FETV (215), Fri, Nov 13 He still had not revealed his final secret--he was dying with lung cancer--which by then revealed itself just the same. [6], Nolan's obituary in the Los Angeles Times contained the evaluation, "Nolan was to both critics and audiences the veteran actor who works often and well regardless of his material.

[20] "Project Prayer" was ultimately unsuccessful in its campaign to keep public prayer in public schools. 6:30 AM PST

The Shayne series was well received by both critics and audiences, but Nolan is best known during that period as one of the familiar faces of World War II action films. He was inspired in his final film role as a retired actor, husband of showy, boozy has-been Maureen O'Sullivan and three individualistic daughters in Hannah and Her Sisters (1986). He spent a year in this production, to great critical acclaim. |  Explore Lloyd Nolan's biography, personal life, family and cause of death. The gathering, which was hosted by Anthony Eisley, a star of ABC's Hawaiian Eye series, sought to flood the United States Congress with letters in support of mandatory school prayer, following two decisions in 1962 and 1963 of the United States Supreme Court which struck down mandatory school prayer as conflicting with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Nolan starred in The Outer Limits episode "Soldier" written by Harlan Ellison. Into the 1980s and entering his 80s, Nolan still deftly handled a few final TV and screen roles, though his noted memory for lines began to fade and cue cards became necessary. His voice and that rock-solid but somehow sympathetic face made Nolan someone with whom audiences could immediately identify, and ahead were over 150 screen appearances. [19][20] Joining Nolan and Eisley at the rally were Walter Brennan, Rhonda Fleming, Dale Evans, Pat Boone, and Gloria Swanson. Most older actors--even those with good reputations--have a tendency to be a bit difficult, but Nolan was such a professional. on It would no doubt be a real shock to most people to discover that the rich baritone Bronx-like accent of great veteran character actor Lloyd Nolan was a product of the San Francisco streets--not the urban jungle of New York City.

He died at age 26 from choking while eating. Ravaged as he was by the disease, Lloyd Nolan--with the help of his friends and well-wishers--successfully wrapped his 156th professional acting performance before his passing. Publicity Listings His joy at still being able to work at the craft he loved was profound, almost childlike in enthusiasm. [5] He began his career on stage and was subsequently lured to Hollywood, where he played mainly doctors, private detectives, and policemen in many film roles.

Call it keeping to one's dignity. Nolan was born in San Francisco, California, the youngest of three children of Margaret, who was of Irish descent, and James Nolan, an Irish immigrant who was a shoe manufacturer. [18] In 1964, Nolan spoke at the "Project Prayer" rally attended by 2,500 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Significantly, Nolan appeared in several other films dealing with the struggle in the Pacific, turning in a particularly strong performance in Bataan (1943).By 1950 Nolan was ready for television (nearly half of his career roles would tally on that side of the ledger). Nolan was born in the City by the Bay, and his father, James Nolan, was a successful shoe manufacturer of hard-working Irish stock. "[4] His parents disapproved of his choice of a career in acting, preferring that he join his father's shoe business, "one of the most solvent commercial firms in San Francisco. A long-time cigar and pipe smoker, Nolan died of lung cancer on September 27, 1985, at his home in Brentwood, California;[21] he was 83. He kept no Hollywood secrets, as was the fashion.

His was a life of quality, commitment, character and integrity. Nolan also made guest appearances on television shows, including NBC's The Ford Show, Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford, The Bing Crosby Show, a sitcom on ABC and the Emmy-winning NBC anthology series The Barbara Stanwyck Show. Microphone in hand and in his best hard-boiled monotone, Nolan spits out: "Manila calling, Manila calling - and I ain't no Jap!" Despite this, Nolan co-starred with a number of well-known actresses, among them Mae West, Dorothy McGuire, and former Metropolitan Opera mezzo-soprano Gladys Swarthout. Was in three Oscar Best Picture nominees: His first professional appearances were at the Pasadena Playhouse, later joining the road company of 'The Front Page' then after playing Biff Grimes in 'One Sunday Afternoon'he left Broadway for Hollywood appearing in such as 'Guadalcanal Diary'.

He repeated the role on television in a Ford Star Jubilee (1955) production in 1955.

Discover the real story, facts, and details of Lloyd Nolan. Nolan showed a surprising flair for comedy in this series, with a continuing stream of wisecracks along with the fisticuffs. It was a conflation of several true incidents of attempted sabotage by the Nazi regime (incidents which the FBI was able to thwart during World War II), and many scenes were filmed on location in New York City, unusual at the time. "[1] Although Nolan's acting was often praised by critics, he was, for the most part, relegated to B pictures.

Lloyd Nolan, Actor: Julia. Diahann Carroll Mentions Her 'Julia' Co-Star Onstage", "Lloyd Nolan: Tough Movie Gangster Is Now Crusty Television Doctor", "PRAYERS IN SCHOOLS? The production values on some B-level efforts were every bit as good as those of "A" pictures.

On December 8, 1960, Nolan was cast as Dr. Elisha Pittman, in "Knife of Hate" on Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre. Their son had autism, and was institutionalized at a private institution at age 13.

[22], The Ford Show, Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Single Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, "Lloyd Nolan at Cancer Kickoff Drive in S.M. Looking for some great streaming picks? Did not reveal he was terminally ill from lung cancer while doing his last acting role on, Profiled in "Hollywood Players: The Thirties" by. Were things increasingly rare in Hollywood. Most films dealt with both retreat and return later in the war years; this 1942 film was perhaps the first to deal with the beginning and hope for the future.

[7], Most of Nolan's films were light entertainment with an emphasis on action. [1][2] He attended Santa Clara Preparatory School[1] and Stanford University,[3] flunking out of Stanford as a freshman "because I never got around to attending any other class but dramatics. He gained as much theatre experience as he could, attaining his AA in the process. He continued with two other similar roles through 1932 before breaking out with an acclaimed performance as less-than-wholesome small-town dentist Biff Grimes in the original hit play "One Sunday Afternoon" (1933). Among his many roles, Nolan is remembered for originating the role of private investigator Michael Shayne in a series of 1940s B movies. In addition to his series work, television in the 1950s also played a lot of Nolan's action films from the 1930s and 1940s, earning him a whole new generation of fans--kids who would sit for hours in front of the TV, watching not only current shows but "old" movies. [1], Nolan also contributed solid and key character parts in numerous other films. [10][11], In his later years, Nolan appeared in commercials for Polident.[12]. Nolan married Mell Efrid in 1933.

He then performed it on television wining an Emmy. They had a daughter, Melinda, and a son, Jay. Lloyd Nolan Bio. One of his last appearances was a guest spot as himself in the 1984 episode "Cast in Steele" on the TV detective series Remington Steele. His TV roles kept him busy. Nolan is his usual reliable, get-things-done professional here, an ace communications technician trying to keep the radio airways open amid the onslaught of Japanese invaders. At the rally, Nolan asked, "Do we permit ourselves to be turned into a godless people, or do we preserve America as one nation under God? How Popular Lloyd Nolan is * 117 is AGE #212 * 1902 is the Birth Year #235 * 8 is the Birth Month #559 * 11 is the BirthDay #359 * San Francisco is the birth Place #847

In the story line, Dr. Pittman removed one of the legs of Jack Hoyt (Robert Harland) after Hoyt sustained a gunshot wound from which infection was developing. It's a great role, and probably the most even and satisfying film effort of director Woody Allen.Nolan's last role was a Murder, She Wrote (1984) TV episode with old friend Angela Lansbury. [9], Nolan co-starred from 1968 to 1971 in the pioneering NBC series Julia, with Diahann Carroll, who was the first African American to star in her own television series.[1]. STZENW (648), "The Barbara Stanwyck Collection" Released By Kino Lorber, Diahann Carroll, Tony And Golden Globe Winner, Dead At 84, Diahann Carroll Dies: Groundbreaking Star Of TV’s ‘Julia’ & Tony Winner Was 84, Most Presence... but names least Remembered, Oscar Winning Roles in the Same Movie (Part 2), The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit: Part II, The Illusion of the Curious Counterfeit: Part I, AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Henry Fonda, Lloyd Nolan, Line Renaud, Hans Conried, Lassie, The Jimmy Fund for Boston's Children's Hospital.

Nolan is credited with having convinced Ronald Reagan to sign California's bill mandating education be provided to children with autism. He would stay on for two more plays until mid-1934, when he headed back to Hollywood with heightened expectations of success in the movies. The first is, at least to this observer, the best, but probably least known--Manila Calling (1942). [1], One of the last of his many military roles was playing an admiral at the start of what proved to be Howard Hughes' favorite film, Ice Station Zebra.[8].

But, which described Lloyd Nolan, plain and simple. Everybody starting out did at least a few "B" pictures, and Nolan was doing quality work, even in pictures that are little-known--if known at all--today, pictures like King of Gamblers (1937) with Claire Trevor and King of Alcatraz (1938). [1] He is interred at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Westwood, Los Angeles, California. Lloyd Benedict Nolan (August 11, 1902 – September 27, 1985) was an American film and television actor.

In the next five years Nolan settled into his niche as a solid and versatile player in whatever he did. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Under contract to Paramount and 20th Century Fox studios, he essayed starring roles in the late '30s and early-to-mid '40s and appeared as the title character in the Michael Shayne detective series. His most famous include Atlantic Adventure, costarring Nancy Carroll; Ebb Tide; Wells Fargo; Every Day's a Holiday, starring Mae West; Bataan; and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, with Dorothy McGuire and James Dunn. It would no doubt be a real shock to most people to discover that the rich baritone Bronx-like accent of great veteran character actor Lloyd Nolan was a product of the San Francisco streets--not the urban jungle of New York City.

Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters.

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