Killah Priest real name is Walter Reed. Definitely. He also appeared in the Wu-Tang solo albums. It was always something that I said: "This is going to change the world when it get out. His debuted solo album "Heavy Mental" was released in 1998 on Geffen Records. I think RZA didn’t want anybody else on that joint. 's “Protect Ya Neck II The Zoo,” along with being around the early days of the Wu-Tang.

His album "The Offering" was released in 2007. Above his body, a tall gothic sculpture. He has made several guest appearances in the songs of other rappers including the song "Wu Crime by Raekwon; "God is Love" from album Dopium by U-God and many more. As one of the Wu-Tang Clan's most famous affiliates, he has appeared on numerous classic Wu albums and songs, including GZA's “4th Chamber” and “B.I.B.L.E.” and O.D.B. Killah Priest - The Devil's Eulogy Lyrics Uploaded by LOVE4LYRICS at [Killah Priest] They all attend, his demons, evil spirits, lord of the wind. We were like, "We gotta make this. Time is going on and going on and it was getting late. It was fun. and that was the end of it. You know, I made it on the Gravediggaz and then started my crew, Sunz Of Man. We were at Chung King. and how he almost became the group’s ninth member. It was just a good feeling. He was born on August 16, 1970 at Brooklyn, New York, United States. I didn’t smoke at the time but we were just chillin'. How did you first meet RZA and the rest of the crew?Me and GZA go back with RZA years, way back, early '80s. The rapper is a member of hip hop group called the HRSMN. He started his career with the two songs with the hip hop group Gravediggaz. XXL: What was it like the early days of the Wu-Tang?Killah Priest: It was fun, man. I don’t know if it was the last song or whatever but we said we gotta make it. There’s no regrets or whatever but it is what it is. Masada the beloved Killah Priest, Macabee worldwide Yeah, pour the wine and raise your glass high into the sky He was born on August 16, 1970 at Brooklyn, New York, United States. Killah Priest has done a little bit of everything in his career. Registered 501(c)(3). I was still up a little bit and I just heard [Masta Killa] go on the mic and just kill it. Track 1 from the album The 3 Day Theory released on August 3, 2010. Saw me through the blinds fuckin his wife I busted her twice, grabbed me by my windpipe Pulled out a knife, 'nough said, bloodshed at the end of the night Chorus {2X} [Killah Priest] Yeah, yeah Got to lay down the law, you know? We’re gonna come out with a group, Wu-Tang." It was me and Masta Killa writing and he jumped on it and he killed it. RZA? It was a fun time. Do you have any good stories from that era?Ol’ Dirty would be one to stick out. He was one of the realest dudes. It just happened that he sparked it off. So [Masta Killa] and I are writing, friendly competition, and we are just listening, vibing out, a lot of weed is being passed around. Killah Priest has done a little bit of everything in his career. He is also famous from other names as Priest, Iron Sheik from the Middle East. We were doing Gravediggaz. His girl at the time would be getting mad. You were going to be initially on “Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'?”Of course! We were outside, getting to know each other even more because we’d all be staying up at RZA’s crib. I’ve been going to the studio ever since he told me about that.

Canibus, Ras Kass, and Kurupt are other members of the group. Everybody was hands-on. Check out The Emerald Cypher, the latest track from Canibus, featuring Killah Priest, Born Sun & K-Rino which dropped on Monday, June 27th, 2011. He is Music (Rapper) by profession. 663 Views 5 Comments He is also famous from other names as Priest, Iron Sheik from the Middle East. He is Music (Rapper) by profession. We gotta make this." I don’t look at it that way. I fell asleep, man.

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