The service contract provider can pay the shop directly. RepairPal estimates that 8 percent of Lexus repairs are for serious issues, compared to 12 percent for the industry. Model s have better warranty than a like, like the 8 years unlimited miles warranty on the battery instead of 8 year or 160k miles miles/km (I don’t remember which unit). Gas is cheaper than ever. An unofficial forum of owners and enthusiasts. Get Driving Directions.

It was very luxurious but I never had any fun. 3 Pros and Cons of Extended Car Warranties. If you buy a CPO from tesla, then you will get a bumper-to-bumper warranty with 4-years or an additional 50k of mileage on top of mileage sold at (if under 50k mileage) or 2-year (if between 50k and 100k mileage), and the balance of the original 8-year powertrain warranty.

Not to mention it's an interference motor with a timing belt that has a rather short lifespan and known to be finicky. Yes, I’m the same person that owns a Prius and now you all know I’m whipped. Or do you feel that you gained anything on interior-luxury vs your previous vehicle? The maintenance and repair costs for both SUVs are pretty similar when you account for the difference in the sticker price. The facts are in and Lexus tops Tesla is nearly every category. So, what brand costs the most to maintain? So yes eat your heart out InsideEV & Electrek, seems there are buyers of luxury cars which do eventually get fed up with 5 years worth of problems (warning very long) and service center incompetence that would eventually cause them to leave EVs altogether and go back to a traditional luxury car with an ICE. (Note: Comparison data is from the True Cost To Own calculator from They answered the phone on the second ring, answered all my questions and I was satisfied.". That's always stuck with me. Tesla Model 3 vs Lexus ES 300h: True 5 Year Ownership Cost Comparison (All-Electric Car vs Hybrid) ... Reddit. If he’s planning on getting rid of his P100D, maybe by that point the Porsche Taycan will have depreciated a little in value and he could pick up a Turbo or 4S. But to purchase one of these, your car has to be within the factory warranty period of 4 years/50,000 miles. I chose Lexus, twice, because for the specific model and requirements that I had , Lexus provided the best value, reliability, quality, and fun factor. Freaking $300 for an oil change. A notable quote after (emphasis mine): "I called the dealership back the day after the second service to correct my street name and ask some maintenance questions.

The S600 averages about $1/mile in maintenance, with the LS400 (including 2 sets of high end tires) comes in to $.10/mile. I have been considering buying a Lexus up until recently and am now also considering a pre-owned Tesla Model S (likely 2015-2016). I own a Lexus, because Toyota builds a hell of a product. Lexus GS is not bad compared to A6, 5-series, and E-class despite the lack of popularity.

I have an interesting take on this question: I am putting a Lexus motor in a Porsche. My wife drove them for 10 years. Is it for a family? Here you’ll notice that the Infiniti QX60 has ownership costs similar to the Lexus RX. Some providers won't cover other luxury brands, but Lexus owners should have no problem finding coverage. Would love to recommend the Tesla Model 3 due to its tech but quality control concerns as well as expected reliability would hold me back from getting it. Select configuration: IS 300 RWD. You can get a free quote from one of our top picks below. S-class is superior than the other three at this moment, including the new LS500. We'll have this time-saving information on file when you visit the dealership.

I test drove both cars, with very serious intentions of buying. I just went over to the merc and bmw subs where this question was posted, man, my 2016 is350 f sport is a POS! Then service B was $700. 2021 Lexus IS. Looking at Mercedes and Lexus maintenance costs, Lexus is a little bit cheaper.

This premier automaker prides itself on offering a driver-inspired cockpit and thoughtful considerations for all passengers. just to send a mobile tech over to work on his car. I drive a 2004 Mercedes S600 with about 100,000 miles on it in the summer and an LS400 with 240,000mi in the winter, and I should be picking up an LX470 within the month. Since I’ve had these cars, I’ve put about 21,000 miles onto each. He still has his 2018 P100D, but judging by the tone in his comments & videos, he's clearly sick and tired of Tesla as a company. Chose it because the stock motor is horribly underpowered (approx 150hp stock) with very little room for upgrades without spending thousands and thousands of dollars. So many fun and exciting cars coming out. What exactly did you drive before and do you feel that you sacrificed anything on the interior-luxury aspect? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But at least in the S, the gears are short so you can get into the powerband on a daily basis. Acura currently is a joke. Many people think of repairs and maintenance as the same thing. Third-party warranties, called vehicle service contracts, can also cover the same parts – they are just backed by different companies. Fun to drive, but not as global as the other three. The 2015 Lexus RX 350 maintenance schedule includes regular services every 6 months or 5,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. That's almost robbery considering even my own Mercedes cost me less for annual service. We’ve reviewed a number of the most popular providers and picked a few that stood out from the rest. Model 3 has 8 year warranty, I shopped used as well and figured getting new would be better. I still get a lot of comments/compliments on it. You're ready to visit Lexus Escondido! Big change in the f-150 line. User "InternetDude" is a two time Tesla owner from Saskatchewan (a 2015 P85D and later a 2018 P100D) and seem to have started his channel again being mainly being about Tesla vlogs, but since a year ago has appeared to have a falling out with the brand with never ending problems & Tesla's (ahem) "customer service". Within that timeframe maintenance including tires and other consumables (brakes, oil changes, ect) has been varied. One of the major differences between Lexus and Tesla is that Lexus offers hybrid models while Tesla focuses purely on electric vehicles (EV). Year/mileage? There’s always the chance that a plan can save you from a huge repair, like a $3,000 transmission replacement. "With Tesla, as you may or may not be aware, it is basically IMPOSSIBLE to actually talk to a human being in the service department if you have questions. Porsche service is excellent from what I hear. I can't exactly put it into words, it just feels... old. I’m selling my Model poS for a raptor. Major services will happen at milestones like 60,000 and 90,000 miles. My last car was 2012 MB C300 and now I'm driving 2017 Lexus is300.

Especially their 2 year unlimited mile CPO warranty. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I was fairly committed to buying a Lexus (perhaps an ES hybrid) due to their reliability but want to now consider a Tesla given the better MPGe. Third-party contracts are typically cheaper than dealer warranties, and they offer more freedom as well.

Full disclosure: I work as a Lexus product specialist. The C63 is still something I kind of lust after, but the cost of ownership was too high and there's not much room for fat rear tires. That’s especially true when you consider the sale price. How does cost of maintaining the Tesla Model S compare with other luxury vehicles, specifically German luxury cars (electric or not). From exquisite design to lavish amenities, Lexus reigns supreme.

That’s usually one of the last straws that results in the “F this I’m getting a new one” reaction. But to answer your question, I’d take the ES cause of lack of quality control by Tesla.

Select configuration: ES 350 FWD. Jaguar Extended Warranty: Coverage And Details, Lincoln Extended Warranty: In-Depth Review, Extended Car Warranty Cost: Compare Leading Providers. I know the ES was never supposed to be sporty, and that was always okay with me, but I felt like this one should have come packaged with a walker, an attitude problem, and a pension. Overall maintenance cost and whatever was least likely to break down in me. I’ve never had a problem with Tesla customer service . Just no torque at all. Outstanding customer service.

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