Although the propeller can continue to turn, damage to the engine can occur, possibly with progression to engine failure.

Wait a minute.

All the damaged parts have been replaced. they can't deny a claim.

I am not convinced that we have the capability (or if we do, that we take full advantage of those capabilities) to ascertain the true impact on metal parts caused by accidents. The most common repairs are the propeller-strike/sudden stoppage inspections. This will result in a huge time saving and predictable delivery times. No matter how minor it appears, have your engine inspected. That is why damage history or prop strikes create some measure of doubt. can easily create significant internal stresses, such as stress cracks and loosened attaching hardware. Look for dents, unusual scratches/scrapes, warping, grass stains, damage to the tip, etc. All prices USD. All Lycoming overhauls come with new cylinders except IO-360 and IO-540 with angle valve head which will come with rebuilt cylinders. Below are three important links from the FAA, Lycoming, and Teledyne Continental regarding the definition of a Prop Strike and sudden stoppage. Having seen the statistics that led to the conclusion that a person is better off NOT getting their engine rebuilt - because of serious, and multiple component failures of rebuilds - and reading comments on forums of the many problems experienced by owners post rebuild, I don't like the prospects of having a rebuilt engine put in a plane I am buying on one coast of the US, and immediately flying it back to my home base on the other coast. By That's exactly what happened with mine . 475C, both of which are mandatory. Quiz: 6 Questions To See How Much You Know About IFR Navaids. In fact, it was the 1964 C model Mooney that my Dad purchased in 1970. So how do we determine that they are? The insurance compnay's term for this is "betterment". The dowel pointed to in the picture below is in the crankshaft on the opposite end from the propeller. Take it to the extreme and say, okay I've had a prop strike. Become a better pilot.Subscribe to get the latest videos, articles, and quizzes that make you a smarter, safer pilot. Sudden RPM drop on impact to water, tall grass, or similar yielding medium where propeller damage does not usually occur. Overhauls, prop strike inspections, and engine repair, Cylinder overhaul, inspection, and repair, Engine upgrades, such as Supplemental Type Certificated (STC) horsepower upgrades and modifications, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services, including Level II Magnaflux, Level II Dye Penetrant, and TCM certified, Airworthiness Directive (AD) and Service Bulletin (SB) compliance. Quiz: Do You Know These 6 Common IFR Enroute Chart Symbols? Quiz: Can You Identify These 7 Common Airport Signs And Markings? If Mike Busch said it I'll defer to NotarPilot. Unfortunately, it was too late for a go-around, and the deer strike caused damage to the propeller and the side of the aircraft. Not all prop strikes are equal. Will the insurance usually pay for this? Chrome Repair Propeller Pilot (Lycoming or Continental) $475.00: Oil Seal Repair (Lycoming or Continental) $235.00: Replace Dowel (Lycoming or Continental) $25.00: Chrome Repair Rear Gear Mount (Franklin) $475.00: Non-Repairable Inspection Fee (all Crankshafts) $65.00 Chartis Aerospace (aig) tried pulling some crap and I got MN dept of Commerce involved and 2 days later I got a call from my adjuster mad a hell but, I got what was due to me. Long story short...not good. How does anyone know that their newly overhauled engine from Lycoming isn't a prop strike engine? Why Every Pilot Should Practice Power-Off 180 Landings, Why You're More Likely To Have An Engine Fire This Fall, How Fall Weather Can Leave You Stuck Above A Fog Layer, This Crash Highlights The Dangers of Nighttime Disorientation, Quiz: 6 Questions To See How Much You Really Know About Aerodynamics.

475C and AD Note 91- 14-22 require a mandatory inspection and compliance with repair and reassembly procedures.". Yet, many years and hours later, the hidden damage reared it's ugly head and the airframe failed. The Hardest VFR Quiz You'll Take This Month. Otherwise almost any airplane could be declared not airworthy if you hunt hard enough for an excuse. No matter how minor it appears, have your engine inspected. Display as a link instead, × A prop strike with a 0 SMOH is a whole different deal than zero since IRAN. Otherwise almost any airplane could be declared not airworthy if you hunt hard enough for an excuse. When you think of landing accidents that happen in a crosswind, you usually think of windy days. © Aircraft Specialties Services. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. The airplane ran off the end of the runway, through a fence incurring wing damage and front fuselage damage along with a collapsed nose gear.

Clear editor.   Pasted as rich text. Mine had a pro strike in the 80s and the owner overhauled the prop, inspected the engine, did a top overhaul, repainted it, and put it to sleep for fifteen years with an annual every five. Especially after seeing the condition of midtime engines at prop strike teardown. Replacement Cylinders for Continental Engines, All Replacement Cylinders for Continental Engines, A-65, C85, C-90, C-125 Replacement Cylinders, O-360/IO-360/TSIO-360 Replacement Cylinders, Replacement Cylinders for Lycoming Engines, All Replacement Cylinders for Lycoming Engines, VO-435/GO-480/ IGSO-480 Replacement Cylinders, TSIO-520-B,BB,E,EB,J,JB,K,KB,L,LB,N,NB,VB,WB, All TSIO-520-B,BB,E,EB,J,JB,K,KB,L,LB,N,NB,VB,WB, All GO-480-B, F6 Series GO-480-C2, G2 Series, All HIO-360 LHIO Wide Deck (Dual Magneto), O, IO, TIO, LTIO, IVO, VO-540 Conv and Wide Deck, All O, IO, TIO, LTIO, IVO, VO-540 Conv and Wide Deck, O-320, IO-320 Conv, O, IO, LIO-320 Wide Deck, All O-320, IO-320 Conv, O, IO, LIO-320 Wide Deck. A propeller strike can cause unknown hidden damage to the engine or other components, possibly leading to a catastrophic failure. How do any of us begin to quantify or mitigate the risks that these unknowns carry with them? × If a  plane is for sale with less than 250 hours on it since a prop strike, I would be very cautious and have to look into the details. The Lycoming AD only requires inspection of gears that do not require a complete teardown. I don't know the answer. Engine Inspection Checklist After Propeller Strike for All Lycoming Engines - Except Geared Engines (Cont.) Shortly after he purchased it he asked me to steer the plane while we were taxiing.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Quiz: Do You Know These 6 Rare VFR Chart Symbols? Considering such high risks and no clear, quantifiable threshold for measuring engine damage, Lycoming has published multiple "Inspection Checklist After a Propeller Strike" documents. I wonder if anyone has correlated engine failure rates with regard to who did the overhaul, A&P or shop? But if they do the minimum required by the AD, then they are just doing a crank run out, changing the dow pin and putting the engine back in service with a sign off of the AD and a new prop. Because of this, Lycoming Service Bulletin No. The main purpose is to inspect and verify there is no internal damage. Get Boldmethod flying tips and videos direct to your inbox. Paste as plain text instead, ×,%20Propeller-Rotor%20Strike%20or%20Loss....pdf. We provide overhaul and repair for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines and are an authorized Lycoming and Continental distributor. 475C, Chrome Customer’s Gear Oversize to fit Pilot Counter Bore. He magna fluxed it and found several large stress cracks in the assembly. At that point, an overhaul is the next logical step. Its a real plus when it gets a new cam and lifters. We're constantly adding new products and product lines that best fit our customers. 00-3, Tufftride Requirement and Install Bushing. Different discussion altogether to me... Part of my problem with all of this is not knowing exactly how well they found everything. Is it REALLY safe? We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. There should be no impact on the value of the aircraft unless you feel that having a maintenance entry devalues the aircraft. I just wonder if there is another AD that supersedes or overrides that first one, and which requires engine removal and IRAN. I would assume that means it had a prop strike. There is another FAA document with additional specifics for many Lycoming engines, and this is found in AD 2004-10-14, which defines and differentiates a prop strike and sudden prop stoppage and references Lycoming SB 475C, Jan 2003 as the supporting manufacturer document for the inspection and applicable engines. Prices listed above are “per item” and do not include parts, except where noted. I think you have to take Busch as being a bit tongue in cheek here. The airplane had undergone a year and a half rebuild and that damage from the stress had not been discovered. “The Complete Under the Cowl Service Center.” JBA provides a quality new limit turn-key engine overhaul installed in your aircraft, all in one location, for less money than you will pay for a factory overhauled engine in a box. What would you do? Tell us in the comments below. Especially after seeing the condition of midtime engines at prop strike teardown. From an equipment point of view I agree to the extent the manufacturer's guidance mitigates the risk of hidden/latent defects. Unsafe Condition (d) This AD results from a change to the definition of a propeller strike or sudden stoppage. Triad Aviation is an industry leader in aircraft engine maintenance.

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