There is no denying that there are huge differences between generations; not in the people themselves, as people are people, but rather in the stuff of their day-to-day lives. Hey guys, I have a new model Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine. Paul... Give a Gift  
This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. You'll find anecdotal evidence on both sides of the stopping power argument, and many of the negative reviews come out of the Korean War, where our troops were engaging Chinese troops hundreds of yards away, wearing quilted uniforms and/or tough leather vests, often in extreme cold (which I suspect affected the velocity of the round). The bolt handle (which is actually part of the operating slide that controls the bolt) is the perfect size for a finger, and reciprocates when firing. The most well-known firearm produced by Inland was the M1 carbine. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. The M1 Carbine was the closest thing our troops had to an assault rifle in World War II. Overall length was just 35.75 inches. He'd never seen an M1 Carbine before, which reinforced the thought that when things fall out of fashion with older generations, the younger generations never even heard about them. Soldiers complained about the Garand's weight, capacity, recoil and its bad habit of announcing to any nearby enemy soldiers, with a loud "ping," that it was empty.

Detractors of the M1 Carbine (and you will find naysayers of every weapon our military has ever fielded) really could only ever find only one flaw with it, its "underpowered" cartridge. The Hornady Kestrel 5700 combines complete onsite environmental measurements with Hornady 4DOF trajectory solutions. The carbines are included in several packages so that's why they see so much use. First of all, use an original GI-issued Carbine. Because the new Inland M1 carbine is not a collector's item, you can shoot it all you want without worrying about damaging your "investment," which is as it should be. While surplus .30 Carbine ammo is long gone, and commercial ammo isn't as widely available as .223, .30 Carbine ammo is being produced by just about every major ammunition manufacturer. I recently picked up some from "Keep Shooting" that were on sale, and they appear to be good to go as well. Instead of taking government handouts of taxpayer money as a reward for incompetence like the current iteration of GM, they decided to be like the old GM/Inland and make classic American firearms. Rikk Rambo took the NEMO (New Evolution Military Ordnance) Arms Omen Match 3.0 rifle on a... Vincent L. DeNiro, Editor - October 21, 2020. The folks at the new Inland Manufacturing out of Dayton, Ohio, decided that they would make new M1 Carbines. The carbine's ease of use is a big reason for its huge popularity. The end result is that most new shooters today won't even have an opportunity to buy a surplus rifle at an affordable price. It weighed just 5 pounds 3 ounces, not much more than half the weight of the M1 Garand or Thompson SMG, yet had very mild recoil. For testing I had FMJ ammo on hand from Winchester, Hornady and Wolf, JSPs from Federal, Remington, and Winchester, and JHPs from Hornady. After a while, I ordered some USGI 15, and a USGI 30. Even with two loaded 15-round magazines hanging on the buttstock, the carbine balances and handles better than just about any other rifle Iíve ever held. A screwdriver is all you need to replace the stock on a carbine. 110-grain FMJ bullet travelling 1900-2000 fps. While 30-round magazines were developed in conjunction with the full-auto version of the carbine, the M2, they didn't see use by troops until the Korean War. Subscriber Services. While firearms technology doesn't change as rapidly, what is popular and available does. In this age of plastic and aluminum, it was refreshing to have a wood stock in my hand, and I especially liked the authentic cartouche on the right side of the buttstock. Your IP: The Wilson Combat-SIG Sauer WCP320 pistol is now legal for IDPA Stock Service Pistol Class... Buckeye Firearms Association - August 24, 2020. fired out of a rifle-length barrel.

Hmmm, I have a number of 15 round WW2 magazines that I purchased some 20 years ago, many of them were still in the wax paper, and all of them have run perfectly in my Quality Hardware carbine. Shooting an M1 Carbine is just plain fun. I can't state enough just how light and handy the carbine is; it comes to the shoulder quickly, it points naturally, is even lighter than it looks, and it recoils about the same as a .223 of equal weight, only with less muzzle blast. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. I think that I paid about $12 each for these.

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