- Peel, rich in oleoresin, used for diarrhea and intestinal spasms. Phú Yên | / Ana Grutas, Leojane Marzan, Joann Rusiana, Anthony Santos, Waldemar Siahaan / Manila Central University-Filemon D. Tanchoco Memorial Foundation

1000 verschiedene Nutzhölzer in Vietnam. Colony counting and broth dilution methods were used. Philippinen | [12], Lansium parasiticum grows well in mixed agroforests. [15][16], It has also been introduced to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Micronesia, Hawaii, Sri Lanka, India, the Seychelles, Trinidad & Tobago, and Surinam, among others. Nutritional Potential Nutritional and Medicinal Sources from Fruit Peels in Manila, Philippines / Judilynn N. Solidum / International Journal of Bioscience, Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, Vol. Millionen Hektar der tropischen Wälder, die zuvor bereits unter den Herbiziden zu leiden hatten, wurden seit den 1960er Jahren durch Brandrodung und Abholzung zerstört. (25) Ägypten | Zypern, Andere Gebiete: (Citing and Using a (DOI) Digital Object Identifier), Methylene blue adsorption from aqueous solution by langsat (lansium domesticum) peel, Lansium Ninh Bình | [10], Some parts of the plant are used in making traditional medicine. • Onoceranoid-type Triterpenoids / Antibacterial: Study yielded a rare class of onoceranoid-type triterpenoids, lamesticumin a, lamesticumins B-F, lansic acid 3-ethyl ester and ethyl lansiolate and four known analogues from the twigs of LD. Tadschikistan | Đà Nẵng |

VIETNAMESE : Bòn bon. -The fruit pulp is succulent and domesticum: skin and leaf extracts of this fruit tree interrupt the

Folkloric Cosmetic, nutraceutical or pharmaceutical - preferably dermatological - use of an extract of leaves from the lansium domesticum plant for reducing the pigmentation of the skin and/or skin appendages / Inventor: Veronique Degrave, Corinne Reymermier / WO2018091825A1 • Antibacterial: and germacrene D. Studies of the compounds showed varying degrees [7] The taste has been likened to a combination of grape and grapefruit and is considered excellent by most.
(3) Lansium Lansium parasiticum is native to the Malesian phytochorion of Southeast Asia, from Peninsular Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia, to Java, Sumatra, Borneo, the Philippines (Luzon, Camiguin, Basilan, and Mindanao), Sulawesi, the Moluccas, and Western New Guinea.

A major hindrance to its acceptance seems to be that it is very slow in bearing, said to take 12 years or more from seed. Osttimor | The species is native to Southeast Asia.

for dysentery.

Tri Mayanti, Roekmiati Tjokronegoro, Unang Supratman, Mat Ropi Mukhtar, Khalijah Awang and A. Hamid A. Hadi / Molecules 2011, 16, 2785-2795; doi:10.3390/molecules16042785 Properties

• Antifeedant / Triterpenoids: Study isolated two tetratriterpenoids and three onoceranoid-type triterpenoids. Terpenoids from Lansium domesticum. Antioxidant Potential Of Lansium Domesticum Corr. Aserbaidschan | Staaten nach Klimazonen. Trees cultivated with this method have a high death rate,[7] and the growths are less resilient. • Anticancer / Young Fruit Extract: Study evaluated the antiproliferative activities and phytoconstituents of Longkong extracts. 1, pp. Südliche Küstenregion | (1) Europa | tetranortriterpenoids from the seeds of Lansium domesticum Corr. "Duku" redirects here. A study on the mosquito repellant effect of Lansium Domesticum (Lanzones) peel on mosquitoes. (7) Die gesamte Küste ist mit touristisch teils unerschlossenen Stränden übersät.
There is one stamen, measuring 2 millimetres (0.079 in) in length.

Lansium parasiticum, commonly known as langsat (/ˈlɑːŋsɑːt/),[2] lanzones (/lɑːˈnzɔːnɛs/),[3] or longkong[4] in English; duku in Indonesian or dokong in Malay,[5][6] is a species of tree in the Mahogany family with commercially cultivated edible fruits.

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