Thaw in the fridge overnight. After you preheat the oven 350 degrees, make the cake mix according to the package directions. I just received a smart phone for Christmas. I’m so happy you’re here. I think next time I will add cream cheese to the icing too. Went from nice and high to the texture of a poundcake. This post may contain affiliate links. I only have jello cooked pie filling. Melinda, thank you so much! Thanks for the recipe! In another mixing bowl, add eggs, oil, water, sour cream, lemon zest, lemon extract and mix until smooth. Cake mix recipe inspired by Grandma’s lemon cake. You can find it in the baking section of your local grocery store. So very good! I know my lemon loving husband would adore this one. Anyways, the cake is a creative idea, with pie filling. He even went out and bought more lemon cake mix-that is what I made your cake with and it was GREAT. I LOVE lemon and was so excited to make this cake from all the great reviews. Thank you for sharing…we love cherry pie filling! Is this enough for two 10" round pans or what will this cake make??? Getting ready to make it now to serve after dinner tomorrow. Woo hoo! We loved it, it was so delish! Your email address will not be published. I used the exact brands and sizes specified. Can’t wait to make it again. Insert a toothpick in the middle of the pudding cake. Do you think this would be good with lemon cake and vanilla icing mixed with cool whip? If you get pudding on the toothpick only and no cake mix, the pudding cake is done. Have also taken it to a potluck at work and received rave reviews. Thank you to both Cynthia and Brandie! I am totally trying it with strawberries next time! This one is now added to my list, right after I finish your Oreo Cookie Cream Poke Cake… keep 'em comin'! Made this last night. I was thinking the same thing! Can't wait to sink my teeth into it…. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. You saved Lemon Bundt Cake to your. Thank you so much!! Woo hoo! What an awesome comment!! Thanks so much. My daughter would love this because she likes anything lemon. My advice is to modify "Lisa's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake" recipe using lemon cake mix and pudding mix omitting the chocolate chips and adding a couple tablespoons of lemon juice. This will allow the pudding to thicken up. Thanks for stopping by, Nick! Mix until thoroughly combined. Thanks for the share! And I will make it often. This is normal. It is a bit of a heavier cake, so a small slice will do. Everyone absolutely loved it! Has anyone made this cake using the lemon cake mix and the lemon filling instead of a vanilla cake mix? Can't wait to try this. I will certainly be making this again! Thanks again, Nancy :~D, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!I'm going to the store to buy the cake mix, cool whip & lemon pudding today. You have successfully joined our subscriber list. THANK YOU so much for all the time you give to your blog and all of the great recipes you share!!! No chemical weirdness MUCH moister than this cake because that recipe uses sour cream basically just a million trillion times better. My husband is going to love this. This Moist Lemon Cake Recipe is one of my favorite Summer cakes. Want to make it for my 91 year old Mom. This recipe was very simple and easy to follow! Makes me want to run right into the kitchen and make one. Even tho' it was very good, I thought it was a tad too oily and next time would reduce the oil to 1/2 c. I made a glaze of the juice from one lemon, and powdered sugar. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But I will get the lemon, I know it's at one of these stores lol. I will definitely make it again! You can also click the buttons below to share on Pinterest or Facebook. Insert a toothpick in the middle of the pudding cake. Even tho' it was very good, I thought it was a tad too oily and next time would reduce the oil to 1/2 c. I made a glaze of the juice from one Whisk for two minutes until it begins to thicken. Surprise surprise….he couldn’t stop eating what was left. Add canola oil and lemon extract, and beat for another 2 minutes. I’ve only ever used the canned pie filling. The cake turned out fantastic but unfortunately the frosting did not turn out fluffy like yours. To make a thinner glaze, mix in additional lemon juice or water. Made cupcakes as a test run for a birthday cake. Updated & republished: July 2019, CRAVING MORE LEMON RECIPES? Made this and it turned out great! I love all of the lemon flavors in this cake! OMG! Wonder if using cream cheese instead of whipped topping would work? Please note that the bake time is 325 but I did a 350 oven for almost an hour. oh my land..this sounds delicious too…(wrote it down). Love that idea! . I made this cake for a family birthday, & it was a huge hit! I’m sorry, probable not the answer you were looking for. I always top it with a cream cheese icing- Blend 4T fresh lemon juice 4 oz cream cheese and 2 cups powdered sugar until smooth- drizzle all over cooled cake. Until it springs back to the touch and isn’t jiggly in the center. I haven’t tried it but it seems like it should freeze ok. . Love it Nancy! I haven’t tried it but let me know if you do! WARM LEMON PUDDING CAKE If you like lemon cake you'll love this! she wants a lemon cake with blueberry filling....? It isn't so overbearing that you can't eat it. I have found the cooking time extends about ten minutes. Filed Under: Dessert Tagged With: RECIPES WITH VIDEO. I approve the use of my email address for newsletter and exclusive announcements. I could eat the whole thing. I've never rated a recipe a "1" before but this deserves it: it's nasty. Oh I love anything lemon! Your blog was the first one I began following, and when I need a great recipe, I know I can always count on you to have one that isn't too complicated and never let's me down with my family! Thank you for sharing. Just saw this on-line. Thank you so much JoAnn! My husband, who is not a lemon cake fan, really enjoyed this one if that gives you an indication. The whole cake had this weird chemical taste... ugh like I said nasty. I changed the baking temperature to 350 F and added a lemon glaze (2 TBS fresh lemon juice, 1 tsp grated lemon peel, and 2/3 cup sifted powdered sugar whisked together and drizzled over warm cake after it cooled 10 minutes and I removed it from the bundt pan. Pour batter in a greased and floured loaf pan (Dimensions: 9×5). Allow to cool. Definitely one of our favorite desserts and most requested! But I try to keep him happy. Thanks. Bake at 350F degrees (in center rack) for about 35-40 minutes until cake springs back to the touch and isn't jiggly in the center. Loved it. So glad you enjoyed it. Bake the cake for 55 minutes to one hour. For the frosting, I used chocolate store frosting and cool whip. Plus, you can modify them, based on your personal preference. SO DELICIOUS!!! Love your site. Thank you! Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). As my grandma used to say, “Take off your shoes, and stay awhile.” More about me ->, © 2020 - Adventures of Mel - All Rights Reserved -, 1 tbsp. My family loves this, I sprinkle toasted coconut over the frosting. Could I use lemon curd instead of lemon pie filling? It’s just as good as made from scratch. And cream cheese frosting mixed with the cool whip. Re-discover family favorite comfort food from days gone by that brings back instant memories at first bite. I’ve been making this recipe for about 20 years now. It also helps out other people that may wonder if they can switch out for other flavors. Lemon instant pudding and lemon-lime soda make this a very moist and delicious lemon cake. The strawberries weren’t real sweet so I sprinkled sugar over them to soak in while the cake was cooking.. Technically I suppose you could although I haven’t tested it. Absolutely thrilled that everyone loves it so much! I made this for the first time this last weekend, and I absolutely loved it. My boys really don't like frosting so I thought to make it lighter maybe some yogurt would be good. But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. white cake mix, oil, sprite, lemon pudding, eggs Meyer Lemon Cake with Homemade Candied Peel Topping Hearth and Vine lemons, milk, butter, sugar, lemon zest, Meyer lemon juice, … To jazz it up a bit, I sliced enough strawberries to cover the top of the cake. Mel, we have a small family, and didn’t want too much left over. I was wondering if this could be made into a sheet cake? Will it be overpowering? You can still get a good meal on the table, with a few shortcuts to help you along the way. Can you freeze this cake once it has been frosted? It will be awesome! So, if you can hold out, I recommend making it the night before and enjoying the next day. Bake at 350° for about 30-40 minutes in loaf, bundt, or cake pan (I used a 13x9 pan). Instead of Lemon Pudding Cake, maybe I should have called it Lemon Cobbler cake. Hi Linda, you can definitely do that. I hope you’ll find lots of recipes here that you’ll love and hopefully will become family favorites. Home » Dessert » EASY LEMON DREAM CAKE (+Video), July 22, 2019 by Brandie @ The Country Cook 144 Comments. Bake as you normally would. Any lemon cake, especially this lemon cake, is even better the next day. I was going to make that ; let it cool and, then proceed with the recipe. It says to mix and bake the cake mix, but the picture looks like it isn’t baked when the pudding is spooned over it. Friend made this cake tonight – it was absolutely awesome! I use lemon all the time….you will not be disappointed! This recipe reminds me of my mom because she made the most amazing lemon pie, but no matter how hard I try, I can never seem to make the flaky crust like hers. lemon juice, butter cake mix, lemon pudding, vegetable oil, eggs and 1 more Whole Milk Ice Cream Crumble with Blueberry and White Cake Mix Gus Baldwin heavy cream, vanilla extract, honey, … Thanks, it sounds so yummy. It would add a good lemon-y flavor. Add canola oil and lemon extract, and beat for another 2 minutes. Place spoonfuls of lemon pie filling all over the batter. I use Mountain Dew, but you can also try Mello Yello or other soda. Also this has an artificial lemon taste and has NO tangy Zip taste of lemons.

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