In fact at this moment in time I feel it is the most practical system for a person to train in and get results within a few weeks. Když se to stane, tak je to totální šok a my jsme nepřipraveni.
Keysi Fighting Method- History. So you may be reading this and asking just exactly what Defence Lab is? erá vychází ze srdce a rozvíjí naše instinkty pro boj v sebeobraně.

Více informací poskytuji telefonicky nebo emailem. So when I walked into the room I was blown away as it was full. The keysi Fighting Method/ KFM needs no real introduction to many however if you are new to their art is is best described in my opinion as a realistic street self defence system which has its roots in Spanish Martial Arts and fighting. The system was founded also with the help of Andy Norman.[1]. Pokud vás někdo fyzicky napadne, tak vy již nebudete lovenou zvěří, ale predátorem. It places this at the centre of its training, “ok we are surrounded by a group now lets see how we can survive”. Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) is a method of self defense that is based on natural fighting instincts and several street fighting techniques, developed by Justo Diéguez Serrano from his fighting experiences in the streets of Spain. Defence Lab however has taken that and evolved it beyond imagination. This is a really friendly and safe place to train and incredibly welcoming too. KFM also relies on understanding how people typically move or attack in a fight so that when striking, the opponent's body moves to expose further targets. He is so good he is a leading consultant to the fight industry and his own team is made up of experts in their own right. Keysi je pro lidi, kteří se chtějí učit, jak se zachovat a bojovat při vlastní sebeobraně. u výhodou je kompaktnost, jednoduchost a účinnost.
With respect to your physical limits, you will discover your abilities and weaknesses. Well Keysi is a very good style for anyone regardless of their background as it is simply a translation of violence into a training format. KEYSI Fighting Method je moderní sebeobrana, která odpovídá požadavkům současné doby a její obrovsko u výhodou je kompaktnost, jednoduchost a účinnost.. Keysi je bojová metoda sebeobrany vytvořena španělským mistrem Justo Diéguezem. First some background. Rizikem stát se obětí fyzického násilí je realita všedního dne pro nás všechny, a je jedno jestli jste doma, na ulici, v práci nebo v dopravním prostředku. With respect to your Mental and Emotional Limits, this is the domain in which you will go from believing that you are limited, to discovering that your potential is unlimited. The keysi Fighting Method was a system of self defence and fighting that was created by Andy Norman and a man named Justo Dieguez. Tréninky jsou vedeny certifikovaným KEYSI Master instruktorem, který ví, že nejrychlejší pokrok je, když je trénink zábavný.

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