As time passes, Laughing Jack continues to appear to children, most of them lonely or neglected, and pretending to be their imaginary friend. Laughing Jack used to be an optimistic, cheerful, and prideful clown to would love to bring Issac as much happiness as possible before he left him. Along with being sexist, Laughing Jack was also homophobic and unrepentantly racist, which is shown when he treats Masky and Hoodie with open disgust because they are in a gay relationship.

He refused to care about anything that did not immediately help him, especially school. Playing with children and murdering them after. The next day, Laughing Jack places James' action figures on top of his mother's nightstand, presumably as a way to taunt her. Proxies Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It just wasn’t fun enough. As they got closer I could see… THEY WERE CHILDREN! Everything was black and white, the prize stuffed animals all hung from nooses in the game huts, all with sick grins stitched on their faces. He wore a patchy, black and white clown outfit with striped sleeved and socks. I tried to stay up as long as I could, but after a few hours, I felt myself drifting off. I tucked him in, gave him a kiss, and made sure to turn on his nightlight before I closed the door.

Crimes Being a single mom it’s hard for me to always keep an eye on my son, so I decided to go outside and check on him. He was later sent as a Christmas present to a lonely boy named Isaac Grossman in the 1800s.

Overthrow and kill Jeff (succeeded).Become Slenderman's top man and closest confidant (succeeded briefly).Rob the Merchants Savings Bank and become a multi-millionaire (succeeded briefly).Manipulate Mayor Bigmouth and Sheriff Wayne into killing all of the Proxies and anyone else who stands in his way (failed).Rule the Under Realm in a new world order where the Bleeders have control over all the lands and continue killing people (failed). Laughing Jack is a magical being, with incredible dark magical powers, being able to teleport in an instant in a puff of pitch-black smoke, turn himself invisible, and being able to mutilate the bodies of his victims. Grinny Cat | Enderman |

Slenderman | Laughing Jack (Pastamonsters)'s statistics, Factions Laughing Jack and The Origin of Laughing Jack by SnuffBomb, Type of Villain When Mayor Bigmouth and his men attack the Proxies' base after Jack and the others return from Skull Island, Laughing Jack can be seen pointing his gun at Bigmouth's men, but doesn't actually shoot them, even though the Proxies do. It was dark. His Pop Goes the Weasel finisher is based on one of Sektor's fatalities. The music stopped right before its climax, and suddenly the lights shot on. Elastic limbsLongevityExpert marksmanshipDeceptive intelligenceLimited reality warpingMaster strategistMinor teleportationInsanityLeadershipExperienced gamblerMind manipulationTrash talkManipulationSharp clawsNovice fighting skillsEnhanced durabilityUnnatural speed Laughing Jack is like a ragdoll and has no internal organs or genitals. He was, at first, a very colorful, chipper, and bouncy clown, but after Isaac forgot about him and left him in the jack-in-the-box he came from, Jack turned bitter and resentful, and his appearance changed to … Then another one appeared, and another, and another. After taking a few deep breaths I looked over and saw that a few of James’ action figures were positioned facing me on top of my nightstand.

Jack’s clawed arms are capable of stretching, allowing him to pull his victims closer to him. It’s time to come inside.” I called out to him. Queen) with 1,106 reads. Was he talking to himself? He is extremely dangerous. I need to check on James.” I was a bit worried, it had been over 2 hours and I haven’t checked on him., Laughing Jack was created by Steve Aikins (. James told his mother but she dismissed it as a "phase". Despite not having organs, he could be seen bleeding multiple times over the course of the series. In Season 5, Laughing Jack reveals that he had sex with Jane the Killer when she was disguised as the Black Eyed Killer and undercover in Proxy Mansion. Resentful of his traitorous owner, he tortured and killed Isaac with the same weapons he used on his victims. Despite this, he was very controlling and abusive to her, getting angry when Clockwork didn't pay attention to him. He then jumps back into his box. When I went into the backyard I was a bit confused, because James was the only person back there. He is a monster that is fully capable of mutilating and violently murdering anybody he deems as worthy to be his "friend". Laughing Jack was also an atheist, stating on various occasions that he doesn't believe in divine entities (despite having met Aton multiple times). Species It was an echo of a nihilistic rant that Laughing Jack earlier gave to the group during a camp conversation, where he claimed that life was a meaningless series of events and sensations between birth and death, with no hope of salvation nor any point to doing good. X | Even a severely injured and near-dead Jeff managed to defeat Jack in a fist and knife fight. They both return home and the mother decides to check on her son via the baby monitor. James, again, tells her the truth but she assumes that one of the next-door neighbors gave him the candy. Resentful of his traitorous owner, he tortured and ultimately killed him using the same weapons Isaac used. Some Proxies like Masky, Ms. P, and Hoodie even attacked Laughing Jack once he pushed their buttons too far. Occupation

That night I put James to bed as usual and decided to go to bed early myself. They searched the house, but all they found was a dead dog and 2 trashed rooms. The police arrest her and send her to the Phiropoulos House for the Criminally Insane. “James!

I woke up the next morning in a cold sweat. Sadistic Trickster, Laughing JackJackThe ClownJacky (by Clockwork)BroThe One with the Forked TongueLJ (by the Proxies)CuntBad ManSurvivorEvil Bastard (by the Mole)Gormack McCalihackRacistPennywise Knockoff (by Jeff)PennywiseITBoss (by the Bleeders)RatThe Clownish OneUncle Laughing JackSnake (by Ms. P)Stupid Shitting Fuckhead (by Jeff)Reptilian Motherfucker (by Jeff)Scum (by Jeff)The Colorless ClownFearless LeaderCaptain Jack (by Angel Knives)The Sickness (by Ms. P)Damned Jack, Part-time loan shark, car salesman, and clown (formerly)Double Agent for Mayor BigmouthLeader of the Bleeders, Elastic limbsLongevityExpert marksmanshipDeceptive intelligenceLimited reality warpingMaster strategistMinor teleportationInsanityLeadershipExperienced gamblerMind manipulationTrash talkManipulationSharp clawsNovice fighting skillsEnhanced durabilityUnnatural speed.

Laughing Jack was originally a 'creation' of a little boy named Isaac in the 1800s. When the final verse ands, Laughing Jack jumps out and says “Come one, come all! Status David | If You’re Armed and at the Glenmont Metro, Please Shoot Me, My Father Punished Me When I Talked to Ghosts. However, he eventually tortures and kills them for no reason other than the simple fact that he hates kids and wants to see them suffer. Laughing Jack is like a ragdoll and has no internal organs or genitals. Aton | Why didn’t you ask him to have lunch with us?” I asked.

And finally, while he was without a doubt evil, Jeff had many redeeming qualities, cared about his friends, and protected them when he needed to, and ultimately redeemed himself, whereas Laughing Jack was completely disloyal and only cared about himself and money. She claims that being institutionalized is not that bad, despite noting that somebody (presumably Laughing Jack) keeps playing "Pop Goes the Weasel" outside her room. “Laughing Jack did it.” I rolled my eyes and responded, “Well you tell ‘Laughing Jack’ to keep the toys in your room.” James nodded and finished up his breakfast, then decided to go play out in the back yard. After the gang fends off Bigmouth's men, Laughing Jack can be seen subtly killing an injured Bigmouth agent by slitting his throat with a knife. Lord Zalgo |

I scooped my child up and ran out of the house and went next door to Tom and Linda’s house, Luckily they were still awake. Once broken out of jail, Laughing Jack forged a clean getaway to go on a killing spree through the prison and nearby town. Comickit claims that Laughing Jack is their least favorite character in the comic. Lazari | Then, Jack heard about a god that was gathering people to fight and the winner would get their wish granted. Followup to Jack Top, using the momentum from the aforementioned move, Laughing Jack wallops the foe with an uppercut. Given that he told Bigmouth in advance that the Proxies would rob the bank, Laughing Jack was likely wearing white so that Bigmouth's agents could easily spot him and know not to shoot him, since he was working with them. Officer Gutierrez | He has long hair and a big swirly cone nose. Jack is also able to create nightmares and hallucinations, presumably to parents, such as he did in the original story, and can use telekinesis to move objects with his mind, making his victims seem crazy. Tobey | He came inside and sat down at the kitchen table, it was about lunchtime so I decided to make him a turkey sandwich. Laughing Jack had a passionate hatred of children, as evidenced by his nature around Sally Williams and Samantha Sampson. Despite his abuse of them, Laughing Jack did occasionally try to get into the Proxies' good graces, even though it was obvious he had no actual loyalty to them and expected them all to be subservient to him. But to Jack, now that he had someone to help him, it just made it all the more fun. Jack is also able to create nightmares and visual hallucinations, presumably to parents, such as he did in the original story, and can use telekinesis to move objects with his mind, making his victims seem crazy. She presumes that whoever did this was already inside her house prior to the incident. Goals Laughing Jack tended to over-inflate his overall importance to the group and to Slenderman even despite the fact that he was not even technically being an official Proxy, and openly looked down on various members, specifically the non-combat oriented ones, and he despised Proxies that refused to kill innocents, like BEN, Eyeless Jack, and Sally. Jeff was shown to be a bit of an animal lover, while Laughing Jack was a prolific animal torturer and killer. Follow his story through being made, forgotten, and becoming a sadistic killer clown, who now seeks to murder young children. It is also implied that he wished to kill Sally Williams, but (initially) never went through with it out of fear of the Proxies' retaliation. Although horrified at first, Laughing Jack's personality soon emulated Isaac's evil personality. Laughing Jack was created by Steve Aikins (SnuffBomb) and he appears in the stories Laughing Jack and The Origin of Laughing Jack 2. Copyright Statement: Unless explicitly stated, all stories published on are the property of (and under copyright to) their respective authors, and may not be narrated or performed under any circumstance. This article was considered to be an important and/or particularly famous villain. Due to an unfortunate past experience with Laughing Jack's creator, Comickit does not care too much about the character of Laughing Jack in general. Ms. Pencil Neck | The sounds of Pop Goes the Weasel being played on a squeezebox echoed through the park, it was hypnotizing. 'The Origin of Laughing Jack' narrated by MrCreepyPasta (feat. It is also shown that he did not care one bit about his on-off girlfriend, Natalie Clockwork, and only kept her by his side to impress the other male Proxies. !” Just then I heard a giggle come from the front yard. Bleeders However, when I opened the door, James was sound asleep. Dr. Applecheek | It's likely Laughing Jack's inability to defend himself hand-to-hand is most likely because he targets defenseless children, rather than full-grown adults like the other Proxies. "Come on, it's no fun if you don't watch! High Helper Hula | He had a suave and wisecracking personality to match, thought of himself as the smartest in the room, and was willing to make deals with others in his favor.

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