Kyle stays with Summer to protect her, and they end up making love. He also criticized Kyle's absence over the years and predicted his return to the soap opera, writing: "Imagine Kyle Abbott arriving in Genoa City with a massive chip on his shoulder. Abby is furious with Kyle and leaves.

Maybe he could seduce that annoying Eden away from Noah, or get involved in a steamy affair with a woman twice his age, like Lauren Fenmore (the woefully-underutilized Tracey Bregman)? Summer asks who else knew, and guesses that Mariah knew because of her and Abby's private talk at the cabin, and that Kevin knew as well. However, Jack eventually gave Kyle back to Diane, [41] and they moved to Chicago. Kyle then went to Victor to ask if he could move in at the Newman Ranch and work at Newman Enterprises, to which Victor accepted both.

He is confused for Summer's "missing" husband Austin Travers. Clearly, Kyle Abbott’s feeling guilty about the quickie divorce. Lola still loves her husband, Kyle. As the group ponder what to do now that they know the killer is still out there, they all get a text on their phones. Paul asks Kyle what he is doing out their, and Kyle says his car got stuck, and he fell into a ravine when he went to get help. ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Arturo Blames Kyle for Lola Attack – Summer Also Stands Accused. In March 2013, after a year in the role, Hood was let go and announced to be replaced by Hartley Sawyer. Clearly, Kyle Abbott’s feeling guilty about the quickie divorce.

In March 2018, Kyle returned to Genoa City to visit Victor in the hospital. Harding died during a stand off between Paul and Dylan.

Abby sees him, and Kyle jokes about how he was going to crash Abby's killer party. When Kyle realizes that his father has been abusing his pain medications, he leaks the story to the press in an attempt to get Jack to realize he needs help. Lola finally pleaded for Kyle to be honest with her, a Mariah wished him luck, but Kyle wanted to spend some time catching up with Mariah. Hood was positively received in the role, and the decision to release him and replace him with Sawyer has also been criticized. Summer remembered she heard that ringtone at the cabin that night, and stormed off to confront Harding. So, why should she sign papers and hand him over to Summer? And, just like Lola Rosales, she also tried to blame Theo. Later, Victor showed Jack the custody papers that Diane made him sign, and Jack was infuriated at Victor and his deceased ex-wife for trying to take his son away from him. The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Lola Abbott (Sasha Calle) will have a lot to deal with in the days to come. As a result of him insulting her, Sharon stole Kyle's driver's license as part of her kleptomania. The role was originally portrayed by two sets of twins, Connor and Garret Sullivan and Marissa and Madison Poer from 2001 to 2002,[2][3] and twins Cooper and Oliver Guynes in 2002. But, Theo’s words eat at her, and she’ll realize he’s right. An officer comes by to talk to Summer, and while that is happening out of the room, the group tells Kyle how they think Summer killed Austin, and they staged it to look like an accident. Kyle said Summer hasn’t shared her plans with him, and asked about Mariah and Kevin.

Mariah was surprised to see Kyle and hoped that meant Summer wasn’t coming back as well. Young and the Restless spoilers confirm that Theo drops an uncomfortable truth bomb on her. [7][8] When asked at the 38th Daytime Emmy Awards if he was remaining with the series, Ryan replied: "Um, yes. Afterward, Jack told Kyle he was welcome to move back to the Abbott mansion, which he did. The role is presently portrayed by Michael Mealor, who made his first appearance as Kyle on March 29, 2018. One night, Summer had a nightmare about the cabin. Jack vowed to fight to keep Kyle with his biological family. Kyle Jenkins Abbott (born Christian Victor Newman) is a resident of Genoa City, currently portrayed by Michael Mealor. Kyle's explains that he wanted solid proof before he told Summer about the affair. Kyle asks Summer to let him help her through this, and assures her he isn't going anywhere. [6] He initially departed after two episodes, though returned as a recurring cast member eight months later on October 12, 2010. While Lola keeps raging at Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson), the real problem is Kyle Abbott. Summer says she doesn't think she could go through with it, and Phyllis tells Summer she will take care of everything. Kyle sits with Summer, and listens to her talk about Austin.

He gets his keys back, and Noah tells Kyle that he was at the Abbott cabin, and Kyle denies it.

Jack vowed to fight to keep Kyle with his biological family. He implies to Victoria Newman that Abby and Stitch have feelings for each other. In particular, Summer’s parents worry that Kyle Abbott will break her heart. The group sees that Ben did a video interview with Austin, even though he says he had no idea what Austin was doing. Kyle initially resists the idea of working at Jabot, but decides to step up when Jack and Victor merge their companies. [22] Hood stated his ouster and replacement came as a shock to him. Upon seeing Nikki, the woman who killed Diane, and Jack together, he expresses his anger and distaste towards their relationship, claiming that they were bashing his mother's memory by being together. Summer formed an obsessive crush on Kyle and tried to seduce him.

Lola still loves her husband, Kyle. They briefly reunite before the truth about Summer's paternity is revealed, bringing their relationship to a permanent end. Summer starts accusing Abby, who runs away. [19] In March 2013, after a year in the role, Hood was let go and replaced with Hartley Sawyer. Victor is released from jail, and knows th Abbotts set up, which only makes him more determined to do after them. I'm definitely sticking around on the show. That means Kyle’s feelings for his wife aren’t totally gone either. [12][13][14][15] He was previously known for his role of Mark Driscott on The CW's 90210. Soon after, it is said that Kyle was sent to work for Jabot in New York. After Summer goes back to sleep on the couch, Phyllis questions Kyle on the timing of his arrival. Kyle was resistant at first, but eventually gave things a try with Summer. Kyle resided in Genoa City, while both of his parents were being investigated by the SEC for plotting against Victor and making money off his stocks after making the world believe that he died. [1] For the character's first three-year run, he was portrayed by a series of infant toddler actors. [29][30], In January 2018, it was announced that The Young and the Restless was "actively" working to recast the role of Kyle. He then gave Austin a towel to clean himself up.

Of course, Kyle wants to wrap it up ASAP. [21] Casting directors used a scene previously been performed by Noah Newman to recast the character., 2001-2002, 2004, 2010-2014, 2015-2016, 2018-. Kyle visits Jack, who is happy to see him back in town.

Upon his return, Kyle began dating Eden Baldwin (Jessica Heap). ", "Hartley Sawyer OUT at The Young and the Restless", "Hartley Sawyer Confirmed OUT at The Young and the Restless! Kyle tells Noah he isn't playing games with him, and advises him not to pick a fight. However, due to the friction caused by Jack working for Jabot Cosmetics and Phyllis working for Newman Enterprises, Jack eventually gave his son Kyle back to Diane. While his father was under investigation, Kyle stole Jack's Harvard class ring that the police were looking for as evidence. While working there, Kyle clashes with Noah Newman (Robert Adamson), who eventually reports him to Victor and he is fired. She wondered what Kyle was doing at GC Buzz, and Kyle said he was acting CEO and came to check on a subsidiary of Jabot. In order to do so, Jack enlists Kyle to ask Victor to rehire him at his company so he can get information on Bonaventure Industries, one of the company's subsidiaries.

"[43] Jillian Bowe (also of Zap2it) criticized Ryan's introduction and the character's return in 2010, writing: "Sound the alarm and blow the trumpets. Jack then had to tell Kyle that his mother was killed. Kyle stays with Summer at her place all night, and is there to comfort her when she first wakes up. He later shows up at the Walnut Grove Bicentennial where Jack confronted him, demanding answers. Kyle explains that he punched Austin, but Mariah and Noah are still skeptic because he lied about the blood being Austin's and also lied about being in town. Despite the tension between the two, Kyle and Abby both attend Jack and Phyllis' engagement party, and are able to be cordial.

Abby runs out of the church in tears, and Mariah accuses Kyle of knowing about the affair.

Phyllis convinced Jack that Diane set her up so that she could have him, and they resolved to expose Diane - to such lengths that Jack took Diane to bed and seduced her into a confession. Abby thinks they should tell Kyle, but Mariah says that too many people already know.

It is unknown whether Diane was just following Adam Newman's orders in her faked murder plot, or if she really did want Victor to have custody of Kyle over Jack. I've been on a lot lately..."[9] Ryan was last seen as Kyle on January 5, 2012. Kyle says he doesn't hate her; he just hates what she did to Summer. Kyle points the finger at Sharon and tells Paul she had the most motive. This widens the suspects to anyone who wouldn't want the documentary exposed.

Afterward, Kyle went to Victor to ask if he could move in with him as Victor always said he was "welcome," and takes a job at Newman Enterprises. But, he’s not the villain, just the odd man out as both pursue his cousin. Soon, the Abbott heir learns she overheard as he proposed to Summer. Sawyer made his debut on April 24, 2013. [46], "About The Young and the Restless - Kyle Abbott", "About Y&R: Who's Who in Genoa City - Kyle Jenkins Abbott - The Young and the Restless @", "Kyle Abbott (Character) - Filmography by TV series", "The Young and the Restless: Monday, October 11, 2010 - on", "Garrett Ryan Interview_ The Young and the Restless - FirstPost Topic - Page 7", "The Young and the Restless: Thursday, January 5, 2012 - on", "Blake Hood Joins Y&R as Kyle Jenkins Abbott", "Former 90210 Baddie, Blake Hood Cast as the New SORAS'd Kyle on Y&R! Jack was soon arrested for Victor’s attempted murder and Kyle visited Jack in jail. Plus, Lola knows Kyle wants a fast divorce so he can marry his new fiancee, Summer. Kyle returns a grown adult for his new cousin's christening in April 2012. Abby opens the armoire and the group sees that a message reading "I know what happened here" is written on the mirror. Jack sued for sole custody of Kyle but lost, but once Diane burned down the Abbott poolhouse and tried to frame Jack's wife Phyllis Summers for it,[40] he and Phyllis obtained custody of Kyle.

Kyle and Eden eventually broke up, and Kyle offered his support to Summer Newman. Jack then had to tell Kyle that his mother was killed.

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