Please visit the ATPO FAQ at for the maximum amounts payable under this Offer per product. A bunch of bikes were stolen. For all print registrations and supporting documents for filing a claim, it is recommended that the use of certified mail, return receipt be used as Kryptonite is not responsible for non-receipt of mail. (Note: Kryptonite requires proof of payment from the insurance company prior to paying a deductible under this Offer). We love learning the technology and celebrating innovation at every level -from crowdfunded start ups to major global brands- and sharing it all here with you! We made eye contact and he held the door open for me. My bike is valued at $4000 USD retail. Kryptonite Locks anti-theft protection. So if your thief takes the lock with them, oh well for you! 20 comments. my building has such a rule as well, but the security guards kind of turn a blind eye on it if you don't do it in front of them (ie I dont go in and out through the main entrance, using the garage/side entrance). is the world’s largest cycling tech blog. Registration fees range from $9.99 USD (or equivalent local currency) for a one (1) year period to $29.99 USD (or equivalent local currency) for a five (5) year period for moderate security products. For context, I'm moving in to a new Condo soon and unfortunately there is a … What's 2+2? For whatever reason, the thief decided to leave it at the spot. Kryptonite Locks anti-theft protection. I have the same rule in my building but I don’t care. No matter the lock, it seems there’s always a chance of someone making off with your bike. My bike was still there when I returned. Bike thieves suck. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Get Bikerumor’s top stories delivered straight to your inbox every week! I thought back then that this was bike insurance, however, on their small print they clearly state that they are not. Thanks. Now, the program is expanding to include even more countries and offer higher dollar amounts for replacement values depending on the lock model. Fairly straightforward. The Kryptonite Anti-Theft Protection Offer (“Offer”) is not to be construed as bicycle or powersport vehicle insurance. Had my garage broken into a year ago and had a few bikes taken and one was on the c2w scheme. I'm not saying it's impossible, But nobody I know has had what they needed to make a claim. For a complete list of countries visit Kryptonite’s ATPO FAQ at I successfully filed a claim for my stolen bike via Kryptonite Anti-Theft Protection Offer. Im just wondering if any one of you use this and had to make a claim. I would test your luck with security and see if there's a back entrance you can bring your bike in. How would you describe the process? No one bugs me. ATPO coverage is not bicycle insurance and there is no affiliation with an insurance company. CONTEST! Any claims filed under this Offer are subject to the “Limitations” listed below. Was it difficult? I called their number, then they asked me to send pictures/scans required for the process. Contact us to connect with them. In order for European Customers to register for the ATPO, customers must acknowledge consent of this during registration. Other brands offered similar figures. Back . They only have offices in America, so it was a bit expensive to call. If you were locked but the lock is gone, you are out of luck. Failure to properly and timely submit a registration will void this Offer and Kryptonite will have no further obligation under this Offer. ATPO is an optional program that a customer MUST register for if he or she purchases a lock that offers the program, If eligible (based on the programs terms and conditions), Kryptonite will reimburse the base cost of the bicycle/motorcycle excluding tax and accessories in accordance with the specific maximum amounts listed under the program, or excess if it applies, Available to more customers around the world, More coverage – Up to: $5,000 / Euro 4,500 / £3,000 (bicycle) $2,000 / Euro 1,750 / £1,250 (powersport), Registration costs will range from just $9.99 for a year to $29.99 for five years, High and Ultimate security products continue to be free for one year, New web registration and claim filing process for customers direct from Kryptonite website. 6.  This Offer applies only to bicycles and powersport vehicles as defined herein. None of this mattered to the 2 fellas that came and took it in less than two minutes while I was inside the gym. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, BC (19 Giant Trance 2, 18 Cannondale CAADX 105 SE). Remove wheels, take bike up to condo, it's now just parts. reaches close to one million passionate cyclists per month. Did you have to have proof of payment like a receipt? Ask us your questions or meetup with other redditors in your area for local rides. I read the small print and in cases of theft the full amount is repayable to the scheme immediately if you inform them so worth bearing that in mind for anyone else who it happens too! I agree. did you have pieces of the lock ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I didn’t have my original receipt with me but the bike shop provided a digital copy :). Often that's not the case. For customers that register on or after June 21, 2016, coverage is available in all countries that are listed on the ATPO FAQ stated above. Make a lock that can’t be cut with an angle grinder and I’ll buy that one. Maybe I should use this opportunity to shop around for insurance. You have to send pictures of the bike and receipt as part of enrollment. It's also good practice to have two kinds of locks, so a u-lock, and a chain lock, since different locks are required for both. I've never known anyone that has managed to make a successful claim. To prevent that, companies like Kryptonite offer a range of locks that in most cases will keep your bike safe. Good luck! I bring it up anyways.. I’ve explained to all that I’m not leaving it in the basement where bikes have gone missing. Between requiring the actual cut lock, a police report, insurance information, etc. For context, I'm moving in to a new Condo soon and unfortunately there is a "no bikes in the elevator or stairwell" rule. Also, I'm not sure what happens if your bike gets recovered, I suppose the whole payment gets void. Failure to provide the requested information will void the registration. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. • About Us, EVOC gears up for the long haul with new MacAskill & Multicolor edition travel bags, Gevenalle partners w/ Kogel Bearings for first CX specific derailleur pulleys, Insider Interview: Zipp explains hookless tubeless rims for road bikes. Any customers who do not have access to a computer to register online and who request a print registration from Kryptonite will be required to agree to these same terms and conditions. Soooooo, if you can’t find the busted lock…buy another lock, bust it, and file your claim.

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