It looks like is already subscribed. If we can help you through that processes or if you have any parts or service needs for your machines, give us a call at Messick’s. This Series really encompasses comfort, quality and versatility,” said Cockrell. The MX Series is equipped with 2WD or 4WD, gear-drive or HST transmission, 48-63.4 HP, LA1065 loader with a 2,200 lb lift capacity, customizable cab accessories, tight turning radius, as well as a category I and II 3-point hitch. If you continue to experience problems locating a dealer, you can also contact us. They do not come with one. We're out today with several Kubota machines, and we're going to take a moment to show you some of the differences when you move from a B-Series tractor into an L-Series tractor. Available in comfortable CAB or Open Station models, the MX Series comes loaded with features designed to make the operations easy and comfortable . Furthermore, it has the quick coupler that has you easily do attachment changing, making it less of a hassle when using the tractor. We all know that when you buy a tractor, you also require implements & attachments to fit your busy working needs. One of the distinguishing differences between these two machines is that application that they're made for. Furthermore, it has the strong brakes that respond well and quickly according to when you use it. With an affordable starting price and low operational maintenance, the MX Series is a tractor that gives you more power for your buck. Click here to see Kubot MX5200 on Amazon!

Neil from Messick’s here, we’ll give a short conversation and do a comparison between Kubota's Grand L Series and Kubota's MX Series tractors. If I summarize that a little bit, I would come down and say, if you're looking for more of a landscape homeowner type tractor, a B-Series machine is right for you.

Please Specifications, features, illustrations and equipment shown online are based on the latest available information at the time of publication. Reply With Quote. This is an increased power machine developing 61.4 HP, with a 4 wheels drive system, ergonomic layout which serves the comfort of the operator and, above all, is Tier 4 Final emissions compliant, making it an environmental friendly presence. While the Kubota and Kioti both feature gear driven hydraulic pumps, category I three point hitchs, and hydraulic power steering, but that is where the similarities end. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Jeremy is the editor at where we're passionate about providing you with the best tips about a DIY and the tools to get it done.

Neil from Messick’s here, we’ll give a short conversation and do a comparison between Kubota's Grand L Series and Kubota's MX Series tractors.  

We get alot of snow. If you needed to pull around a small hay wagon or something like that you could actually pull it off with this machine with its more stout rear end and bigger drawbar. It’s a very, very small price jump and it’s going to get you that heavier category to the rear end.

It also has the Land Pride 3-point quick hitch AND rear implements, making it even stronger. The tractor’s performance is just as efficient and quick regardless of the job you need to be done. The levers, for instance, are recessed down here below the fenders as opposed to being up on them in a more comfortable operating area.

Too often we see customers who hyper-focus on a particular specification of a machine, and kind of miss the overall picture of what their application is. So this larger frame L-Series machine is offered in 25, 33, and 39 horsepower. Inside, the tractor has the readable dash panel and various additions like a toolbox and cup holder, as well as a large fuel tank to get you ready for a long day’s work. The MX though is going to give you some more simplistic options, this is four speeds down here on the floor between your legs, a little bit more old school, a forward and reverse shuttle and a range selector over there, and see how the eight forward speeds and eight revers speeds in this option. The MX only has three models in it, the 48, 52, and 58 and they all share mostly common features of this one right here. We are excited to announce Kubota Canada Ltd.’s Implement & Attachment Discount Program which gives you the best opportunity for additional savings on Implements & Attachments; on top of all of the other great programs currently available to you. This tractor right here is the 3301, there's also a 2501 in this series. In 2013, the latter introduced a 3-cylinder diesel for Series 4600 utility tractors.

“We offer two different model options, the 24.8 HP and 30.8 HP. You also notice that the pass-through area down here on the bottom doesn't have a big hump in the middle that is typically found in an economy tractor. Still hydrostatic with the paddle on the floor but without the electronic features that make it a little bit easier to operate, so there’s just some cost saving measures in order to hold the price of this tractor down. There is a small difference in the optioning of these tractors. Now if you have a particular load that you need to lift, let’s identify what loader capacity it takes to lift that load, not just look for the biggest loader we can find. This adds to the comfort and reduced fatigue as you drive the tractor.
While the MX Series has been around for some time, new this year is a factory installed cab. See your dealer for complete details.

Cockrell also introduced the new Kubota LX Series of tractors.

It’s at the very upper end of the compact tractor Series, and really geared towards the individuals that are doing utility oriented tasks.

So you can actually have a 33 horse machine over here in a B compared to a 25 horse machine over here in an L, where the smaller tractor can show more horsepower. GRAPEVINE, Texas (May 13, 2020) – Kubota Tractor Corporation today announced the availability of its LX Series, the newest addition to its compact tractor line.Bridging the gap between Kubota’s B and L Series compact tractors, the new LX Series was introduced in February at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, and will begin arriving at Kubota dealerships in early May. Compact tractors are a great way to get jobs done without the huge and bulky…, Throughout the hot summer days, you'll want to get work done without the chances of…, I've heard so many people rave about the Kubota L3301, saying it's definitely worth the…. And we can really see that when we look at the back end of the tractor.

For faster cleaning, the radiator screen can be removed from either side of the tractor.

Take a walk here with me around these two machines, and we'll show you some of the things that make these tractors tick. What I do like about the MX5200 is that you’re able to have the option in what type of tractor you want.
In summary, if you’re looking at a tractor in the L Series and considering whether you should move to an MX if you’re looking at a tractor in the bottom of the L Series, say, I need a standard L Series tractor, 2501, 3301, 3901, moving to an MX is big leap. This is a great tractor for someone who is looking for the maneuverability of a compact tractor but is also in need of something that has the power of a mid-sized tractor. Whether it's loader work, what is the minimum specification that you need out of a loader to get done the chores that you have at hand. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. “In terms of comfort, the new factory-installed cab can be loaded up with several optional accessories and can be customized to fit your needs,” explained Cockrell. But from the factory, these are standard machines with standard three-point hitches, so that is all very much going to be the same. So if you think this one’s for you, look into deals and get your own Kubota MX5200 for sale now.

Looking around the seat area here you’ll notice fewer cowlings and stuff and you can actually see clear down to the ground.

Autumn is action-packed with activity.

Kubota L2501 Compact Tractor Review: Affordability With Power? The L-Series is going to be a little bit different. Rather than letting this be solely a numbers game make it a game about your application. Please check your postal code or address for typos and try again. Both also can have rear hydraulic remotes, if you have the need for that for implements on the rear.

I would say yes, as it comes with everything you need in a tractor and will get anything done. Freight is included. The deluxe tractors have electronically controlled hydrostatics, clutchless options to change gears and their GST varium, fully synchronized gear drive transmissions and their DT varium and gear drive option.

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