Huey, Dewey, and Louie are in for an epic surprise when they meet their wealthy but reclusive uncle, Scrooge McDuck. The Lion Guard • Scrooge himself admits at the end that he should drink some. As the family celebrates at the end, we see him swim through the gold again in front of Scrooge, even replicating the classic coin-spitting move. The Owl House • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was actually a decoy. Goldie has double-crossed him again and escaped with all the money he has earned. "As long as you can talk, you can talk your way out. It's what results in Louie being able to end the Bombie curse after, the latter reveals he was investigating their mom's disappearance while intentionally keeping Huey and Louie. Raven's Home • Dewey's investigation of their mother and her disappearance, especially after he'd learned a few things but kept quiet. Though it turns out the gem was fake and he was really just talking to his reflection. it leaves Earth totally open to an extraterrestrial attack, right when there happens to be one on its way. Austin & Ally • about Della and the Spear of Selene, the boys are understandably angry at their uncle for building a rocket that would allow their mother to go to space while she was expecting and for not doing anything to save her. In "The Impossible Summit of Mount Neverrest" Louie proves to have been correct all along in his wisdom to just sit back and lounge around the base town and drink hot cocoa on the sidewalks. He seems to be unaffected when Storkules calls him "Employer Llewellyn" numerous times in, Likely unknown to him is that one interpretation of his name's meaning is, Tosses away Donald's sailor suit and forces him to wear a jacket and tie for his job interview, telling him to "dress for the job he wants, not the job he has, which is no job" showing his sarcasm and lax morals but also his good heart as well as his good people skills. I’ll add ducktales 2017 drawings very soon. Undercover • ", he looks darn near traumatized, crawling to. for seemingly not using them to fund more ships to go up to space and find her (though it turns out Scrooge actually did do this). Unlike Huey who lashes out at Dewey when, The boys are so depressed after moving out of the mansion after the events of "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!"

", when he finds out that the dime he borrowed to use the soda machine was actually Scrooge's number-one dime.

High School Musical • In "The Great Dime Chase!" Slushies and depression + duck = day 9! As lazy as he is, Louie has little chance of pulling this off. Night! It's also an extra pinch of salt in the wound, as the contract hinged on the fact that "Flintheart Glomgold" was a fake idendity created by Duke Baloney, while Louie explicitly signed the paper "Llewellyn Duck"—his real, legal name. Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck are triplet cartoon characters created in 1937 by writer Ted Osborne and cartoonist Al Taliaferro, and are owned by The Walt Disney Company.Huey, Dewey, and Louie are the nephews of Donald Duck and the great-nephews of Scrooge McDuck.Like their uncles, the boys are anthropomorphic white ducks with yellow-orange bills and feet. Ducktales 2017 Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Louie's cowardice in "The Last Crash of the Sunchaser!" Amphibia • Goldie has trapped him inside a treasure chest. Goes through one in "The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!". ", Louie is understandably annoyed that Scrooge takes them on a spontaneous family adventure on. ", In "The Impossible Summit of Mt. After getting sent out of Doofus's mansion with all of the gift bags, he eventually chooses to go back and save Goldie because he couldn't allow Doofus to keep her prisoner. When she gets to how irresponsible he was for endangering his family recklessly by using a machine Louie passive-aggressively mutters, "I wonder who I got, Louie manages to defeat Glomgold and his recruited villains in "GlomTales" by using a nonviolent scheme, Just ask Gavin/Tenderfeet from the "Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck" what Louie did to him for manipulating his brothers and threatening his family. In "McMystery At McDuck McManor", Louie thinks it's unfair for Huey to force Scrooge to celebrate his birthday and attend a party when Scrooge clearly. Louie puts zero thought into the long-term operation of his harpy-capturing business and thus when Storkules happily informs everyone that they've caught all the harpies in Duckburg, he not only has no clue what to do next, but he can't even pay his employees because he blew all the money on merchandise that is now useless. since seeing him trapped was what convinced her to go back and help Scrooge in "The Forbidden Fountain of the Foreverglades!".

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