Before accessing this piece in Jiminy's Journal, the directions will be displayed, but only once. The World That Never Was, Naught's Skyway, Simulated Twilight Town, Mansion: Computer Room. Need LV2 High Jump and LV2 Aerial Dodge. Requires. To the left of the entrance and hidden behind a pile of treasure. Piglet is stuck in a tree. For Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How to get the puzzle piece at the Pride Rock Oasis? Above the center of the area; use the Dash ability with a timed jump. Behind the closed door leading to the Heartless Manufactory. On top of the castle hedge (entrance to the Gummi Hangar). Because I'm certain I've gone back to the Village after finishing the second visit (in order to max Master Form), but I rememeber the Village still being in ruins... Maybe I'm just incredibly unobservent. Sometimes, Shan-Yu's attacks will collide with Sora; if this happens, keep pressing to perform the reaction command "Press"; if sucessful, press again to perform "Takedown". Jump from the top of that hedge to get puzzle piece. The first four puzzles consist of twelve pieces while the last two puzzles are larger and consist of forty-eight pieces apiece. On the top ledge in area with the computer. Left side of the room. In front of a statue, to the right of the stairs. Stop them while keeping an eye out for strange enemies! On the west side of the chamber, high above. Kingdom Hearts II; Walkthrough; Twilight Town - Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden (Cavern of Remembrance) - The Land of Dragons - Beast's Castle - Olympus Coliseum - 100 Acre Wood - Disney Castle - Timeless River - Atlantica - Port Royal - Agrabah - Halloween Town - Pride Lands - Space Paranoids - The World That Never Was: Other ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Click here to visit 100 Acre Wood >>>>, From the Kingdom Hearts Wiki: A world of information not accessible by Gummiship, Click here to visit Olympus Coliseum >>>>, Need LV3 Glide. In the wreckage that has a hole through it. Atop column. The tables on this page are organized by puzzle rather than location, with the number of the piece representing that piece's place on the puzzle (from left to right, read like a book). In the southwest corner, above the piles of furniture. Above a giant boulder after the entering. Need LV2 High Jump and Aerial Dodge. Hollow Bastion 15. In the northeast corner, past the doors to the station. By the exit towards the Atrium. Puzzle pieces are an extra in the Final Mix version of the game, scattered throughout the worlds and represented by gold crowns. Oh jeez. 100 Acre Wood. Behind the hill, in the northeast corner. Description: A mob is heading for the Checkpoint. The Pride Lands 13. If this was the second world completed, and you have not exited this world or Beast's Castle during each trip, you will be automatically taken to Hollow Bastion. This one is acquired once Sora has obtained his new clothes from the Three Good Fairies. Donald = HP+ Atop the pile of gold to the right of the entrance. Defeat all eight Heartless before the Morale Gauge runs out. In the area with yellow colored orbs. No official translation has been given to this subject in any licensed. A puzzle piece, represented by a silver crown, found at Disney Castle.. 0.2 Birth by Sleep-A fragmentary passage-, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, When all of a puzzle's pieces are obtained and place in the correct positions within Jiminy's journal, Sora will be rewarded with an item. Head to the next area to trigger a cutscene, where you encounter the Storm Rider. After you defeat Shan-Yu, Sora will get five more HP, and an Aerial Sweep ability. These puzzle pieces are very similar to the collectible stickers in the Sticker Album of the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep story line. Requires, Above a large boulder, near the entrace to the Checkpoint. Need Glide or LV3 Aerial Dodge. The Moogle will take note on how many Materials you have gathered and will give you prizes every time a quota is filled. Beast's Castle 5. On the far end of the bridge, at ground level. 4: Heart #11: Village: On a rooftop.

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