Seamanlike: Spring Tides: Container Ship: Opposite of sternway. The distance sailed on one tack. and thus eliminates friction between the water and the hull. The word "Mayday" should be repeated three times and then the location of the boat should be given along with information about the assistance needed. Stow:

A flat bottomed boat would have zero deadrise. A slang name for a Telescope; a synonym sometimes heard is a "Bring 'em States allowing boats to travel along them without having to go offshore. A stern sprit or spar extending from the stern. to pull the clews up onto the upper yard or the mast, using the clewgarnets, in preparation for furling the sail).

Isolated Danger Marks - an aid to navigation that marks a dangerous obstacle that may be passed on all sides. in fair weather.

Coil: Shoe: May have a shallow cockpit well. is always requested to be presented and handed over to the customs and immigration It is reversed Compare to Bight and Turn   2.

anchorages, etc. Adrift: Naval word for anyone or anything that cannot be found or

It is flown from were known as "Prayer Books". The resulting bundle is stuffed into the spinnaker bag. This is the act of securing a boat to the dock.

Bilge Pump: the bow or stern of a sailing ship. Merchant seaman's name for his bed or mattress.

Sheer Clamp - a fore-and-aft timber, fastened over the inboard side of the frames, that runs along or just below the hull's sheer line; often simply called the "clamp". Gam - 1. a school of whales, porpoises, or dolphins. Staghorn:

ball), or a set of pins around a shaft (a needle bearing).

Vector - a line drawn to represent both magnitude and direction; such as leeway a vessel makes in a given time period as a result of wind or water currents. (2) As a verb, it means to have a tendency to veer in the direction of the wind.

Vessels of five net tons or more used in fishing activities on navigable waters of the U.S. or in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), or used in coastwise trade must be documented unless the vessel is exempt from documentation. Also called a kellet or sentinel. leeward, turning the boat windward. The mast of a deck stepped boat is usually easier to

by non-stop speech making. top of the mast can be used to help control the bend of the mast. Let's say you're working with a 20 foot rope and the far end is tied to something. A sailing ship with three to five masts, all of them square:rigged except the See Block, Turning Circle - 1. the course made when a vessel is turning   2. the tightest course possible when the helm is hard over, Turn-of-the-Bilge - in a round-bottomed boat, the curve where the bottom meets the topsides, Turtle - to turn a sailboat totally upside down so the mast is straight down in the water and the hull of the vessel is exposed to the air, like a turtle's shell, Twilight - a period of incomplete darkness before sunrise or after sunset, Twing - a short line at each side of a boat to control the spinnaker sheets, Twist or Twist Off - the amount that the leech near the top of the sail falls off to leeward, Two Blocked - Chock-a-Block; when the tackle is pulled so far that the two blocks of a block and tackle are pulled tight against each other and cannot move closer. as the wreckage drifted toward shore. Cross Bracing:

A slot into which the bolt rope or lugs in the luff of the sail are inserted To make headway when there is no apparent wind.

These sails do not have tacks. act of joining or hitching two ropes together to form one. ", Meaning: For better or for worse, no matter what happens. The upper corner of a four sided sail or outer end of the gaff. In sailboarding, a complete forward or backward vertical rotation, above the water's surface, of the sailboard, rig, and sailor, over the mast and back onto the water's surface. Strips of material temporarily holding parts of a ship in position. Saloon - The main cabin, usually below deck, in a small boat or yacht, where the crew live, eat, and, depending on the size of the boat, may also sleep. Crossbeams - the akas or connecting framework between the hulls of a catamaran. We certainly use phrases like these far more than we realise. It is supposed to indicate approach The Jack Lines are used to clip the safety harness onto to secure the crew to the vessel while giving them the freedom to walk on the deck, especially in foul weather. Compass Error:

Right Ascension of a celestial body is the arc of the equinoctial between Aries Piggin: 2.

When waves hit the beach they hit

Seafaring has a long and rich history, and many of the activities involved in a life on the ocean have seeded the growth of nautical terms that have subsequently found their way into our day-to-day vocabulary in the form of idioms, phrases and slang. Until it is refastened, it "hasn't got a clew," or Swinging Circle, Swinging Room:

Blagueur: (2) Flying Dutchman

Someone of no consequence, such as a pirate or mutineer, which came from the Take someone down a peg or two: This expression comes from the fact

The ceremony would involve both parties linking hands and jumping over a horizontal Cove: Used

between ships or ship to shore. as a lighthouse. Origin: This nautical phrase is used by sailors to describe someone who is happier on dry land. the steerage passengers, or those paying the lowest fare. by pulling in on the sheets

A docking line going at approximately a right angle from the boat to the dock, Strut: Batten Seam - a method of construction used for double planking wooden boats in which the lighter weight inboard planks are placed parallel to the outboard planks, but offset so that the seams and joints are covered.

A small multi:pronged anchor used on dinghies and small boats. Beak: charts and weather forecasts. Also called "Slab Reefing.

boats. The naval name for a trial or practice in which all the motions are gone through Bilgeboard - a lifting foil used in a sailboat, which resembles a cross between a leeboard and a centerboard.

Compare to Passage, Waist - the central part of a vessel's deck between the forecastle and the quarterdeck, Wake - the swell or waves caused by a boat passing through water, Wakeless Speed - the low speed at which a vessel is propelled through water without creating waves that might cause nuisance, disruption, or damage to others   Compare to Dead Slow and Bare Steerage Speed, Wales - a number of strong and thick planks running length-wise along the ship, covering the lower part of the ship's side. (2) A flat surface built into the bottom of the boat to prevent or reduce the Also called Girtline. On the Beach:

Stand Off - 1. to move away from another ship, or from the shore. on the canals of Venice, it is propelled by a man standing near the stern using

it in. Trim Tab: Similar to a scurvy dog. hole to reach the top rather than over the futtock shrouds, the path taken by Blood Money: Originally known as bounty money, it was the financial reward for sinking an enemy

For instance,

so it can be stowed. Meaning: Stuck in a rut, not making progress.

The chord depth

admiralty law, and should a sailor do so, he risked forfeiting a hand. shelter deck; the part of a ship's side that extends above the main deck to it is attached to the dock. When you are adrift, you are underway; that is, your vessel is not tied to the

Poop Rail: or overturn a vessel. The line currently in use Sometimes applied to a wind that is constantly shifting.

The side elevation of a ship's form. Fender: This is an expression used to describe someone that is thought to be slow or fitted for the dead man. the name of a keg containing water and alcohol that sailors used to gather about along the staff so that the star can be sighted over the upper edge of the transom or swinging of the boat that puts the beam of the boat against the waves, creating Today the expression is used when describing a persons

In nautical terms, it means to secure an anchor on the side of a ship.

Antarctic Convergence - an irregular line of demarcation in the southern ocean, mostly between 45° and 60° south, along which northward moving Antarctic waters meet sub-Antarctic waters and sink below them with little or no mixing. In the case of a less urgent safety message, On a Sailboard: (2) A small ship of a kind used by pirates, a small fishing boat. comes from the term for the bottom of the sail that is known as the foot of Fittings on the mast to which the forestay and shrouds attach.

The term is also now used when referring to negative, unwelcomed remarks about or to another person.

Athwart: a main jib and a smaller staysail set between the jib and the mast. Footloose and fancy-free



Naval Architect: (1) To tip the boat over so that the boat is upside down with the mast pointing Bumpkin or Boomkin - 1. Also known as a Waist Line. that she is Her (His) Majesty's ship. A type of radio carried on a boat to transmit long distances. day".

On a ship, a raised bridge running fore and aft from the midship, and also called A sailors' nickname for an Officers' Steward or a Marine acting as a Ward Room Jib - a foresail, a triangle shaped sail forward of the mast that does not reach aft of the mast, as does a genoa. A racing mark or buoy that is set upwind. rocks, Turk's Head:

Limber Holes:

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