The 177kg weight is comparable to the Yamahas listed above, since it includes a full tank of fuel. A mid-drive, or center-drive, motor has the motor located on a direct drive to the pedals and is the preferred technology.

The controller also lets you select from four levels of pedal-power assistance. After months of research, we purchased a Bulls Cross E Wave “commuter” step-through frame e-bike for Ruth and a Yamaha Cross Connect “hybrid” style for Morey. When using the fourth level, you can easily pedal up a hill without breaking a sweat. The total or partial reproduction of text, photographs or illustrations is not permitted in any form. This is small enough to fit in all motorhome garages and small car boots. This website is owned and published by Crash Media Group Limited. GB 638 3492 15. There are insurance companies that will insure e-bikes.
The bike brand new on the road cost me £650.00 ( Thats road tax registration etc) a good£1000 cheaper than a Honda or Suzuki and about 85miles to the tankfull. Top 11 laws that should be changed for motorcyclists. Tires: Minimum tire sizes offered are generally 35-38 mm, with the majority of the commuter-style e-bikes in the 44-50 mm size. Once its 14 litre tank is filled, the Duke 690 should weigh just 160kg – the firm claims 149.5kg with an empty tank but otherwise ready-to-ride. Because of the increased weight of e-bikes, using tires designed explicitly for e-bikes is recommended. Maybe they just don’t make ’em as light as they used to. If you can locate a bike shop specializing in e-bikes, that’s your best choice; visit and test ride the many offerings. As with the other KTMs, the official figures don’t include fuel, so on paper the SMC-R is just 140.5kg. This is based on using the lowest motor-assist choice and biking on flat terrain. The hydra trail looks good,,,,Would a second wheel give better balance and may allow larger bikes to be transported, Looks a good idea, I too had a good look at it in the NEC, little worried about how stable it may be on one wheel, also solid carry frame may be better than the three piece ease of storage carry frame. Basically, an e-bike is a bicycle with a lightweight electric motor. Copyright © Warners Group Publications Plc. a motorhome enthusiast who likes to do some cycling on your outings, it’s time to check out an electric bicycle (e-bike) for your travels.

Click here to read Kawasaki Ninja 300 reviews. We started with pedal cycles, then mopeds - Yamaha QT50 - then graduated to some Monkey bikes which have gears. But the bottom line is, you suggest you want a lightweight but also powerful bike, for 'tootling around'. All folding bikes are different but some have the edge over others. Different e-bike brands use different nomenclature, but most offer four levels of assist power. No problem take a 5ltr bottle in the toilet for tea etc and fill up when we stop. I would rather not use toilet water for my tea! We discovered that having an e-bike is a great addition to our motorhome adventures. Click here to read Yamaha XT660R reviews. Worse, there’s such confusion over the terms used, and no ‘standard’ that manufacturers have to follow, that it’s hard to even know which figures are comparable.

The ‘dry’ weight is claimed at 164kg, but the real ‘wet’ number is 179kg, and that’s still seriously light for a 670cc, 72bhp twin. Performance (Range): Manufacturers claim up to a 125-mile range on a fully charged battery. Once again that number includes fuel and all the other fluids, which explains why the 300 appears to be so much heavier than the old 250, which used to have a claimed ‘dry’ weight of just 151kg. Whereas before, riding a bike was good for 5-15 miles, now traveling 25 or more miles is easily done (in fact, it can be a piece of cake). There’s no denying that the lads from Austria know how to pare the pounds. Note that these bikes generally do not meet the new National Park Service standards (see sidebar) allowing e-bikes, nor many of the recent state regulations managing the use of e-bikes on “non-motorized” cycle trails. Since e-bikes are much more popular in Europe, many of the European brands have a more extensive selection. And at 147kg including 11 litres of fuel, it earns its podium position.

All these are quoted, despite leading to massive variations.

The Alpine Compact has a folded size of 85cm x 63cm x 35cm.

Motorhome Facts-> Motorhome ChitChat Author: juliepoolie , Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2004 8:22 pm Post subject: Lightweight motorcycles and insurance Looking into taking a motorbike with us abroad and wandered if anyone had any recommendations on a lightweight 125 / 250cc motorbike for use on a motorhome ? Honda doesn’t specify whether the claimed weights include fuel or not, but they are kerb figures as opposed to unrealistic ‘dry’ numbers. With almost 150 bike manufacturers now offering e-bikes in their product lines, the choices can be mind-boggling. Subject: RE: Purchase And Carrying A 125cc Motor Scooter On A Motorhome. There’s already a lot to like about Yamaha’s latest MT models, whether it’s the three-cylinder MT-09’s individuality or the MT-07’s bargain price, but relatively little has been said about weight.

The authors’ e-bikes in front of their Winnebago motorhome.

For the 'occasional' use I imagine the thing is likely to see, and the actual importance of being able to shift two people at 'tootle about' holiday speeds, I don't think you REALLY need more than 9 or 10bhp, and the Cheap Chinese Honda CG125 copies, would probably be 'adequete'. A quick fold up and fold down time are essential. The advantages include increasing your range when out biking, being able to climb hills effortlessly, the ability to carry more weight (like when you want to bring back all that great produce from the farmers market), quicker trip times due to faster speeds and, for RVers who have many candles on their birthday cake, an e-bike helps remove some of those candles (metaphorically speaking). These bikes are usually heavier and may experience coasting resistance. Another KTM, another lightweight. Another Yamaha slipping onto the list is the newly-returned SR400 – easily the oldest design on the whole list, even if it’s not been available over here for years. Another KTM, another lightweight. It is 95kg all in ( Fuel and box) and sits on a rack that weighs 27kg made by Watling. 2572212 | VAT Registration No. The lowest weights start at 45 pounds (versus 25 pounds for conventional bikes) and can go up to 65-70 pounds. Visordown is part of the CMG Full Throttle Network. Security: Since you now own a $2,000-plus e-bike, invest in a high-security cable and lock. Where possible we’re using ready-to-ride weights, including fluids and fuel. Motorhome bike rack: Be sure the rack is approved for e-bikes with specifications to handle a 75-pound bike. Battery: As important as the motor, the battery determines the power to help assist the rider.

However, it’s worth noting that Yamaha’s ‘wet’ weights include fuel, and a 15 litre tank means that with just a splash in there both XTs would be 11kg lighter. Unrealistic dry weights – which often discount things like the battery as well as oil and water – are ignored. All Rights Reserved. You’d be wrong, though. As with the other KTMs, the official figures don’t include fuel, so on paper the SMC-R is just 140.5kg.
Keeps up with traffic in town and with wifey and me on it tops out at 68mph.It has bigger wheels than the scooters so gives it a bike feel when cornering. The advantages include increasing your range when out biking, being able to climb hills effortlessly, the ability to carry more weight (like when you want to bring back all that great produce from the farmers market), quicker trip times due to faster speeds and, for RVers who have many candles on their birthday cake, an e-bike helps remove some of those candles (metaphorically speaking).

My original plan was to get a street legal dirt type motorcycle for some alternative transportation. This offers a more natural riding sensation, a lower center of gravity for more stability and greater efficiency for longer distances. With an e-bike, we can cycle to a trailhead or a store, take that hike or buy those groceries, and then bike back to the campsite without feeling exhausted. And at only 138kg it’s at the top, too. The local bike shop staff should be able to match you to the bike properly. Wet weight? Otherwise, write “cancel” on the invoice, return it and owe nothing. Another bike that can trace its heritage back a fair few years, despite its modern appearance, is the Ninja 300. Dry weight? Hi as for small motorbikes I have a Lifan ( Chinese) LF100 I put on the back of my Swift590.

The minimum recommended wattage is 400 watts, with 500 watts preferred. I'm assuming that by a lightweight bike you might mean a 50cc scooter which everyone seems to go for. I'm lucky as where I work we have a weighbridge so I could check axle weights and find I have to run with very little water in the van as the tank is right at the back. Basically, an e-bike is a bicycle with a lightweight electric motor. If correct then I would advise against it as these machines are power governed to 30mph and at this speed following motorists become aggravated. It might not be the newest of designs but the inclusion of Yamaha’s single-cylinder XT660R is an indicator that there’s a clear link between weight and cylinder count. An e-bike revolution of sorts has started but it is currently only 10% of total bicycle sales. Pricing: From less than $1,000 for a kit to add a motor and battery to an existing bike, to more than $5,000 for an off-road bike with full suspension, long-life battery and high-torque motor, there is a wide range of prices. They may be a little heavier and more expensive than traditional bicycles, but they’re also a whole lot more fun to ride! This thread has some interesting discussion. Most of the lower priced, sub-$1,500 e-bikes use a “hub” motor. Add another nine-and-a-bit for the 12-litres of fuel it carries and it scrapes just below 150kg. Many of these bikes have throttles that do not depend on the rider pedaling. The battery is a major component of the price of the bike, with an individual price of $500-$800. YOU might have thought that the weight of bikes – since it’s one of the most defining features of their riding experience – would be both heavily promoted and clearly defined. The popularity of e-bikes in the U.S. and Canada almost doubled in 2018 over the previous year. Hydraulic brakes are better than mechanical disc brakes, which are better than pad brakes.

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