© Copyright 2020 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Prices vary, especially because it is technically legal to bring over a brand-new mini truck for off-road use, according to importer Bokei USA. You could There are several rugged, dependable 4×4 trucks that we never got in the US. The truck will climb the most steep hill imaginable even while loaded down with firewood or sacks of feed without breaking the slightest traction because of the 4×4, differential lock (optional) and Low range gear selector all working together. Massachusetts has one of the strictest transport laws in the union and does not allow mini trucks on its roads. When an item you want goes up for bid it will usually start low and the auctioneer will raise the bid amount every time someone bids until there are no more bids on that item at which time they will sell the item for the highest bid. While their older designs do mean living with fewer modern features, their simplicity and smaller size are an antithesis to today’s often-enormous pickups. They are also used daily for personal and business purposes on their roads. What is a kei truck? The state of Texas does not allow the use of mini trucks on its roads. They come standard with seat belts, windshield wipers, headlights, turn signals, vent, and heater. Mini trucks are not allowed on public roads in New Mexico. Local vehicle manufacturers championed the law to stymy external competition. Mini trucks are street legal in places where local ordinances allow  but they can only be used to cross state roads. And their small size makes them more agile, with a tighter turning radius and less risk of getting caught on rocks or trees. To protect their investments and market, U.S. automobile manufacturers lobbied Congress and state legislatures to ramp up restrictions on the importation of these venerable workhorses.
And yes, people do in fact take these tiny pickups off-roading. There are no laws guiding the use of mini trucks in South Carolina. They cannot be used on controlled access highways, multi-lined divided highways with partial or no control of access and interstate highways. Or, in the case of something like the Toyota Hilux, we got a slightly ‘plushier’ version. Basically, think of a kei truck as a bigger ATV with a pickup bed. Our partners in the USA and extensive contacts within Japan will help us track down any hard to find parts and vehicles you desire, Picked this baby up today!

Kei trucks also only have 2 seats, unless modified like Ai2 Products’ off-road Suzuki. But there’s one kind of off-road 4×4 truck that people often overlook: the kei truck, aka the mini truck. Mini trucks can be used on roads with a posted speed limit of 55 mph. Kei trucks were meant to be fairly basic and cheap to run. Mini trucks are not allowed on state roads in South Dakota. Japanese Mini Trucks also known as, Kei Trucks (Kei meaning tiny, small or mini) have been made in Japan for over fifty years. Their engines are mid-mounted, and they don’t come with front or side airbags. Local vehicle manufacturers championed the law to stymy external competition. Which is fine in Japan, where they usually stick to cities, but it’s not really ideal in wide-spread American cities. #detroitcars #keitruck #hondaacty #acty #jdm #rhd #tinytrucks #retrorides #retrotrucks #carporn #carsofinstagram #trucks #microtruck #illest #stance, A post shared by D E T R O I T ⚡️ C A R S (@detroitcars) on Mar 4, 2018 at 8:13am PST. Note that these vehicles are classified as UTVs in the state. Iowa does not allow the use of mini trucks on its public roads. Some very basic ones didn’t come with a tachometer; shift points were determined either by ear or by points marked on the speedometer. Tennessee allows mini trucks on roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less. However, the vehicle must be used within 25 miles of the driver’s residence or place of business. Are mini trucks street legal? You can only use them in off-road situations such as on the farm. The rules differ from state to state and even the federal government has different rules for importing and operating mini trucks in the USA. Sometimes, it is possible to drive them on the road if you can prove the vehicle is for farm use. The state of Delaware has no laws regarding the use of mini trucks on its streets and highways. Local ordinance allows mini trucks with a posted speed limit of 25 mph and roads with a speed limit of less than 35 mph. Picked this baby up today! some compromises. The mini truck’s simplicity also extended inside. Thanks bro. The designer has actually run into a police officer who uses a kei truck as a farming truck.

Photo courtesy of @reemodrawscars including wheels for his Miata. Kei trucks fit into the broader kei car category. (PS: We read ALL feedback). Street Legal Mini Trucks is a sub division of Japstar Imports who is a Licensed, Bonded & Insured Importer located just minutes from Philadelphia PA. We specialize in importing high quality, well maintained JDM Mini Trucks and cars. The term “kei car” comes from the Japanese term kei jidōsha, or “light automobile.”. Mini trucks are not street legal in Pennsylvania. I think I could do it! We are have become sucked into the Mini Truck Lifestyle and we take a great amount of pride in the vehicles we offer and stand behind what we sell. Top speed is maybe 60 mph—fine for city-driving, not really useful on the highway. The popularity of minitrucks is explained by tax and insurance benefits, as well as by fuel economy and convenience in parking and practical use Both 2WD and 4WD (4x4) models of Japanese mini trucks exist.

Their engines are roughly as fuel-efficient as a motorcycle’s, but they’re not powerful. You cannot drive mini trucks on the road and highways in Georgia.

But you can use them for farm purposes. But there’s one kind of off-road 4×4 truck that people often overlook: the kei truck, aka the mini truck.

But just like the Suzuki Samurai We’re reader supported.
Mini trucks are in many cases a great alternative to pricey ATVs and other utility vehicles. If you are interested in a kei truck, there are a number of importers and modifiers in the US that deal with these trucks. We have a stronger passion to get these Mini Trucks into the the hands of our family, friends and fans. The 25-year rule is an exception to the plethora of legislation that makes it difficult to import and use mini trucks in the US. Also, mini trucks don’t meet U.S road safety requirements and the older models use non-EPA engines that cannot pass emission tests for public roads.

There are no speed restrictions. Just send us a message in the form below or call us at:

Owners regularly use them to haul motorcycles and mountain bikes. Mini trucks are allowed on Oklahoma roads with no speed limitations. We are not just selling these trucks we also daily drive them ourselves!! Did you find wrong information or was something missing. Unfortunately, owning a kei truck does mean dealing with You cannot use mini trucks on public roads in Hawaii as the state has no laws or regulations guiding their operation on State road. Mini Truck News A So long as you comply with registration, insurance and state rules regarding these vehicles, this quarter of century-old mini trucks are good to go. Known as Kei trucks in Japan these workhorses are practical, fuel efficient, functional, and cool. Below, we provide state-by-state rules on the use of mini trucks on public roads. It is unlawful to use mini trucks on public roads in Nevada.

Kei vehicles older than 25 years may be imported into the …

We felt like his friends and not another customer. We also have a full service performance and detailing shop with in-house capabilities to do anything from simple mods to complete engine swaps and builds. You cannot use kei trucks on Virginia highways. Whether kei car or kei truck, they were and are built to a stringent set of regulations. Indiana allows mini trucks on its public roads and highways without speed restrictions. Our work includes Reupholstered seats, Custom Paint, Brand New Tires, Fully Serviced Vehicles, and Awesome After-Sales Support. 15’s( I currently run 14’s) I keep getting tagged in some Kei truck with 20” Donk wheels next to it, here’s to you @wheel_good_deals! There are options from Nissan, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, Honda and Toyota. The state of Michigan does not allow the use of mini trucks on its roads. Kei trucks were also commonly sold with four-wheel drive. You cannot use them on the highway but there are no restrictions on their use for off-road purposes. On June 21, 2019, Governor Cooper of North Carolina signed into law the HB 179, thus allowing mini trucks to be licensed and used on all NC roads. Kei trucks may be light and small, but that comes at the expense of crash protection. Alex from Japstars was hands down the coolest used car salesman I’ve ever dealt with. This restriction is for safety reasons as most kei trucks can only make 65 mph which is lower than the speed limit on interstates. Have you read our frequently asked questions? These trucks’ weight helps them scramble over rocks, and sink less in the snow than a bigger truck might. The District of Columbia has no laws regarding the legality of using mini trucks on the street or highways. Maryland does not allow the use of mini trucks on public roads. You can use mini trucks on Utah roads with a 50 mph speed restriction or less except on the interstate. But based on the reciprocity of state motor vehicle registration, Alaska may allow non-residents to operate a vehicle registered in another state for 60 days. However, many states allow mini trucks to use public roads, albeit with certain restrictions because most of these vehicles lack EPA compliant engine for road use.

None of the 50 states allow mini trucks on interstate highways.

We’ll definitely purchase from them again. In the same vein, mini trucks which are 21 years old or more are exempt from EPA emission restrictions.

Follow more updates from MotorBiscuit on our Facebook page. The only thing better than this car was the service I received when looking at it. We share projects and helpful information. In fact, their use as off-road vehicles is also strictly restricted as you can only use them to move from one part of your farm to another. The rules differ from state to state and even the federal government has different rules for importing and operating mini trucks in the USA. However, the vehicles are restricted from controlled-access highways and interstate highways if you register them for farm use.

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