The desk was very weird. I was born in 1979 and the earliest I can remember of Houston TV news is 2News with Ron Stone and Jan Carson, Newscenter 11 with Steve Smith and Amanda Arnold and 13 Eyewitness News with Dave Ward and Shara Fryer. She stood behind the glass, facing the camera, and drew the "frontal lines", rain showers and temps on the map with a big marks-alot.

I remember him primarily from the Jerry Lewis telethons (back when they were a big deal).

It was hysterical. Were they producers, freelancers, etc? On Aug. 1, 2017, she announced she would be leaving Channel 2 and going back to Colorado. Here then, mostly in no particular order, are the ten lovely network lasses who do their best to distract us from endless tales of child abuse, jack-knifed 18-wheelers, and drug-related murder. Jennifer Broome joined KPRC-TV in August 2016 as the co-host for "Houston Life," Channel 2's new morning lifestyle program.

* Velma Cato, a reporter who moved on to NBC News' Atlanta & New York Bureaus and later became a producer of nationally syndicated programs.

I think she had no knowledge of the article and had people asking her if it was true.

), * Joe Diaz (Weekend Meteorologist 1989-1997; currently Chief Meteorologist at KOAT in Albuquerque), * Deborah Duncan (now at KHOU.

Dennis Murphy was a reporter and producer at KHOU in the late 70s and early 80s.

joined KRIV-TV in November 2004 as a news anchor. 9.

News stations don't typically like to promote the leaving of any anchors or reporters, especially if they decide to jump ship to a rival outlet.

before going on to do real estate and work on the "Linda Lorelle Careers, Previously, Noland was an anchor for New York City's WNYW-TV. Between 2004 and 2017, Spaulding rose to the anchor chair for the evening and nightly newscasts. This apron can be yours for $28 and is available for order right now. amongst community leaders. A young fresh-faced and smiling guy named Doug Johnson. Previously Vargas was a reporter for CNN in Los Angeles.

Her husband already lives in NYC, where he's a high level TV news photographer, and she's been commuting up there on weekends to spend time with him. I found some amusing ads.

Chris Chandler did the weather on KPRC for a couple of years in the mid 60s, till he talked GM Jack Harris into letting him do a personality show as a lead-in to the NBC Nightly News at 5:30. She is currently the co-anchor of "Today in L.A.," a program on Los Angeles' KNBC-TV.

Good luck with that.

There were carpenters working in the studio building sets for a live production of Romeo and Juliet KTRK was producing, so Conaway asked them to take a break while he video-taped his commentary. This was very early on in KTRK's news history, when news wasn't the major profit center it is today.

Local News and Information for Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. After 35 years in Houston, Nielsen left for Utah to serve as the general authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In the desert? I believe KTRK ended up getting a stiff fine from the FCC, and Conaway retired not too long after that. Previously, she was a reporter and fill-in anchor at Tucson's KGUN-TV. In June 2011, she announced she was leaving Channel 11 to anchor the newscasts at Los Angeles' KNBC-TV. When Lasher died, Dale was promoted into the weeknight job.

The latter is usually discouraged with non-compete clauses and the like. He’s reported live from the Gulf war battle field of Iraq, from national political conventions and he’s interviewed former presidents and other high-profile news makers during his tenure at the station. In June 2006, she left Channel 26 and became a news anchor for Chicago's WFLD-TV.

* Spencer Tillman, who began as a sports reporter/anchor during the 1987 offseason period when he was playing with the Houston Oilers.


Accounts differ about who hired him first; one account says he was hired by W. Albert Lee to do play-by-play of high school games on KLEE (AM-610) for $25 a game, another account has him being hired originally by Roy Hofheinz for his KTHT (AM-1230). A mid-60s logo had a thin, vertically elongated 2 with the word Channel in spaced letters in front of it.

Does anyone remember when it was Big 2 news w/ Ron Stone, Doug Johnson w/ weather and Ron Franklin w/ sports? Photo: courtesy of Fred Rhodes. In April 2014, she joined KRIV-TV as a reporter and fill-in anchor. I understand she's busy, what with reporting on the Gallery Furniture fire and updating us on the status of Galveston's Tremont Hotel, so it's perfectly understandable that she hasn't gotten around to cracking the JFK assassination yet. I believe several other stations we doing the dual anchor thing but not for all newscasts. Now she's going to join him full time. Local News and Information for Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. In 2015, she left Channel 13 to join her husband in New Haven, Conn. She's now a freelance reporter for ABC News One.

During his 18 years at KHOU, Greg has consistently delivered a high level of professionalism, preparation and passion to his anchoring duties. Space Reporters seemed to be all the rage a few years back. In May 1997, he left Channel 26 and joined KPRC-TV as a sports anchor and reporter.

with Lauren Freeman. Liz Brandt -- Houston's first lady TV weathercaster -- at KTRK -- died two years ago at the age of 79. She has since pursued gigs with various non-profit groups and has done work as a correspondent for CBS News. KLEE-TV had news briefs but I don't know who hosted them or if the person was ever seen on camera or was a journalist in any sense or just read news copy off the wires. The obits didn't mention KTRH.

Al Janis, who was someone I'd forgotten until he appeared on an old KTRK newscast from '79 or so I had on tape. There was an April Fool bit done in the Post by Ken Hoffman about them supposedly there had been a quiet thing between for sometime, they decided to make it known and were now engaged to be married.

Previously, Suárez was a senior media relations specialist for the Houston Independent School District.

radio station News 92 FM as a reporter.

Since then, she has moved to a communications, education and public engagement role with Harris County Public Health. you old timers step in here please since i only go back to early 70's.

The former anchor filed a lawsuit against the station, citing breach of contract and defamation. Six In December 2013, he announced he was leaving CW 39 to become news director for Dallas' KDAF-TV. I just remembered another former Houstonian who's big with a network now.

She appeared to be at least in her 50s. i don't remember her that old but i remember her as popular!

  Your previous content has been restored.

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I liked him; he was a lot like Mark Berman on 26 as I recall. (6/08/06 - KTRK/HOUSTON) - KTRK General Manager Henry Florsheim announced that former Eyewitness News anchor Shara Fryer is leaving ABC13.

She left ABC13 for a CBS affiliate in San Francisco with Doug Murphy and returned to Houston in the late 1980s as the co-anchor for KPRC. You can post now and register later. I believe several other stations we doing the dual anchor thing but not for all newscasts.

Chris Curl was one of CNN's first news anchors when it was created back in the 70s.

Our own Miss Pop Rocks wrote an entry some time ago about the Secret Lives of Houston's Hottest Male Newscasters, which seemed...incomplete to me somehow.

Some that I can recall being mentioned from KHOU in the early 70's include Bert Roselle & Mike Morgan. It's November, so we're playing 'All I Want for... Lizzo gets 'flyyyyy' in effort to get the vote out, Beloved Grisham lawyer is back in top fiction spot. Contact Us, He handled just about everything - games shows, talk shows, play-by-play of the Buffs. Linda Lorelle (right) joined KPRC 2 in 1989 as a Clear editor. Great clipping, musicman. I remember he died sometime back in the 1980s or 90s. Ironically enough, she wasn't one of the finalists from the station from the "Journalist in Space" competition of that time. * Tom Jarriel, worked behind the scenes in the news department as a reporter for a number of years.

He left Channel 2 in January 2007 and joined the Houston Dynamo a month later as the director.

1. Doug would also occasionally fill in for Chandler in the personality show. He was fired and rehired later after doing this. Previously, Simon was a general assignment reporter for Miami's WSVN-TV.

In June 2011, she announced she was leaving Channel 11 to anchor the newscasts at Los Angeles' KNBC-TV.

On May 22, 2014, he announced he was retiring after a 22-year career with the station. On Oct. 5, 2010, Vargas announced she was leaving Channel 26 to anchor Los Angeles' KCBS-TV.

And it must have been at the 5 p.m. news time because we virtually never stayed up past 9:30 in my household growing up!

Anousah Rasta joined KPRC-TV as a reporter in October 2014 and later as a weekend morning anchor. She is currently an anchor for Spartanburg's WSPA-TV. I miss these good-old days as you had people with real down to earth personalities with real local knowledge doing the local news. Longtime Houston honky-tonk closes after 28 years. In 2014, Mena left Channel 2 to become an ABC News correspondent. She was there for a decent amount of time... Last I'd heard she ended up in Austin but that was ages ago.

Along the way he acquired the unfortunate nickname of Deep Throat. I miss these good-old days as you had people with real down to earth personalities with real local knowledge doing the local news. If we've missed any or if you know what they're currently up to, please let us know in the comments section. joined KRIV-TV in 2004 as a reporter. I'm not 100 percent sure of this, but I think Charlie Harrison has passed away. Bob Allen replaced Dan Lovett, who moved to WABC TV in New York. Both fairly young at the time. Rebecca Suárez joined KXLN-TV in May 2011 as a news anchor and reporter.

Whichever is true he was working for KLEE when their TV station went on the air and handled announcing chores for both AM and TV. He was long gone from Houston media before TV even came to this town. I hated it when she left in the mid sixties. She called herself Linda Veselka then. Probably not. -And now for something completely different. less.

Powered by Invision Community. Ron Franklin is still with ESPN -- an amazingly long tenure with one media outlet.

As for as co-anchors, I remember Shara Fryer and Dave Ward on Ch 13 from about '80 or so; but I don't remember anyone w/ Ron Stone before Jan Carson in the early 80's; same w/ Steve Smith on Ch 11, I don't remember him having a co-anchor before Amanda Arnold.
Actually found Dan Ammerman's Firm website. The floor is open.

In 2014, Mena left Channel 2 to become an ABC News correspondent.

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