McClelland impregnated James’ mother Gloria when she was 16-years-old. If You Want More NBA/Basketball, Then Subscribe For More Content! “Every single time, I shed a tear,” LeBron said on the Road Trippin’ podcast (via My San Antonio).

#MommaThankYou,” LeBron tweeted. Like Maverick Carter, my right-hand guy in my business. Randy Mims, my friend—he’s my manager, you know. I don’t want my son to feel like he’s a failure.’, My teacher at the time, I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, she gave us a stack, and I wish the listeners could see the stack of papers she said, ‘If your son can finish this stack of extra credit, we’ll pass him.’. It was inevitable, but Glo says LeBron’s biological dad wants back in.

McClelland allegedly turned to a life of crimes such as arson and theft and James has never had any contact with his biological dad whatsoever.
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LeBron has been open about the impact of growing up without a father. The DNA test came back negative, and James’ lawyers said that Stovell was “simply delusional”. And be able to put my guys that’s with me now in position. Reportedly, James’ mom, Gloria, was only 16-years-old when she gave birth to the future sports dynamo, her first and only child. The Shocking Untold Story Of LeBron James' REAL FATHER & BROTHER! Man my mom had no idea though. And be able to put my guys that’s with me now in position. LeBron James’ Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Gloria James & Anthony McClelland, LeBron’s Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. He is the son of Aaron's biological father Anthony McClelland and Gloria Marie James. Picture of Lebron James and his biological father Anthony McClelland the ex-convict for theft and arson charges in Ohio. LeBron James Father & Brother! Her name is Gloria Marie James, and she’s a testy, diminutive woman with a serious set of lungs: “I’m loud, can’t help it.” She got pregnant at 16, and it’s been just her and her “Bron Bron” ever since. Here is the sentiment James wanted to share with his legion of adoring fans: “Like, ‘Wow, Dad, you know what, I don’t know you, I have no idea who you are, but because of you is part of the reason who I am today.’ The fuel that I use—you not being there—it’s part of the reason I grew up to become who I am. She says the father was a casual sex partner named Anthony McClelland, who by now is well-known within the state and county penal systems. The series is loosely based on LeBron’s life. Like, ’Wow, Dad, you know what, I don’t know you, I have no idea who you are, but because of you is part of the reason who I am today.’ The fuel that I use—you not being there—it’s part of the reason I grew up to become who I am. “I keep that somewhere far, far away,” he says. She put me first. In the Instagram excerpt, the text lays over a photo of James in uniform before a game. Let’s investigate the 1st person.

Gloria’s Ex-Boyfriend, Lambo, Threatened to “Expose” LeBron.

He’s Been Convicted of Arson & Theft. Powered by. ESPN reported Gloria and Anthony’s relationship was casual, and Anthony was convicted of arson and theft. Lebron’s mom Gloria James was only 16 when Lebron was born. Learn more about LeBron's parents, Gloria James and Anthony McClelland. Yup. In 2010, a lawyer from Washington D.C. named Leicester Bryce Stovell filed a lawsuit against James claiming he was the basketball star’s father. LeBron is vetoing any meetings. In the post, he claimed that his father’s absence motivated him to get to where he is today.

LeBron James Father & Brother! There is very little information about LeBron’s father, aside from a 2002 ESPN the Magazine article which calls Anthony his dad. She had me, her only child, when she was just 16 years old. Know the truth why we broke up!

The 29-year-old, ten-years strong, power forward and recently married dad of two spoke about his life and being raised in a single-parent household with just his mom at the helm. Powered by. #MommaThankYou❤️, — LeBron James (@KingJames) April 3, 2018. Learn more about LeBron’s parents, Gloria and Anthony.

ESPN Magazine introduced the McClelland situation: …the father was a casual sex partner named Anthony McClelland, who by now is well-known within the state and county penal systems. So me in a position allowing people around me to grow, that maybe wouldn’t have happened if I had two parents, two sisters, a dog, and a picket fence, you know? She was on her own, so we lived in her mom’s great big house in Akron, Ohio.

Steph Curry vs. Lebron James: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. LeBron has maintained he has no relationship with his father. He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. Anthony had been found guilty of theft five times, and tried to rekindle his relationship with his son in 2002. That’s why my momma a G to this day. Anthony McClelland is an ex-con biological father of LeBron James. According to USA Today, LeBron had missed 82 days of school, and his teacher handed him a stack of papers to complete to attempt to salvage a passing grade. LeBron circled back to the topic about a year later by posting the clip on Twitter. Gloria James expresses pride for her son LeBron's big achievement. LeBron James won his third NBA title on Father’s Day 2016, but there was no mention of his father. Twitter: I post weekly NBA videos, including NBA History, current NBA topics (Free Agent news/ Trade talk etc), we talk about NBA…2017-07-26T13:27:00.000Z. If McClelland, why does Roland Bivins have so many similarities to LeBron while also going to Gloria’s same High School? Cause I always respected u!! @kingjames respect is due to a dog and you gonna respect LAMBO!!!!!! NBA Miami Heat star LeBron James (pictured) posted an excerpt on Instagram from the March GQ Magazine interview where he opened up to speak about a man he has never met, or even personally seen–his own dad. Not only did Gloria play the role of single mom, she also helped LeBron pass the fourth grade when he was in danger of failing. James’ biological father wanted to be in his son’s life again, but had already been found guilty of theft five times and was arrested again a month before the article was published. Me and my momma went home, split the extra credit papers. He spoke about their lack of a relationship in an interview with GQ. Sunday 01st November 2020, Go. Rich Paul, my agent. In high school. The ex-con has been out of the picture for James’ entire life, and though he’s tried to reconnect with The King, his efforts at contacting him have been futile. #VacationFiles, A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on Jul 4, 2017 at 7:33pm PDT. LET THE WORLD KNOW WHATS THE REAL F—-D UP PROBLEM IN THE FAMILY. What people don’t understand, it’s so intriguing, you don’t understand. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! My mom worked anywhere and everywhere, trying to make ends meet.

LeBron James may be one of the most famous athletes in the world, but he has not forgotten his mom, Gloria James. Anthony McClelland, Celebrities, Contract Attorneys, Gloria James, LeBron James, Leicester Bryce Stovell, Leicester Stovell, Pregnancy / Paternity, Sports, Weirdness Love ATL?

Multiple news outlets have reported that McClelland has never met his biological son, and any attempts to insert himself back into his son’s life have been futile. Problem is, McClelland has been found guilty of theft five times and just got arrested for theft again on Nov. 12. “It was tough, man,” James explained to In an episode of LeBron James’ series, Survivor’s Remorse, we find out that LeBron’s mother, Gloria James, may have been raped. “It was tough at times, but my mom, she kept it so real. LeBron explained what it was like to grow up faster than other kids. #godspeed THE TRUTH SHELL SET U FREE,U! “It could come from obviously me being part of a single-parent household and never seeing my father and things growing up when I was a kid, but it’s just an emotional part.”. There is one scene that is commonly referred to as the signature scene of the popular 1990’s TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I’ve had that same feeling my whole life. Gloria James expresses pride for her son LeBron's big achievementLeBron's mom narrates a piece on her son reaching 30K points.2018-01-24T01:31:18.000Z. Who is LeBron James' father and mother? Can’t help it??‍♂️. McClelland impregnated James’ mother Gloria when she was … His dad, Anthony McClelland, is a different story as the NBA player has no relationship with his father. LeBron's mom narrates a piece on her son reaching 30K points. Here’s an excerpt from ESPN’s article detailing LeBron’s relationship with his father.

The LeBron James Family Conspiracy Theory Breakdown! LeBron credits his mother for raising him as a single parent.

DONT TRY AND MAKE THE WORLD THINK THAT LAMBO F—-D UP!! James, however, had no intentions of ever seeing his dad. We moved around from place to place—a dozen times in three years. Rich Paul, my agent. Exclusives; Buzz; NBA Draft. It’s part of the reason why I want to be hands-on with my endeavors.

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