I'm not sure on locations but there are plenty there. Fish over the grass with Trap and Spot but be sure to cast a jig to the duck blinds, too. Euro Fishing, Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour, Includes 2 items: N 34 31 31.1 – W 86 08 14.9 - Run up to channel marker 372.2, a big marker on a pole. Career mode – Take on over 100 pro anglers including Scott Martin, Jacob Wheeler, Ali Hamidi and Ian Russell. N 34 21 36.4 – W 86 19 46.1 - The long causeway crossing Brown’s Creek and the shallow humps downstream of it is one of the best places to catch a big bass this time of year. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. The first bridge has some riprap to fish. Work around the riprap, especially the downstream side, with a jerkbait and both kinds of crankbaits.

Guntersville has played an important part in Randy’s tournament winnings and has helped him get Ranger Boats and Chattanooga Fish-N-Fun as sponsors.

Your path is in your hands with the ability to change your discipline at any time. He says the colder it gets the more shallow the big bass hold, and he seldom fishes deeper than 10 feet.

When fishing for the cat fish I found that speed 2 retrieve works best and if you watch the depth gauge, when you retrieve along the bottom, once your lure starts to come off the bottom (near the boat) let it come up a foot or 2 then let it fall back to the bottom. They move some but will usually be near a creek channel or ledge where there are good shallow water flats with grass stubble. Choose your path from Bass, Carp and Predator or choose all three. Fish all the way to the causeway in the back of the creek. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). SpeedTree® is a registered trademark of Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. All rights reserved.

This time of year, even with the water in the 30s, will provide bone-jarring strikes and it feels like the bass will rip the rod out of your hand. Fish a crankbait along the drop when you can. They live in the same areas year-round, not migrating long distances like they do on some lakes. You can find areas on the riprap that is also more protected from the wind than the main lake. This reputation has been built up over the years by the great catches there in tournaments and most of the national trails visit the lake each year. He likes shad colors in the crankbait and the red in the lipless baits. When asked what it would take to reach “monster” status he said a 10-pound bass would qualify and he expects to catch one that big. Just make sure no hunters are present! N 34 25 10.7 – W 86 15 14.1 - Across the lake follow the channel markers going into Siebold Creek and stop when you get to the island on your left not far off the bank. There is also a cut in the middle of the island that is more than 12 feet deep.

It is Alabama’s largest reservoir with waters covering 67,900 acres and 890 shoreline miles. Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow. These places show you the kinds of cover and structure Randy looks for this time of year.

I had success with the No48 Milk Money lure and the Booty shaker. Bassmaster Classic 2020 at Lake Guntersville. He says from now to March is the best time of year to hook a monster bass here and expects to catch some of the biggest fish of the year. Some ditches cross the flat, making deeper holes. There is also lots of shallow milfoil in this area. Say the word “Guntersville” and bass fishermen all over the US perk up their ears. The numbers of bass 12 to 24 inches long has consistently increased each year since the size limit went into effect. In Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour we use the Big Spring Creek section of the lake which features multiple hollows to explore, reed beds and boat houses to fish …

The creek channel that winds across the flat downstream of Goose Pond Marina out to the main river channel is a good place to work carefully.

These humps are exposed to the wind. Choose from 8 glorious US locations from Fishing Sim World and compete in career mode or play your way in custom multiplayer.

On October 1, 1993, a 15-inch size limit was placed on bass. Elite Bass Angler Disqualified At Guntersville, Angling Where You Can Catch Freshwater & Saltwater Fish.

Randy says you can start at the channel marker and fish up into the creek or stay on the river. Bass Pro Shops. You just have to fish and find where the concentrations are to load the boat with big fish.

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