One-stop English fansite dedicated to TVB actress Charmaine Sheh. Scheduled for filming in 2007, “, Hong Kong singer / actor / director / prodcer. However, the dates are still unknown; the mid-April event in fact, will be probably postponed due to the Covid-19 (a.k.a. Back in June, a rumor was started by a netizen stating Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan were dating. However, the two never addressed the rumors and the dust finally settled. The only clue is a “Making Of”, Film Review: Throw Down (2004) by Johnnie To, Film Review: La Brassiere (2001) by Patrick Leung and Chan Hing-ka, China Box Office: ‘The Captain’ Flies to $340 Million After Two Weeks of Release, Trailer for Upcoming Hong Kong Film “A Witness Out of the Blue” by Fung Chih-Chiang, Oscars: Denmark Selects ‘Queen of Hearts’ for International Feature Film Race, Argentina Selects ‘Heroic Losers’, Hong Kong Picks ‘The White Storm 2’ For International Oscar Race, Oscars: Hong Kong Selects ‘The White Storm 2’ for International Feature Film Category, See full article at The Hollywood Reporter. The Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong has selected, Mandarin and One Cool Pictures Fly Hong Kong Flag at Busan’s Virtual Market, Film Review: Deliver Us from Evil (2020) by Hong Won-chan, Asian Gambling Movies to Put on Your Watch List, Film Review: A Witness Out of The Blue (2019) by Fung Chih-chiang. But there is no lack of completed Hong Kong films and works in progress at this year’s Asian Contents & Film Market. It is not true at all.”. With five release already under his belt this year alone, he gets ready for his sixth release of 2019 with director Fung Chih-Chiang’s “A Witness Out of the Blue”. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Wang Kai Denies Dating Hawick Lau’s Once Rumored Partner, Angel Wang, Ali Lee Recounts the Days When She Didn’t Even Have $100 in Her Bank Account, Mike Angelo’s Son, Maxwell, Asks “Daddy Really Loves Me?” while Streaming with His Mother, Xu Kai Scolded By Fans for Refusing Picture Request, Netizens Criticize Zhao Lusi with Derogatory Slang Term, “Green Tea”, Stemming from Her Recent Posts, Huang Zitao Cherishes Memory of His Father with New Song, “You”. Jessica Hsuan Says Louis Koo Doesn’t Treat Her Like a Woman, Manager Clarifies Louis Koo’s “Engagement” Announcement, So much food, drinks & fun! Fan Screams “I am Louis Koo’s Wife” at “A Witness Out of the Blue” Premiere.
According to Mirror Media, Hong Kong media reported that the yacht which the 48-year-old bachelor bought in June wasn't just for his mum, but also for his wedding later this year to longtime friend and colleague, Jessica, also 48. Jessica Hsuan Laughs at Louis Koo for Being Tacitu... "Finding Her Voice" Sub Songs (Full Versions), "TVB Anniversary Showtimes" ("Finding Her Voice"). The news was reported by Hong Kong media who revealed that Koo had purchased a yacht in June that will be used for his wedding later this year.

Dates still unknown due to the health scare. The feelings of Louis Koo has always been a puzzle, Louis Koo began to burst red so far admitted girlfriend only "eight guardians" of a dream from Yang Guo, she is Natalie Wong, has left the entertainment industry in the cosmetics business, after Louis Koo and rumored only Joe Chen, but also failed. Joe Chen Torn Between Louis Koo and Wallace Huo? Someone must really want Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) to be together because this is the second time they have been rumored to be together in two months.
Her desperate mother seeks the help of an ex National Intelligence agent In-nam, but he never returns her calls even though they were lovers before.

Thousands of new, high-quality pictures are added every day. In addition to Louis and Jessica, stars such as Raymond Lam and Singapore-born actress Michelle Saram are also back to reprise their roles. Here are the 5 top Asian movies that would definitely give you casino vibes; There’s a long history of poker playing a major part in cinema from all round the world. This article is written for And the rumoured partner is none other than his longtime friend and colleague, Hsuan. In sunny Bangkok Thailand, children are being abducted; their organs are harvested and sold. After 2001, he fully focused on film career and became one of the stalwarts of the Hong Kong film industry. The only apparent witness to the murder case is a talking parrot that was present inside the apartment room during the crime scene. #犯罪現場 #馮志強作品 #爾冬陞監製 @onecoolpictures @kootinlok_louis @cherrysavor, A post shared by Jessica 宣萱 (@jessicahsuan_official) on Sep 8, 2018 at 8:10pm PDT, Louis Koo Makes Up Birthday Celebration for Jessica Hsuan. Backless When in Close Physical Contact with Male ... TVB Jade October Programmes Promotional Clip. A Witness Out of the Blue is a 2019 Hong Kong crime thriller film produced by Derek Yee and written and directed by Andrew Fung. Enjoy my stash of interesting pictures and videos from TVB's past! He responded, “Of course not. Another clue that cyber sleuths dug up was an Instagram post showing Jessica at a dinner Louis organised. Read posts about artistes' baby pictures! Fans noted that Louis had sent Jessica a bouquet of flowers to wish her a successful performance in her stage play, Big Resignation Day.

Social media users on Weibo have gone into a frenzy after rumours surfaced on the social media site that Hong Kong actors Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan could be getting hitched later this year. He then heads to Bangkok looking for her. Louis Koo Secretly Dating Joe Chen for Two Years. This time, [Zip Magazine] tested their chemistry index. Not only that, they may even get married this year. So much food, drinks & fun! They are not only good partners but are also extremely good friends in private. This time, Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan are returning as an onscreen couple...believe that many fans have been waiting for a very long time! Louis Koo seems to be in every film produced in Hong Kong at the moment. Three months later, Wong's partner in crime, Homer Tsui (Deep Ng), is found dead inside an apartment and Chief Inspector Yip Sau-ching (Philip Keung) suspects Wong to be the culprit in the murder of Tsui. All rights reserved. Only this time, the rumor reaches further to say Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan are getting married this year! The responses during the Q&A were also very funny. According to Hong Kong media, 28-year-old Poyd has fallen for her co-star, Louis Koo in The White Storm ... Poyd even described her ex-boyfriend as her potential marriage partner and planned to get married at 30. Read articles about great series from ten years ago! Rumored: Joe Chan. This led to Louis Koo trending on Weibo. External Sites. More to come.... Catch up on past times with fa dans, siu sangs, and more! He began his professional career as an actor in local television series, winning TVB's Best Actor award in 1999 and 2001. Natalie Wong at that time was also the real beauty, and now almost baby. December 9, 2019. admin. The high-octane, drama-filled genre has given us some of pop culture’s most influential and memorable films. Louis Koo and Johnnie Met with ViuTV to Collaborate on Drama?

This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. They also pointed out an Instagram post on their respective accounts which shows them using the same filter to babify their face. There was also an old interview from last year where Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan were taking jabs at each other when he complimented Jessica Hsuan for being pretty and thin. A big THANK YOU to Louis for such a lovely evening!

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