, M. C., Vucetich, J. Not much has been published on Canis lupus mackenzii but one of the most comprehensive studies was done in 1954 by W.A. [12], Based on known reported adult average body masses, this would make the northwestern wolf the largest-bodied wolf subspecies. Fuller, Wolf Control Operations, Southern Mackenzie District, Canada Wildlife Service Report.

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