CANT WAIT FOR THE GAME! This resulted in the Champion Festival which was celebrated on the anniversary of the Great Calamity and the Lightscale Trident was venerated by the Zora though the Trident's creator Dento later crafted a replica called the Ceremonial Trident to be used for ceremonial purposes during the festival while King Dorephan kept Mipha's original Trident as a treasure of the Zora Royal Family. Male Donphan debuted briefly in the beginning of Mewtwo Strikes Back, under the ownership of Raymond. He supports Prince Sidon's plan to have Link help them regain control of Vah Ruta, despite opposition from his royal advisor Muzu, Seggin, and most of the Zora Council of Elders save for the prist Kapson who like Dorephan does not hold Link or the Hylian people responsible for the Great Calamity. In Date Expectations, a Shiny Donphan was the center of romantic attention for multiple male Donphan. Dorephan however did notice parallels between his daughter and Ruto believing her selection to pilot Vah Ruta was a work of fate indicating he believed she was destined to aid Link as Ruto had done with the Hero of Time. If Donphan were to tackle with its hard body, even a house could be destroyed. ⛓ ︎. Perhaps these roles could be filled by the different Ganon Blights? Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Maybe it's a male Zora thing? Oh! And that this guy can yeet Gaurdians off of cliffs single handedly. But Mipha was about Link's or Zelda's height. A Trainer's Donphan appeared in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. He is the King of the Zora and reigns over the Zora's Domain in the Lanayru Great Spring region. In the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga, Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Dunma is a young adult, so basically her age is the youngest age for a zora to be mature. However, they need a shock of electricity in order to work and keep the water under control. The following is a list of characters from Breath of the Wild. He also a capable leader who recognized the Zora Elders scapegoating of the Hylians and Link was due to their grief and anger over Mipha's death though Dorephan himself remained loyal to Hyrule and considered the Hylians allies. [14] The king pleads for Link's assistance against the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. In Reversing the Charges, Ash's Phanpy evolved into a Donphan. [32] Muzu leaves the assembly. In Battling The Generation Gap!, a Coordinator's Donphan competed in the Celestic Contest. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Link: Tuna salad, net caught, and dolphin safe, your majesty. Donphan is a gray, elephant-like Pokémon with a thick, black band of hide running down the length of its back and extending to the tip of its long trunk. Like most King Zora, Dorephan is larger than most Zora though he is physically fit and a competent fighter said to possess supernatural strength for a Zora. [36] When Sidon leaves to talk with Muzu,[37] King Dorephan tells Link that Muzu is likely at the square and urges the hero to try and speak with him. Glad the artwork looks so much better than the glory days of the Philips CDI console. Without any fear for his own safety, Dorephan confronted it himself and used his supernatural strength to throw it into a ravine which shattered the Guardian into pieces. Her brother would've been smaller than her during her life, but Dorephan was most likely still huge. Muzu I think is a manta ray? As part of the Reach Zora's Domain quest, Sidon will guide Link to Zora's Domain. It can blow apart a house in one hit. A Donphan appeared in The Legend of Thunder!. And considering the original Legend of Zelda released 35 years ago in February, there's some merit to the talk of a 'Zelda All-Stars' being kept close to the vest for a shock-drop over the holidays. As Zora have longer lifespans than Hylians, Dorephan continues to reign over his people one hundred years after his daughter's death with the assistance of his youngest child and only remaining heir, Prince Sidon who like his father and sister became a strong fighter. [35] King Dorephan wonders what should be done now, as Muzu was tasked with finding the needed Shock Arrows to appease Vah Ruta. It is also likely Zelda would require King Dorephan's support in claiming the Hylian throne as he is one of the few people alive who can confirm she is indeed the 117 year old Princess Zelda (Zelda turned 17 the day when the Great Calamity occured and hadn't aged since she sealed herself and Ganon in Hyrule Castle) despite her youthful appearance. Maybe it's for aesthetic, but like... What? First appearance King Dorephan is a character in Breath of the Wild. .︎ ⛓ PLEASE KEEP LIQUIDS AWAY FROM MY HEAD! I'm really happy to be getting a whole prequel game along with the upcoming sequel, and I happen to enjoy Warriors games, and I think the format will suit the game really well! He doesn't look like he can even move from where he is. Well, most of the Zora in town are of relatively the same size so I guess maybe it's like a metamorphosis thing for the king... Like how queen bee's need to eat royal jelly. Although he was raised among them, he's not Kokiri but rather he is Hylian, so he eventually grew to be much taller than Kokiri. " Like, Link would be half the size of his wife, assuming that worked out. In fact, it's strongly hinted that she and Link "grew up" together, which could indicate that she was a "teen" or "20s," in Zora years. His protectiveness is basically instinctive. Make your way towards the second shrine to secure the warp point. With its strong tusks and tough skin, Donphan is known for its powerful, Donphan, the Armor Pokémon. King Dorephan gave you a long look before closing his eyes and gave you a gentle shove forward. Four Donphan made their main series debut in Roll On, Pokémon!, under the ownership of Rochelle. Donphan and Ursaring, along with their pre-evolved forms, are the only Pokémon to swap version-exclusive status between localizations.While Phanpy and Donphan are found only in the Japanese and Korean Gold, they are not found in Gold in other languages, being found in the Silver … King Dorephan It proved to be an excellent member of his team, showing its strength in every battle. King Dorephan is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. [15] Muzu is opposed to this,[16] although he is silenced by King Dorephan and Sidon. [1][2] The King is delighted to see Link, although he had previously through that Link had fallen in battle. I don't expect any more zelda games to drop for this holiday, since it's still Mario year currently, and they've got that going on still. [19] He states that the Zora and Hylians must put aside their differences and band together. They had to be, considering King Dorephan's massive size. [17] After Link agrees to help out, the King will offer Link the Zora Armor. Why is King Dorephan so massive? Or maybe there will be some special, one-of-a-kind monsters (akin to King Bulblin from Twilight Princess) that act as commanders? Was Mipha and Sidon's mother just really small? No joke! The stone monument says 100 after king dorephan became king he dealt with a rogue guardian. In Number One Donphan, a thieving ruffian used multiple Donphan, but they were defeated by Gold afterwards. At the time, Donphan was an unknown Pokémon. And finally, why is Mipha so tiny? It lives in rough, mountainous terrain. I ca't remember XD. The plus side to such an open portal was that it gave diners a great view of Domain, as well as the surrounding cliffs and falls.

On your way, you're bound to meet a few Zora who'll point you towards Lanaryu Tower and the bridge right past it. King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule; Daruk (Legend of Zelda) Mipha (Legend of Zelda) Prince Sidon; King Dorephan; Urbosa (Legend of Zelda) Revali (Legend of Zelda) Slow Burn; Enemies to Friends to Lovers; Hurt/Comfort; Angst; Summary. He knows that if they can in fact appease the divine beast, it can be used to help seal Calamity Ganon.

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