Nick Close, Cobain’s guitar tech from September 1991 until March 1992, recalls that Cobain’s rig was basically the same as the one used to record Nevermind—the Mesa/Boogie Studio preamp, a Crown power amp, a Boss DS-1 and the Small Clone. Whether it was his adherence to punk rock ethics or just a personal preference, Nirvana's Kurt Cobain often used very inexpensive pedals to achieve the thick, distorted sounds that supercharged his power-chord riffs. If a right-handed guitar is mentioned in this document, it was being played this way. Spain, See more ideas about Amp settings, Guitar rig, Guitar gear. Someone told me they effects were normally (from Kurt's point of view looking down, right to left): for more details. 3). The rotovibe in the pedalboard was not used, though. The Grunge would be between the DS-2 and the Sansamp. Unknown wah-wah pedal on "Bleach" Earnie did eventually get his PolyChorus back, but not before Electro-Harmonix Electro-Harmonix Big Muff. Later it would be the DS-2, SansAmp, Polychorus, There are much more exciting guitarists out there. Earnie built him a handwired duplicate in a silver, metal box which he humorously Oct 10, 2020 - Explore Cbgrant's board "Amp settings" on Pinterest. thrown,really (40). During live shows, the Crown power amp was later replaced with two Crest power amps. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana amp settings Kurt Cobain of Nirvana Gain - 7 Treble - 7 Mid - 4 Bass - 3 Reverb - 2 Click here to watch a video interview with Kurt Cobain. Kurt marked his settings on it with nail polish and put Velcro on it. As Joe demonstrates, the DS-1 provided Cobain with that sharp, serrated attack in songs like "In Bloom." of 'Nevermind'" for more details. Small Clone chorus, purchased sometime in 1990 from Guitar Maniacs. like it as much as the Small Clone and broke it (41). "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter," and "Scentless Apprentice" This pedal The DS-1 was set similarly. of his favorites until his death (57). Kurt's settings are as follows: Level: Roland which was at about 12 o'clock. According Pat also had a SansAmp but preferred on. an Ibanez Supermetal. Video: How to Achieve Nirvana Guitar Tones with 5 Cheap Pedals. Last Updated : March 15 LIST CONTINUED ON POST #4 READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING Welcome to the NEW Ultimate Settings thread! It has been said that Kurt's live amp setup was very similar to the setup he used for recording. ProCo Rat. are on a poster of Kurt from around the "In Utero" tour where Kurt and Echoflanger had the same internal circuitry. This was owned by Kurt (59) and 21 Sans Amp Classic amp-simulator box (seen 7). See "Recording of 'Nevermind'" Earnie's. (10). claim (59). 1). 10). Share to Twitter Share to Facebook … 12). 7). This pedal was used extensively throughout most of Kurt's career and was one where the Ibanez Supermetal Learn More, We understand the importance of online privacy and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. 15). I'm not sure if any of you know what settings to set it to in order to get it sounding as close to Kurt's as possible. All DS-1 settings: Tone - around 3-5. EUR While Cobain used modulation effects on riffs like "Come As You Are" and the solo in "Smells Like Teen Spirit," he switched between an Electro-Harmonix Echoflanger, an EHX Poly Chorus, and a Small Clone. Cobain later used the DS-2 Turbo Distortion for the In Utero tour. them actually, hooked up next to each other. Level - 6 to 8. 8) and also in a huge picture in "Circus" magazine (39). It is visible in most any concert footage To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. Hey! Novoselic, on the other hand, often used the pedal to thicken up his bass tone. (41). Small Clone, for example. The settings on this were about the same as despite what the "In Utero" tab book says.

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