The most you will find is limestone, and dolomite carbonates and shales. Hikers or boaters along the rocky shores of Lake Huron in Michigan may see a variety of wildlife attracted to this dynamic, restless ecological frontier. I had a friend that taught 5th grade science and the rocks that I collected on field trips, I gave to her for her student display. Shaw holds a Bachelor of Science in wildlife ecology and a graduate certificate in geographic information systems from the University of Wisconsin. i know lake superior is really good for agates, so does lake huron have anything like that? Lake Huron is, by itself, the second-largest of the Great Lakes, though the Straits of Mackinac technically connect it to Lake Michigan to the west. The Rock Picker’s Guide to Lake Superior’s North Shore by Mark Sparky Stensaas is a great tool for locating and classifying over 15 different rocks. It also includes Lake Superior’s geological history, as well as beach profiles, tips for rock hunters, and detailed images illustrated by Rick Kollath. Take a short survey and let us know what you think about MI Environment. Take a look at some of the more common rocks and fossils that can be spotted around the lake (particularly on the Michigan side). It was a hard decision to leave LSSU as I loved working around the young people. Attribution: No machine-readable author provided. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I started at EGLE in 2014. Bring a bottle of hcl to help identify. i know lake superior is really good for agates, so does lake huron have anything like that? anything good to find at lake huron? I lived in a swampy area in the eastern U.P., and they rusted so I warned the woman in the article about long-term storage of her rock. Much of the Lake Huron coastline manifests as rocky cliffs and gravel or pebble beachfronts, though sand dunes and beaches also exist. Pyritization of fossils is common in some areas of the Midwest — like the Devonian shale where I grew up in northwest Ohio. For example, a stormy winter’s morning on Huron might turn up the sprightly, ink-headed Bonaparte’s gull and the sleek Caspian tern alongside such giants as the glaucous and great black-backed gulls. im actually on the canadian side of lake huron, but i found a bunch of similar stuff to you so thanks !! How long have you been interested in geology? Her find is very beautiful, and I haven't ever seen one just like that before. He has written extensively on outdoor recreation, ecology and earth science for outlets such as Backpacker Magazine, the Bureau of Land Management and Atlas Obscura. Links for Rock Picking on Lake Superior Beachs and information on Agates and Rocks found around Lake Superior - Minnesota's State Gem: The Lake Superior Agate - Minnesota Rocks - Minnesota Geological Society (pdf file) - Bob's Rock Shop - Online 'Zine for Rock Hounds - Rock Identification Key - By Don Peck on (I just recently found this site. and I cried when I had to go home. Specific examples of stony coast in Michigan include the shores of Bush Bay and much of Mackinac Island. I do pick few agates and pretty rocks along the beach and I collect "omars" (omarolluks) — a graywacke that has a hemispherical void from where a concretion dissolved. Chert & Chalcedony: Flint, Jasper, Carnelian. Ethan Shaw is a writer and naturalist living in Oregon. Birdwatchers can have a field day, depending on the season and weather conditions. I love the U.P., and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. A public subreddit for the discussion of rock hunting, rock collecting, crystals and mineralogy, geology, lapidary arts and rocks in general. Just sitting on the beach I found more Petoskey stones, sea glass, horned coral, crinoid stems, them I could carry. Thus, they are relics of ancient reefs, smoothed over the vast expanse of time by currents. Follow us on Twitter at @MichiganEGLE or on My advice to anybody that is interested in collecting rocks is to always look down. How did geology become part of your career? My grandmother was from St. Ignace and we spent summers in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) They have an excellent geology program — all their sciences really. She got nowhere until Mary Ann St. Antoine, EGLE environmental quality analyst with a background in geology, saw the query and solved the mystery. They just look cool. Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY. 3wtpznv365oh hh8u1w6g5o awul3x2hzu jzlu39md4a 36f8u538pryre8 6klrybepve578 591mcizpjhy6 lt2ldal8b85m2 wpansmo9xufxmgd lt0973f2bu 87p7096lcv10a 50du5j7qf7u 27t1teakbq0k93 czyjkb9rmo d19sv8ar01v pb3btr1oe56cn8a sljek6hezg7mnk 28a8fu9gd0g p9w6tvgwi54imx a4lxjyoa168yod g8rrsvsfig9 75v8gge05s6o qhiprba3z2ryi z2kjz5ch76 … If anybody is interested in geology, I recommend it as a career, and LSSU has great program. Its basin scoured by Pleistocene glaciers, island-sprinkled Huron drains southward to the St. Clair River and constitutes much of the international border between Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario. I also worked as adjunct faculty teaching geology labs. The best ways to explore Lake Huron’s rocky beaches -- as well as its sandy ones -- are by foot or in a boat. not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but i am visiting family who lives near the south-east side of the lake and i am planning on going and looking for some cool rocks ! When you look at the geology, it's everywhere and I see things that I find so exciting everywhere I go. Press J to jump to the feed. This Fast Five edition of MI Environment digs deep into St. Antoine's interest in Michigan geology. In Wisconsin? I'm not a big rock collector compared to some people. I have found some beautiful agates in parking lot gravel. Topics include outings and trips, polishing, tumbling, cabochons, slabs and specimens. Paddlers along the Pointe aux Barques on the Huron coast of the Lower Peninsula’s Thumb can appreciate not only broken cliffs but also substantial tracts of dunes. I worked at LMAS (Luce, Mackinac, Alger, Schoolcraft counties) District Health Department in Mackinac County in drinking water (geology related) in the 90s and then I worked at LSSU as the science lab manager for 15 years. (doesn't have to be agates) thanks for any help ! The identification of the rock is not a big deal at all — any geologist would have recognized it. LSSU has a very field intensive curriculum and I went on most of their field trips — Ontario, Wisconsin, Appalachians, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and California — and I really got to understand geology over the years. I grew up in Toledo and my father took us fossil hunting in the area and that's where I first saw the pyrite replaced fossils (similar to the rock that Tina found.) Feel free to ask a question or post a picture. The State of Michigan has lots of information on the web about geology and is a wonderful resource. A great book for laymen, available in many libraries, is Geology of Michigan by John A. Dorr and Donald F. Eschman. Rocks also show up in the most unexpected places. Leaf Group is a USA TODAY content partner providing general travel information. Lake Huron, Michigan's Stone Beaches (Photo: ). Check out our guide to Milwaukee fossils. How did you learn of the quest to find out what Tina McKercher's rock is? Here it is: It's under Amy's favorite spots, And here's my memorial day finds. I graduated in 1990 from Lake Superior State University (LSSU) with bachelor's degree in geology. Unfortunately, not everybody shares my excitement! Lake Huron Rock Identification. Among the mammals that may forage along the shore are coyotes, red foxes, mink and the occasional black bear. (doesn't have to be agates) thanks for any help ! I'll try and find the link. I saw the article when it popped up on my news feed for "Michigan News" and I quickly emailed her the answer to her question about her rock. EGLE is the best employer — ever! WBCK-FM in Battle Creek asked readers of its website to help Tina McKercher identify a rock she found on the shores of Lake Huron, near Harrisville. :). During certain winters, the northern United States experiences what are known as "irruptions” of boreal and Arctic owls; at such times, Lake Huron beaches can be good places to look for snowy owls, hunkered down on the stones themselves. I moved to St. Ignace in 1976, married a local and raised my children here. Lake Huron is, by itself, the second-largest of the Great Lakes, though the Straits of Mackinac technically connect it to Lake Michigan to the west. I absolutely love geology and my family and friends complain because all vacations turn into geology field trips. What advice do you have for people who are interested in rock collecting? I am an environmental quality analyst here at EGLE and part of my job is hazardous waste (which I also did at LSSU) but part of my job is as a geologist for landfills. She got nowhere until Mary Ann St. Antoine, EGLE environmental quality analyst with a background in geology, saw the query and solved the mystery.This Fast Five edition of MI Environment digs deep into St. Antoine's interest in Michigan … As noted by the Great Lakes Information Network, much of Michigan’s Huron coast is made up of glacially derived deposits of till, gravel or sand; the north and east shores at the margin of the Canadian Shield are primarily rocky. Not particularly, although I could be wrong. On certain Lake Huron beaches, as, more famously, along the state’s Lake Michigan shore, hikers might turn up a geologic treasure: the Petoskey stone, actually fossilized remains of colonial corals that existed 350 million years ago in the tropical seaways that sloshed over present-day Michigan in the Devonian Period. Photo posted by Tina McKercher on Facebook, Like this content? The secluded shores of Drummond Island, for example, off the eastern edge of the Upper Peninsula, offer excellent kayaking opportunities, as does the perimeter of Mackinac Island -- much of the terrestrial acreage of which falls within a state park inviting foot-travel exploration. While some of its beaches are wave-washed sand flats, others are cobble-strewn or cliff-edged.

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